More than 300 tips to market your Etsy store

November 27, 2012

Do you have an Etsy store but your sales are not where you want them to be? If so, read on for over 300 marketing tips from successful Etsy sellers. Most of these sellers have over 1,000 sales, so they know what they are talking about!

You don’t have to implement all of these Etsy Marketing Tips at once (that would be impossible!) Look through the list, make a note of any tips that you want to try and schedule them in your calendar. And if you have your own tips to add, just leave a comment below.

1. STOP Facebooking, Tweeting, and Blogging

You read right! We have over 18,000 sales in 37 countries in less than one year and a half. Gross sales: over $190,000. We have had to close over 7 times being so overwhelmed with orders. Etsy gets over 6 million customers a day and that should be enough. Don’t steer your customers from your to onto making the social media owners richer, keep them on your site, long enough to buy. If your product is good, presented well, and seen, now with relevancy, then your product will sell. We NEVER used any social media to sell our products. We don’t even subscribe. Our products have been featured in 4 national magazines, on HGTV, and in numerous blogs. They all came to us. Let people love your product and talk about it on their own. The energy and result are better. Sure there are exceptions to the rule and those people who spend hours a day tweeting, etc, “may” have benefited, but on average, for the amount of time spent on social media, if people calculated that into the cost of their product, because it is time and advertising, they would see it is not worth it. Use the time more wisely by either bettering your product by taking a course in business or advertising, or figuring out why it does not sell, or come up with a better product. Most important spend those hours you whisk away tweeting, fb, etc, with your family, loved ones, enjoying life. After all life is too short. You shouldn’t have to sell your soul and pawn everyone else’s, to get sales. We didn’t, and millions of other people do not either. Our Etsy shop is not our first success. We had many other successful businesses long before social media came into play. If your product is good, it will sell. If not, face it and get on with life. The truth will not be, because you didn’t utilize social media enough. – This tip courtesy of Black Baroque – 18,637 sales so far

2. List as often as you can

Stay focused on what you are good at, and what sells the most. Although there are many things i can make, in my Etsy shop, I stick to sewing paper and making wallets is my big success. Focus on one to 3 products and use the same mediums. - This tip courtesy of Dumb Kid Designs – 5,280 sales so far

3. Persist

If I had to give one word for succeeding a small business, it would have to be persistence! Do I feel successful? Yes, this year I do! If you know you have a quality product with competitive pricing, you can learn the semantics of selling online as you go – just persist. Don’t give up! Be determined to succeed, and you will succeed! Now go, do, and good luck to you! - This tip courtesy of Sweet Creek Herbal Care – 6,534 sales so far

4. Two things are super important: (1) fantastic photos, and (2) short, pithy descriptions

Think of your customers as friends – you have a short amount of time to build trust and a strong relationship with your clientele. It’s small things, like handwritten notes or individualized email responses, that make a huge difference. - This tip courtesy of SoapWalla – 16,329 sales so far

5. Get featured outside of etsy

The most effective promotion I’ve gotten has been from sources outside of etsy.  I really believe that having someone surf right into your shop is key.  If they find you just from random etsy clicking, they’ve already taken in so much of your competition. I’ve purchased tiny, affordable ads in the back of a few magazines, Bust and Found to name a few, and have been shameless about sending my work to interesting art blogs I’ve found.  It doesn’t hurt to just attach a photo, send a link and ask if they want to feature you.  If your stuff fits their aesthetic, they’re usually thrilled you did the work for them and they didn’t have to search out something themselves.  Getting featured in smaller blogs leads to bigger sources seeing you and featuring you there.  Being featured on small, personal blogs led bigger features in the blog Apartment Therapy, and the now defunct interior design magazine Domino.  It’s been years since those features, and I still get custom requests from clients who discovered me there to this day. - This tip courtesy of John Clark – 3,928 sales so far

6. Creativity & Quality are Key

Although there are many factors to achieving success, I do believe that being fresh and unique in your creativity will definitely aid in setting you apart from your competition. Also, providing a quality product. I have definitely learned that a customer is willing to wait, if they know that they have to wait because you want to offer them the most quality product that you can. Quality should never waver–should always be consistent. - This tip courtesy of Swak Couture – 3,984 sales so far


I find that when I post items on a daily basis is when I make the most sales. You have to keep your items in the public eye and on the front page as much as possible so create posts as often as you can. If you have multiples of the same item, list each one individually rather than listing it once and setting your quantity at 10. Listing the item once each day for 10 days increases the chances of visibility over posting the 10 items lumped together in one listing. This also helps keep track of inventory. – This tip courtesy of Last Dollar Comics – 1,395 sales so far

8. I find that products will sell themselves if they do what they claim or are unique in some way

Most of our new customers come from word of mouth advertising. They learn about us in chat rooms and forums as well as blogs and friends. The products we sell are products that we use! I think that says so much about what we do and how we are able to keep doing it. If you make products that you yourself love and don’t want to be without chances are others will love them too. Advertising can get you new customers but keeping customers requires commitment to a great line of products that won’t let them down. – This tip courtesy of Rainwater Botanicals – 10,554 sales so far

9. Try to be as professional as possible in every aspect of your work

Your Etsy shop should look and feel like a respectable business. Trust is important to online buyers. This means good branding, good photos, fast shipping, quick and courteous responses to questions and a quality product. After being featured in Etsy finds a couple of times early on I have found that most of my sales are by word of mouth. Customer experience is everything if you want people to rave about your products. 2 friends tell 2 friends, tell 2 friends and pretty soon you have a good customer base. Oh, and be yourself, love what you do and make a product that people need! It’s the minor details that matter most! – This tip courtesy of The Office of Minor Details – 1,862 sales so far

10. A few well-respected beauty bloggers wrote reviews on my products, and that really helped my business pick up

So I’d say make yourself known to the best bloggers in your field (without being pushy). Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, make thoughtful comments on their posts and hopefully they will take an interest in your work. Many also offer affordable ad space where you can reach your best potential customers :)This tip courtesy of Epically Epic Soap – 10,107 sales so far

