10 sites every Etsy seller should subscribe to

Monday, December 3, 2012

One of the best parts of being an Etsy seller is that there’s such a great network of artisans out there ready to help. Here are the best online Etsy resources I’ve found on topics from marketing guides to blogs, inspiration sites to newletters:

Handmadeology This site is an amazing resource for Etsy sellers who have honed their craft but need a hand with the ins and outs of becoming a successful seller. Learn how to increase your sales, get the most bang for your advertising bucks and find tools that make your Esty experience easy.

Everything Etsy Get inspired to make your shop a success with blog from an Etsy seller. Kim and her husband run their own Esty shops and write from their experiences. You’ll find printable tags to raise your holiday cheer, photo tips to make your images pop and giveaways no seller can resist.



Oh My! Handmade GoodnessMounting orders, shrinking stock and not to mention the big day itself–the holidays can be stressful for Etsy sellers. Sit back with the cup of tea and browse this contributor written blog for tips on how to connect with your customers and a fair share of the cutest craft tutorials you’ve ever seen to inspire your newest project. Don’t forget to check out the guide to a calm holiday for shop owners.

Etsy Seller’s Kit Blog Learn the knitty gritty on Esty to take advantage of SEO, craft shop policies that protect your business and make your shop look more professional. This new blog is one to watch.

Etsypreneur.com A sister site to Everything Etsy, this blog really plunges into the building blocks of successful marketing and sales that can help you build your shop’s clientele. If you need technical help or just want to learn more about the inner workings of the site you love, this is the place for you.



Handmade Success blog Editor Kerry grew up in a handmade home, so she knows how rewarding and difficult it can be to live your dream. Here you’ll find giveways for sellers, tips on eco-friendly packaging and 101 ways to find holiday success.




Handmade Results Jewelry maker Christine’s blog is a no-nonsense guide to organizing your business so you can sell more and worry less. Try her ebooks to learn how to get the results you want from your shop and start your path to success.



Create Hype Don’t miss this newsletter! Get several emails a week packed with marketing tips, branding how-tos and advice from successful online sellers you can put to work today. Subscribe today and browse the archives for the answer to your marketing questions.


Market Your Creativity Transform your handmade hobby into a successful business with sales tips from Etsy store owner Lisa, who turn $100 into one thousand sales in just her first year in business.

Make it University Turn your passion into profits by making what you love into the returns you deserve. Where ever you see the next lelvel, a side income, a part-time business or a career, this site has the tips you need to meet your goals.


What sites and blogs do you turn to for Esty help and inspiration? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

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  3. Debora L. Griffin

    Excellent resource. Thanks for lining them up…I’m only on two sites so I’ll have to step my game up some!

  4. Elly

    Thank you so much for the info.
    I am on only one site, so I have work to do, did sign up for a few more.

    Thank you again.

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