11. There are many challenges to selling on Etsy

The traditional advice of taking good product photos, optimizing keywords for the search function, writing interesting concise descriptions, and promoting outside of Etsy is crucial, but it’s also important that the products themselves are desirable, creative and well-made. Of course one still has to make a good profit. Therefore careful design and materials sourcing help keep costs down so one can have a realistically priced, yet amazing product. I find that every time I compromise the quality of an item I regret it, and making things the very best that I can (within my carefully constructed parameters) guarantees delighted customers and continued success for me. – This tip courtesy of bonspielcreation – 2,765 sales so far

12. Pictures are what sells your product

There’s a lot that goes into successful selling on Etsy: staying relevant, joining teams, creating unique products, pricing, embracing the changes, fast shipping, great customer service, the list seems endless! But all of those efforts are in vain if the traffic your driving to your shop arrives, and finds pictures that do not captivate the buyer. Pictures that sell your products by making each item interesting and with a personality all it’s own. Pictures ARE what sells your product. Natural lighting whenever possible, and great close-ups go a long way towards making an inanimate object into something that a buyer is curious about and wants to know more about. Using all the spaces available (5) is really important too! – This tip courtesy of Red Leaf bath and body – 4,898 sales so far

13. Finding a niche is incredibly important

What do you wish was out there that you just can’t seem to find? What could be done better, or differently? I started making Moonpads because I wanted prettier, more affordable menstrual pads. I started my other Etsy business ( ) because I couldn’t find pearl snaps to use on Moonpads, and figured other people might like them too. And then. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Good photos are a must. The month I got Photoshop, my sales went up immediately and significantly. Oh and one more tip: let your enthusiasm shine! When you love what you do, it will come through! Best of luck! - This tip courtesy of Moonpads – 5,718 sales so far

14. Be Unique

My biggest piece of advice is to be unique. Let your creativity blossom and your work will stand out. Try something new that is uniquely yours. I feel that buyers enjoy the variety. – This tip courtesy of XcessRize Designs – 4,719 sales so far

15. Uniqueness

Creating something that is unique brings sales. We love to be different, and want something that can represent that difference at the same time. The uniqueness isn’t only make your shop stands out from the others, but it also make your shop interesting. Everyone has his own taste, and unique items may be the answer for them. So be unique! – This tip courtesy of iammie – 1,310 sales so far

16. To have excellent customer service

It may seem as though this is a cliche tip, but I have turned unhappy customers into regular buyers by keeping this in mind. If a customer doesn’t like something or it doesn’t work for them, I stick to my ‘Love it’ guarantee (if they don’t love it, they get their money back). I do whatever I can to rectify any issues with orders promptly and kindly. I had an international buyer lose a package in the mail 2 times in a row. I refunded her money after the second time and sent out a third, which made it to her. She was so grateful for the service and left feedback saying it was the best customer service she’s ever received. She buys from my shop regularly. Customers appreciate it so much when a seller treats them well. They share these experiences and almost always return. This not only builds a great reputation for your company, it keeps customers coming back again & again. – This tip courtesy of Noella Beauty Works Cosmetics – 6,922 sales so far

 17. Quantity: You can not expect someone to stay in your shop unless you have something to sell

Having a few items in your shop or even 20 items, does not give the buyer a variety of options. We didn’t start selling steadily until we had 50 items in our shop and we know we have to keep a minimum of 100 items in the shop in order to do well on Etsy. The goal for end-of-year holiday prep is 200+ items which we start making in June.

Quality: Really work hard to put out an amazing handmade product. Quality counts and it brings back return customers. Etsy allows for a few ways to show off quality: great photos in detail of your work, descriptions and the new About page for the shop. However, we found one of the best ways to share more about our books is on our blog ( in which we not only showcase our custom orders but we also share the bookbinding process with how-to videos and a bookbinding 101 series. This helps other people not only learn how to make their own, but come to appreciate our books a little bit more and brings in customers for us. – This tip courtesy of BadgerandChirp – 2,039 sales so far

 18. Provide stellar customer service

From the first point of contact, to the last, it is essential to provide your customer with the best service possible. After six years in business, the majority of my customers are now repeat and/or referrals from past customers. Beyond producing an exceptional product, I deliver exceptional service. Communication is a key factor in my service policy. I make sure to personally acknowledge every order, upon receipt, and send out regular updates on the status of the order, including tracking info at shipment. My customers let me know that they appreciate my stellar customer service and I believe this has played a key role in my success. – This tip courtesy of Watermelon Wishes – 2,544 sales so far

 19. Offer samples

If possible, always give a chance to the customer to try your products before he/she decides to invest in a full size item. If you make products that are not possible to offer as samples – have something affordable in your shop that will not cost much but will be a chance to feel, touch and give the idea of what you are doing. It can be a small key chain, handkerchief, anything that will show your craftsmanship and quality you offer. Also, if you can – include something for free with every purchase. Even the smallest thing can be a big pleasant surprise and will make customer feel happy and want to come back again :)This tip courtesy of Herbolution – 6,752 sales so far

20. It takes money to make money

When I opened my shop, I decided that I would spend a fairly good amount of money on advertising. I took a bit of a gamble, and spent 400.00 dollars advertising on a really well known home decor blog. Fortunately, the gamble paid off and I made that back! Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. When looking for blogs to advertise your products with, I always have the best luck with blogs I personally enjoy reading. I think that goes along with making sure you know your target audience. Knowing exactly who the type of person is that would buy your products. Would that person likely read that same blog? The first 6 months I reinvested my profit back into advertising. It wasnt always easy to let go of the money, but it definitely paid off and helped me get a good start! :)This tip courtesy of VOL25 – 5,088 sales so far

21. Promote, Create, Promote

In the age of the internet, it’s easy to advertise just about anything…including your latest handcrafted item. Facebook and Twitter are great mainstream tools, but to really market your product to your niche, find blogs that cater to your customers. There’s a lot of other “social” networks that are constantly sprouting up. Etsy forums are a great way to find encouragement and suggestions from more successful sellers to really make you the best you can be. Still, the most important form of advertising is word-of-mouth. So, include business cards with every order, or ask the local coffeeshop, restaurant, etc. if you can display your cards for others to circulate and share. And when you’re not promoting, create! Get crafting on that next big idea to stay fresh and ahead of the curve! – This tip courtesy of Ian’s Cafe – 1,340 sales so far

22. Excellent Customer Service: Go above and beyond with customer service

People shop where they feel appreciated. Excellent products paired with fabulous customer service bring loyal customers who tell their friends about your shop. – This tip courtesy of Shower Treat Soap – 4,694 sales so far

 23. There are No New Customers

I read somewhere once to conduct business as if you could never get another new customer — your only chance of prospering was to turn existing customers into repeat customers. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, obviously, but I think of it often. What does it look like to cherish my existing customers? How could I fill an order and communicate with someone (either online or in person) in a way that makes them remember us fondly and want to come back? It makes me slow down at shows and when filling orders, even during busy times — double-checking the contents, the packaging, and thank-you note. I try to never fill an order with an imperfect product, even one whose label is slightly off-center, and try to really listen to people when they approach us at shows or send us a conversation, taking a moment for a thoughtful exchange. – This tip courtesy of Mirasol Farm – 5,067 sales so far

24. Get connected & make friends

Offer specials, sales, & coupon codes. It’s a great way to get new customers in and reward your regular customers as well. – This tip courtesy of Lost River Rags – 3,379 sales so far

 25. Virtual Tangibility

Create a description of your product online that is the next best thing to the tangible. This includes a descriptive portrayal of your product in the listing and simple, uncluttered photographs of your item from different angles and views. Atmospheric photos are good too! Potential customers can’t actually pick up your items to scrutinize it, so offer them the next best thing… I like to call it “virtual tangibility”. :)This tip courtesy of La Paperie & Cozy Handmade Journals – 1,899 sales so far

 26. Integrity is important

My success on Etsy is contingent not only on what I have to offer but the variety of cosmetics as well. I offer products that as a consumer, I couldn’t find in the marketplace, so I made them myself. I listen to what my customers are looking for and then offer those products. I want all my cosmetics to exceed expectations without overwhelming my customers with too much information. Pictures and descriptions should be accurate and being available to answer questions is very important when selling cosmetics on line. – This tip courtesy of Erzulie Cosmetics – 12,201 sales so far

27. Branding and Repeat Customers

Before I even stitched my first seam, I gave a lot of thought to creating a brand. I wanted to incorporate my mission into a label that was recognizable and meaningful. Next, I had the label trademarked and A Helping Hand Bag was born. I have worked hard to make my store have a cohesive look but it’s my label that is my best advertisement and creates name recognition and consequently repeat customers. With Etsy growing and greater competition, I feel it’s important to have a quality product, awesome customer service, and a brand that my customers will remember.  - This tip courtesy of A Helping Hand Bag – 2,379 sales so far

 28. Your Photo Says it All

Do your photos attract customers or are you being overlooked? When I first started on Etsy, I did a lot of browsing. I figured that if someone was already successful, I wanted to see how they got there. I watched the front page and carefully scrutinized the photos to see where or how I could improve my own. To do this, you need to think like a customer, pick any category and browse and click. What makes you click? Many customers have told me that my photos are what drew them into my shop and hopefully my descriptions and customer service are what kept them there. - This tip courtesy of Elegant Rose Boutique – 7,733 sales so far

29. Write About Your Work

Tell the story or inspiration behind your work. I know I’m more intrigued by a product that includes a paragraph with information about the creative process. This is a struggle for me because I sometimes find it hard to articulate exactly what was intended by each drawing or painting but I try to explain myself as genuinely as possible. I usually express myself with humor because that’s what comes naturally to me in both my drawing and writing. Sharing your thoughts and processes will hopefully allow your audience to relate and feel more connected to you and your work. – This tip courtesy of Retro Whale – 4,395 sales so far

 30. Do Custom work, quick shipping, & communication

For me….sales really went up when I started doing customized work for people. People like to be creative & have something that is unique & their alone. Also, everyone keeps saying they like how I get my packages out to them quickly & they don’t have to wait long like they do with other sellers. When someone orders something they are already thinking of using it & eager to try it out! :) Also, they really appreciate my communication with them on thanking them, when the order will be filled, & when it is sent out with confirmation. They don’t want to purchase something & then have no idea when they are going to get it, if the person even knows they ordered it! :)This tip courtesy of Heart J Creations – 6,965 sales so far

31. Branding

A strong brand helps keep your shop fresh in the minds of potential customers. When we first started, this was as easy as creating a simple theme to tie in our Etsy banner with our avatar. Later, we also incorporated the theme over to our business cards, Facebook, Twitter, etc… One of the many awesome things about Etsy is that they give you plenty of opportunities to tell the story of your unique handmade items! Spend time thinking about what best represents the items you sell and create something cohesive and memorable to buyers. – This tip courtesy of kukubee – 3,460 sales so far

32. Be consistent

Never give up. All things are possible. Its definitely true that when one door closes another one opens but only if you think positive and make it happen. If something is not working, figure out how to change things so it does work. You really have to live and breathe whatever your passion is. – This tip courtesy of Love Lee Soaps – 15,898 sales so far

 33. Find What Works For You

I think the thing that’s lead to my most success in my Etsy shop is experimenting with products until I found the ones that were right for me and my shop. I used to make a variety of purses and accessories, adding new designs and fabrics while dropping the ones that didn’t sell as well. In time I learned to anticipate what was going to be a good seller and how to maximize sales of that item with a wide variety of fabrics. (bonus tip: grey wool never goes out of style!) – This tip courtesy of Oh So Retro Accessories – 2,701 sales so far

34. Keep things in your shop fresh

Add new product, retake photos on older items, add new product lines, update packaging. When your shop is slow this is the perfect time to updated it so it always looks new and exciting for your customers. – This tip courtesy of PURE Natural Minerals – 6,961 sales so far

35. Find a niche market and make products not readily available in stores

Our business began because my mom needed a microwave heating pad that covered her neck and shoulders and we couldn’t find a satisfactory product in stores – so I designed one. From there, we built our business around making unique hot and cold pack therapy products.
This taught me to listen carefully to our customers and always try to honor custom requests. If a customer is going to the trouble to ask you to make something, chances are it is because it is a need not being met in the marketplace. Some of our best sellers originally began with a customer asking ‘can you make this?’ Sure, the first one takes extra effort and time to envision the product, make the pattern (sometimes many times to get it right) and then actually make it. But in the end, it is almost always worth it, and you’ve got a new product that you already know customers want. – This tip courtesy of the ferris wheels – 10,572 sales so far

36. Love Your Products

I love creating handmade products. Because I love using handmade products! When I’m in a creative slump I’ll retreat into my innermost selfish being and think… What can I create for myself as a treat? ;-) If I’m lucky it will usually bring about a spark that drives me to mad experimentation, which will result in new scents and soaps. If my ideas sell, wonderful! If not, I’ve got a new bar of soap, perfume or candle that I will enjoy while I mull over new ventures. I encourage everyone be true to themselves, create what they love, live their passions and be led from the heart. – This tip courtesy of Beautiful Soaps – 6,196 sales so far

37. Love Your Shop

If you love what you make and do your very best to make your items and shop the best it can be, your potential customers will pick up on that and want to be apart of the beautiful thing you’ve created. Be open to feedback, and don’t be afraid to experiment. – This tip courtesy of Blushie – 5,472 sales so far

38. Perfection is Impossible

I’ve been selling online for nearly ten years, and with Etsy for five. The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is that Perfection is Impossible. I see so many beginning entrepreneurs assume that once they get their photos just right, or get their SEO in place, that everything will be perfect and the sales will just start rolling in. This is an absolute myth. Why? Because you’ll never be done improving & your shop will never be perfect. There is ALWAYS something you can do to improve your business. I schedule time every week to work on various parts of my business, so that I know I’m constantly working on improving. I make sure I’m making a couple new products every month to keep things fresh & alive in my shop, and to keep my regulars coming back for more goodies. I spend a couple hours every week taking photographs or new products, or redoing photographs of older products. I dedicate an hour or so every evening to working on my SEO. With over 600 listings on Etsy, as well as a stand alone website, I am NEVER close to being caught up there! I try to send out an email newsletter at least once a week with various specials, updates on new products, and other fun goodies for my customer base.

With FaceBook causing business pages more and more headaches (reducing the number of people who see our views without paying to promote our posts), I am planning on refocusing more time on my blog. I spend time, on a regular basis, to evaluate my business and see where things can be improved. Where I can strengthen weaknesses, or even just open up new avenues for growth. It’s constantly evolving & changing. But one of the joys of running an online business is that we can move just as quickly as the trends of the internet.
I never strive for perfection or “good enough”, because to me, those words equal death for my business. I strive for growth. – This tip courtesy of Body Language (BLSoaps) – 10,860 sales so far

39. Make it Personal

As an Etsy shop, I try to give each and every buyer a unique handmade experience. This means that every order that goes out is wrapped and packaged like a birthday present: gift wrap, tissues, ribbon, a personalised note and even a unique decorated envelope. Each item needs to feel personal, not something that came off a production line order. Without any other advertising ( no facebook, twitter, paid adverts, etc), this has worked incredibly well. – This tip courtesy of Sakizome – 3,543 sales so far

40. Put in the time

Put in the time….to make the best quality product. I have many repeat customers who leave feedback about how well-made my bags are.
Put in the time….to take and edit the best photos you can manage.
Put in the time….to list items regularly (use all the tags!)
Put in the time….to promote. I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Ravelry for promotion. Research promotion/advertising/blogs that will reach your target market.
Put in the time….to respond promptly to Conversations or custom requests. Customers love good service! – This tip courtesy of ZigZagStitches – 2,913 sales so far

41. Take Great Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Without being able to pick up and feel the items, product pictures need the best they can be. So product photography is high up on my list right next to product quality when it comes to my Etsy business. I almost always use a white background, so there’s no distractions from the products. I use natural lighting, I get the best lighting in the mornings, even and not too strong. When it comes to photo editing, I just brighten up the background, play with contrast to show off fabric detail, crop the picture so the product is in the center and it’s done. - This tip courtesy of TieObsessed – 8,353 sales so far

42. Perseverance

Since I have been selling on Etsy since 2007, one thing I can say for certain is that many shops will come and go but what has made mine successful in my opinion is perseverance. One of my favorite business quotes which actually is stated in my shop profile: “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go”. You cannot possible have any sort of success in the online handmade industry unless you are willing to stick with it and keep up with the current trends. So for me, it was always easy to keep going since I love what I do. Love of your craft whatever it is and just persevere. – This tip courtesy of JPATPURSES – 9,981 sales so far


Develop as frequently as possible new and accessible products for my customers. New products revitalize sales. I have had that experience most times when I introduce new items, whether it is jewelry, prints on fabric, prints on wood, etc. They allow you to increase sales to existing customers but also to attract others, and in the end, to sell more of all of your products, not only the one you are introducing. – This tip courtesy of Flor Larios – 4,275 sales so far

44. Re-inventing your shop: Over the last 6 years of being on Etsy, I have had to re-invent my product line a few times

I have been through the cycle of finally having great sales (5 or so a day), then stagnating at a set level and then seeing sales go down. When you are too busy to bring anything fresh and new, you get bored and so does the market. I have 2x now ended up with products that sold great 5 years ago and 2 years ago that are hardly selling now.

The first time it happened I was ready with a new product because I was actively engaged on Etsy. This time, I had stepped away and now I am starting over (product wise) and it is more challenging but it is slowly growing.

Whether starting from scratch or starting over, the key is to actively watch what is happening on Etsy. I ask what colors are in? What is Etsy promoting? What is happening seasonally? What animals, shapes, natural elements are popping up on the front page? When I see what is trending I apply that to what I can do. I sew. What you can do and your style will influence what you make. Make things you love and likely others will too (if not try a different angle). – This tip courtesy of Evelyn Fields – 2,049 sales so far

45. Be noticed

There are several things that I would recommend, including interacting with potential customers via social media and your email responses to questions, taking great pictures that show off the quality of your product, and writing great descriptions. BUT the most important thing to me is keeping up with keywords and doing research.

Etsy has this WONDERFUL tool called Shop Stats… USE IT! Pay attention to the keywords customers are using to find you, and change your listings accordingly. Even if your items are not seasonal, change the wording in your title so they can be found as gifts for the holidays. Think of every reason why someone would be interested in your item, and list it for them. The more listings you have, the higher your chance of being found. And even if your customer decides they don’t want to buy your product for Thanksgiving, just bringing them to your store may have sparked an idea for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, or Mom’s birthday. If a product should be aimed toward Grandpa, research to find out what other words people call their Grandpa… Papa, PawPaw, Gramps, Pop, etc… list them ALL, and add keywords to those listings so that someone looking for a gift for Papa, can find your Grandpa listing.

Keywords are VERY important in listings, and it takes time to research what is trending. Test yourself by going to Etsy’s home page to search for your own items. Think of what you would type in to find that special gift or item, and make sure your keywords include that phrase or word. Start out more vague, like birthday gift for mom, then start adding more descriptive words, to see how long it takes for one of your items to be on the first page of your search. You can see what your competitor is using for keywords by opening their listing and right-clicking anywhere on the page (not on the photo) and choosing page source. Scroll down to find out what they’re using that would make their listing come up ahead of yours. Make sure you use ALL 13 slots to your advantage as well.

Of course getting people to your store is only part of the battle of being noticed. If you want to be successful, you have to go all out. Great product, great quality and great service. If your customers come back again and again, you’re doing it right! BUT, you can never just sit back and watch orders come in. Keeping up on the trends and keywords is a full time job and that changes every day. The more effort you put into it, the more your sales will reflect your hard work. – This tip courtesy of Waste Not Recycled Art – 3,918 sales so far

 46. Trial and Error

Etsy is a great place to share and do the “trial and error” method to see what will be appealing to others. I decided to create a shop where I could share nature and art through using purses as my canvas. I soon realized that the shape of the purse and materials used was as important as the design placed upon the purse. Through constantly working on my designs and watching the number of “views” they received, helped me to know what needed to change as well as what was working. – This tip courtesy of LB Artworks – 2,594 sales so far

47. Look Professional Act Professional

What I practice in my shop and what I look for in shops that I buy from is a polished look. This means fill out everything Etsy offers like Shop Announcement/Profile, About Page and Policy Page, a Shop Banner and a full row of Featured Items. Shops missing these tell me no one is minding the store. Make sure your description includes details like size and function. Simply saying here is a pretty candle I made without giving size and burn time with pictures of the actual item sends me running for the hills. Saying things in your policy like I’m not responsible once an item ships also makes me run the other way. You, as a seller are always responsible until the customer gets their item and is happy with it. My shop runs on the Golden Rule – treat every customer as you would want to be treated. It is how I’ve built a loyal customer base who come back year after year no matter what changes Etsy makes. – This tip courtesy of Woodcrafts and Candles – 5,870 sales so far

48. Customer service is key

Respond promptly to your convos. People appreciate the attentiveness and it helps develop a relationship with your customers which is otherwise lacking online. – This tip courtesy of Page Pottery – 1,625 sales so far

49. Have amazing customer service!

Be known for having amazing customer service and going above and beyond for your customers! I find that to be a HUGE part of my success. Make that name for yourself, have a product that people want and respond to inquiries/emails as quickly as you can. Whether your customer has a simple question, wants something completely custom or is looking for information, they will appreciate you being prompt and courteous in your response and much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. – This tip courtesy of Baby Fables – 14,529 sales so far

50. Packaging brings everything full circle

I have realized that you have got to love, like, or at least tolerate all aspects of what you do, or it is really hard to motivate yourself to work. I do enjoy the more tedious sweatshop parts of what I do – packaging, sewing in labels on the clothes and bags, casting, shipping, answering e-mails, forwarding shipping information, etc. These things take more time then you would think but I believe it shows in the final product the customer can tell the time and effort you put in to making everything just so. It is very important to package things well and thoughtfully. Also, including an unexpected goodie in the package is always great as it makes opening mail even more fun and can lead to repeat sales. – This tip courtesy of Tartx – 3,483 sales so far


I get asked all the time how I run a successful shop on etsy. My best answer is a lot of hard work and dedication to something you love doing. Work is fun for me and a lot has been learned along the way. I started with two things I loved doing, sewing and designing and it took off from there. I have put in a lot or hard work improving my store in many ways. Customer service, the best photos I can manage, using facebook to chat with customers and give them a glimpse of my life and striving for an excellent product. – This tip courtesy of PETUNIAS – 10,622 sales so far

52. Acknowledge their order and Get it to them FAST

Everyone wants instant gratification, even when making an online purchase. I know I personally have come to expect it from big box websites, and that mentality carries forward to small time shop sellers too. I want it as fast as possible and I want to know the seller “saw my order”. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the postal service or other courier of our choice, and we are often left wondering if the seller has our order. So make your customers purchase the best experience possible and the shipping process efficient for yourself.
Invest in a postal scale if you don’t already have one (ebay is a great place to find a topnotch scale for around $20 shipping included), bubblewrap, poly mailers, packing peanuts and boxes….whatever you use to ship. Buy in bulk when possible and don’t forget to sign up with your local organization to hunt down free shipping supplies too. You can also buy mailing labels (again ebay, super cheap) or you can print labels on plain paper and tape to package.Pack you items better than you think is necessary! Be generous with the bubblewrap and packaging because a destroyed package is more grief than a few extra cents spent on packaging. Oh and if you have small boxes that a label doesn’t fit onto, slide that box into a poly mailer with the label on the mailer. Works awesome.Ship within 24 hours whenever possible. This really lets the customer know you are on top of their order.Use Paypal shipping (or Direct Checkout, if you are enrolled) to print your labels. You get free delivery confirmation, the address is printed (no misreading the address by the postman) and for some reason, packages often seem to move quicker when posted with an online generated label. The other benefit of using Paypal shipping is that the customer will automatically get notification their item is being shipped and the delivery confirmation number is linked in the notification for their convenience. I always round up my package weight an extra ounce or two also……I would never want a customer to get a postage due package, and while I do double check what my scale says against the post offices scale, there can sometimes be a minute discrepancy. Better safe than sorry.Finally, communicate to them, either via the message to buyer in your paypal shipping label notification or via a seperate message through etsy, that their package is on their way. This way they know that you have received and acknowledged their order. – This tip courtesy of Earth Elements – 1,440 sales so far

53. Comfy Creations

1) Photos are very important for customers. This is the only visual they have of your products. Good, clear photos allow confidence for the buyer of what they will receive.
2) Customer service. Meet the buyers needs and concerns with good communication. Reply quickly, follow up on custom orders,
create a relationship to insure repeat business, that you are available for their future needs. – This tip courtesy of Comfy Creations – 3,187 sales so far

54. Have Product Draft listings and Special Order Listings ready to go

To speed up computer time, I use the draft listings alot. I have two pictures, one for draft listing, and another for my special order listings. I have all the info that is generic for all listings such as using all the 12 tags, and shipping info on each one. I just save as draft. I think have around 5 drafts ready for each of the above listings. One just uses the copy button and save as draft. Give the Best Customer Service you can Muster UP!! Even if it goes against all you want to say or do. – This tip courtesy of Cats Paw Pottery – 1,196 sales so far

55. Be Personal

I think most of my sales are generated by my item descriptions (something that’s been a difficulty for me transitioning to wholesale) which usually include a snippet about my inspiration for each perfume. I get a lot of responses about my writing, and those conversations have fostered some great friendships that have also turned into my best repeat customers (who give great referrals). I would say it’s important to do something you really love and let your personal involvement show through. On Etsy, especially, everyone is excited to be participating in the handmade economy, they want great shops to root for and will do so much of your marketing for you if they feel invested. Etsy is all about community, being friendly and engaging with customers goes a very long way. Oh, and use Facebook! – This tip courtesy of Wiggle Perfume and Sundries – 9,048 sales so far

56. Blue Sky Pottery

I’ve been a seller on etsy since August 2006 so have weathered all the many changes that have occurred over the years, which has meant that my strategy for selling has had to change several times in order to help buyers find my shop and my items. I get a kick out of send my pottery all over the world to be loved in foreign homes and filled with food and drinks I’m sure I never heard of or will ever get an opportunity to try.
I’ve sent over 3000 pieces of pottery out (many of the orders listed in my stats are, of course, for multiples pieces of pottery) with the average order around $68. I’ve never been an etsy featured seller nor am I featured in front page treasuries very often. I find that my main traffic sources after Etsy is google, yahoo, facebook, bing and my own website: www.blueskypotterycolorado.comI would say that fully half of my orders come from first time buyers to etsy who are finding me through the major search engines, and another quarter of my buyers are repeat customers coming back for more pottery. The rest are seasoned etsy buyers and a few are other sellers here on etsy.As for secrets of success, it’s ever changing. It used to work for me to list and relist my items throughout the day so they would come up early in searches. With the new relevancy protocol and the new front page where the pottery & ceramics category has been eliminated, relisting is marginally helpful. Probably what works best is having the very best titles, descriptions and tags that you can to cover all of the possible words someone might use to find your item. I’ve also started changing my main category on some items so that I can be found in housewares, art, and other relevant areas since pottery & ceramics isn’t as viable or visible.Great photos are a must, too, if you want to draw people in. That has changed over the years as well and I try to watch the trends. So I’ve gone from a soft gray background to a slightly off white one for my pieces. And whenever I can, I try to have some fun with props to fit the season. You’ll see candy corn, skeletons and pumpkins in some of my shots right now. Those will change to christmas tree branches, ornaments and candy canes after Halloween.What else….I try to stay in contact with past customers on a regular but not spammy basis through a newsletter that lets them know what’s new in my studio and offers repeat customer discounts or special offers; I promote my shop locally and will sell wholesale to galleries; I offer coupons occasionally and a couple times a year use Etsy On Sale to discount my pottery for a week or a few days. – This tip courtesy of Blue Sky Pottery – 2,196 sales so far

57. Keep Your Promises

Outstanding customer service does not have to mean rushing to the post office to ship orders the same day they are received, or including tons of freebies in the package. It is as simple as doing what you say you will, when you say you will. For example, if I tell a nervous bride on a tight deadline that I will send her an update on her custom order in three days, I make sure I do, before she contacts me. If I say I’ll email a customer when their package ships, I write it in my agenda for that day and am sure to follow through the moment the package ships. Great customer service is all about letting the customer know that their order is a top priority. – This tip courtesy of Custom Sepia – 2,201 sales so far

58. Customer Service and FAST Shipping will keep them coming back

Customers….. People…not faceless numbers and dollar signs. Most( myself included, because I also love to shop here) aren’t here because they NEED something, most are here for the little indulgences they’d like satified quickly. I mean, aren’t you excited to order something fun and you want it…like…yesterday?? Perhaps you are a slo’ poke’ because you have their money and want to browse Pinterest or Facebook all day for more money,or have OVERCOMMITED yourself and can’t fill their order in a timely manner. Believe me, even if your products are superior, with an attitude like that, they be won’t be coming back to your shop. Sellers are a dime a dozen here and you want to be “stuck” in someone’s brain where they will remember you and order again.. You need to ANSWER convo’s within a day, you need FAST SHIPPING and well packaged products to go with the quality that will make them come back, and they will. – This tip courtesy of Sheri’s Soap Opera – 3,943 sales so far

59. Treat all of your customers like gold

It is so important to treat all of your customers like they are your best customer. Take pride in every product that you make and send it promptly and neatly packaged. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Answer all emails ASAP, politely, and never say you were too busy or make excuses. If you do make a mistake, apologize right away and offer a small freebie. Show your customers that you care about your business by taking the best photos you can and writing complete and detailed descriptions of your products. All of these tips will help you build a solid repeat customer base. – This tip courtesy of Paisley Baby – 2,521 sales so far

60. Think like a customer

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Do you like good customer service? Do you want to receive acknowledgement of your order and be informed of an expected shipping date? Do you want fast shipping service? Do you want to buy well-made, quality products? If you as a buyer have a question, do you want a prompt response from the seller? If you handle these issues according to the Golden Rule of treating others the way you’d like to be treated, you’ll do well! – This tip courtesy of AJ’s Country Cottage – 2,932 sales so far

61. Answer Their Questions before they Ask

This is a big part of customer service. I have found that my customers really appreciate having all the information they need so that they don’t have to ask a lot of questions. Make sure your item descriptions include all the important details because if you leave out anything, you will have to answer the same question over and over! So, as soon as you get the first inquiry asking “how big is it?” – immediately revise your description to answer that question for everyone. On the other hand, don’t provide too much unnecessary information or the customers will get lost. Just the important stuff. Similarly, include a little note in your packages when you ship them, providing your email address and a brief return policy so your customers know exactly what to do if there is any problem with the order. Customers like to be empowered with good information; it will save both of you some time and your well-informed customers are more likely to come back again. – This tip courtesy of MyHandboundBooks – 2,243 sales so far

62. Make What You Love

Stay true to your aesthetic and make what YOU love. Don’t succumb to making what you think other people will like. Accept that you can’t serve the tastes of everyone and have the confidence to trust your gut. When you create what you love, your shop is guaranteed better visual continuity and the joy you have for your products will shine through. Should you listen to customers, keep an eye on current trends, and draw inspiration from friends and family? Absolutely! But I don’t ever, ever list something you don’t personally like. As an added bonus, when your sales take off and you are making huge quantities of your goods it’s easier to stay the course when you are making something you like! – This tip courtesy of RockitBot – 4,954 sales so far

63. She believed she could, so she did

When I started on Etsy 6 yrs ago my sales were slow and far between. I slogged along for a year or so with dark pictures and little action. One day I woke up and saw this saying “She believed she could, so she did”. It was a wake up call. I began to do research, what sells well? I searched etsy, saw what was trending, what colors were popular… and then incorporated it into my pottery.. made it mine. Things picked up.. but not enough.. Next was add variety, then see what sells best that I made and make more! Add different colors! Check stats for popular tags and use them! Fix my dark pictures!! I use picasa and with a few clicks my pictures were crystal clear. Spread the word within social medias, I made a business face book page. Interact on it! Have excellent customer service. This is a business, be available to answer questions promptly.
Have simple clear titles and tags. Think like a buyer! With those changes I went from 2 sales a month to 100 and more a month! Most important of all was… I believed I could! And so, I did :)This tip courtesy of dgordon – 3,323 sales so far

64. Custom Orders–Personalization

One of the ways that I was able to increase my shop sales was to work with my customers on making their order their own design. I have made hundreds of items that were custom orders. Some are for bridal parties, where they wanted custom desigend, fabric labels sewn to the inside of the purses. Some are adding their own special touch to the design of the item, such as enlarging the product or even designing something entirely new. I have custom created many items for my customers & some items were bigger challenges than others, but in the end it was a great joy to be able to make the customer happy. So my tip is to be open to designing new items that aren’t listed that may coordinate with a theme for their event or special day. – This tip courtesy of OC Styles – 3,319 sales so far

65. Be Original

I think it’s important for the long-term success of an Etsy shop and for the larger market of Etsy shops that each artist strive to make what he or she offers unique to his or her store. That is much harder to do than it was 6 years ago, as the number of Etsy stores increases, and an overlap of styles, ideas and products is naturally more likely. However, I believe that offering something that a customer knows they can only get from you increases the likelihood of sales. – This tip courtesy of johnwgolden – 12,562 sales so far

66. Create a Consistent Feel

I think a key factor to making and keeping a successful etsy shop (or any online shop for that matter) is to create a consistent feel among your products. Ways to easily do this are with materials you use and also with photo backgrounds/angels/and props. Creating a unified shop will give your customers security that your shop is well thought out and cared for. – This tip courtesy of Jenna Lou Designs – 7,046 sales so far

67. Easy ship…Comfortable Price Point

Sales success for me =Finding useful products that I could make sell and ship at a reasonable cost….for me and the buyer:) – This tip is courtesy of CassyLainTotes – 2,368 sales so far

68. Quality, quality, quality

The quality of your product comes before everything else. Work hard to make sure that your designs are original, “on brand” and have a unique design appeal for your target customers. Materials and making also need to be top notch. Never compromise and always make your work as good as it can possibly be.

Our regular customers sometimes make fun (in a kindly way) of the length of time it takes us to develop new designs – our iPad bags were in development for over a year, and we’ve been working on our upcoming silk and satin wraps and scarves for about a year and a half now. But it’s worth taking time to make sure your items are excellent. If you have a really high quality product to sell, customers will come back time and time again AND tell their friends and family about you. – This tip courtesy of Baba Studio – 2,692 sales so far


Customer service is extremely important. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Always be positive and ultra polite with everyone. Make your items with care and love and treat them that way when you package them up – no sloppy packaging! Answer e-mails and convos as soon as you get them – even if it’s only to say you will get them an answer, and then do follow up ASAP. Send a personal acknowledgment e-mail with “thank you” when their purchase is made, and let them know when you are mailing out their package. Include a handwritten thank you note with an invitation to shop with you again. Add a little freebie along with your business card and their invoice. Mail out their purchases either the day they’re bought or the next day the Post Office is open. Always go the extra mile to please your customers. – This tip courtesy of Greenwillow Crafts – 1,938 sales so far

70. Stock your shop

This may sound obvious but make sure you have lots of inventory. It’s easy to open a shop and then only list 20-40 items, and wonder why sales are slow. Etsy is a crowded marketplace so to ensure you have a running start you should aim to have 80-100 items, all beautifully photographed and then keep relisting or adding new items to keep it all looking fresh and current. – This tip courtesy of Red Ruby Rose – 3,538 sales so far

71. Never give up….keep adding products it may take a few tries to find what works for your line

Most of my sales are Custom Bridal Orders I wd safely say that this past season I tripled my business and at least 75% of my current orders are Custom Wedding Orders. Don’t overwhelm yourself by adding too many different items at first I think that’s what happened to me…until I found out what really worked for my Etsy shop. Enjoy the process! – This tip courtesy of KaraMiaSofia – 3,049 sales so far

 72. Happy customers are repeat customers

Customers are attracted to my shop because of my great designs. Nothing trumps a fantastic product. But they keep coming back and they refer all of their friends because of my customer service. Time after time, I’ve heard customers say, “I don’t even look anywhere else because it’s so much fun to work with you!”

You can spend all of the money you want on advertising, but I’ve found that “wow-ing” customers is the most effective way to spread the word. Communicate well. Under promise and over deliver. Encourage your happiest, most loyal customers to share about it through social media and link back to your shop. Be friendly and let your customers know how much you appreciate them. – This tip courtesy of Less Ordinary Designs – 13,282 sales so far

73. Get found

The tried and true advice you hear all the time is probably the most important- take great photos, write interesting and informative descriptions, have a good product that appeals to a wide range of people and take care of your customers. But that’s mostly helpful once you have eyeballs on your site. If no one sees your shop, it doesn’t matter how great your photos are. Probably the thing that has gotten me the most eyeballs on my shop and therefore sales is getting featured on blogs. First make sure your shop is as good as it can be so when people do see it, they stay for awhile. Then, think of who your target audience is. Are they stay at home moms? Crafters? College students? Newlyweds? Cooks? Do some research. Find blogs your target audience would read, particularly ones who do features on Etsy shops or artists or items they like. Send the blog author an email explaining who you are, what you do, a link to your shop and why their readers might be interested in your products. Be personal and specific- don’t just send a mass email. You might have to send a few emails before anyone responds, but someone will. That can and does snowball- other blog authors see the feature and might contact you directly. You can also buy ad space on blogs who offer it and I do that sometimes, but I think having the author actually write about your product is the most effective. A mention on a site like Apartment Therapy or Daily Candy can equal thousands of views and hundreds of sales, but small blogs are helpful too. Any blog mention can help to single you out from the pack of shops on Etsy! – This tip courtesy of Art Shark Designs – 4,483 sales so far

74. Have unique products displayed the best way possible, described completely

Cultivate your client base and treat your customers like you value them. – This tip courtesy of Blue Dog Rose – 7,149 sales so far

75. Todd Young Art

There are many tips for on-line selling. Everyone loves Todd’s art and the more people see his art, the sales increase. So, have a website and a Facebook fan page. List as many things as you can on Etsy. Take advantage of their search ads. It’s a minimal investment than can increase sales. Give great customer service before, during and after the sale. People want their items as quick as possible, so don’t delay shipping. Be honest and fair. - This tip courtesy of Todd Young Art – 4,625 sales so far

76. Add Special Touches to Packages

Bring the handmade experience home to each customer with love. Ever since I started, I always have added extra special touches to every package that goes out. It gives people the sense of feeling overwhelmed with joy as if their best friend send them something in the mail! Etsy is unique in a sense that there is no middle man! Goods go from seller to buyer and so should this unique handmade revolution. Whether it’s drawings on the outside of my packages, logo stickers, business cards, carefully packaging everything up, writing personal messages – it goes a long way and will bring people back wanting more ! – This tip courtesy of good4you – 7,728 sales so far

77. Make Good Descriptions

I try to have godd clear descriptions for my items with good pictures show exactly what the item looks like. – This tip courtesy of - 4,323 sales so far

78. Find a Niche and Run with It

Finding a niche helps narrow your focus and efforts on the things that you are interested in. It’s no fun working hours on end on things you don’t really enjoy. I’ve had a life-long love for dogs and I know that there are millions of people that have that same love. But what sets my art apart from many other dog artists, is that it combines a dog with an inspirational message – my niche!

For years I’ve collected inspirational and motivational quotes in a journal. Putting these two things together- dogs and inspirational messages – has been the catalyst to making the amount of sales I have within a few short years. There is no shortage of either adorable dogs or great messages. The more listings I made, the more pathways there were to my shops front door. Because of Etsy, I have been found by several companies whom I now have licensing contracts with and my art is now available not only on Etsy, but large online poster stores and gift shops throughout the US. – This tip courtesy of Going Places 2 – 3,582 sales so far

79. Make a unique product

The very best thing you can do is to come up with a product that fills a need in the marketplace. Make something that you have a hard time finding, or something practical but in a way that no one else has done it before. And then make whatever it is so charming, darling, fabulous, and beautifully photographed that you will be noticed by bloggers, pinners, and treasury-makers. – This tip courtesy of 1canoe2 – 8,756 sales so far

80. Carve Your Own Niche

To be honest, I didn’t really do any ‘market research’ for what I do. I paint and draw what appeals to my aesthetic, and it makes me extremely happy that people respond and quite often relate to my little curious characters. I think that subconsciously when I am creating something new, I want it to be something that I absolutely would love myself, and I am a firm believer that when you infuse your work with yourself, chances are someone else will love it too. That being said, it is a risk, but I feel it’s one worth taking, especially in creative endeavours. Especially in art, I feel, you are always taking a risk; your work is not an object that someone needs, and it’s not an object that has a specific use (such as, say, jewellery). Your customer has to want it for you to make the sale. And as with most artwork you can never appease everyone, there is always risk involved. What you can do to minimise the risk is know your niche. Know YOUR customer. You have to ask yourself “what kind of person am I selling to?” and then make sure every little detail is FOR that person. Be prepared to work really hard. I know everyone probably says this, but it couldn’t be more true. In a sense you have to dedicate yourself to what you do, and find a balance between that and your everyday life. You have to constantly push yourself, and you have to be patient and resilient. There will be times when you will doubt what you are doing, and this is a great opportunity for re-evaluation of your work, or of your strategy. Do not be afraid to change everything, but stay true to yourself. – This tip courtesy of The Little Fox – 5,096 sales so far

81.Fresh and Frequent

Make sure you have a range of items, not just one or two. Fortunately I’m an illustrator so can use my images on many products. I’m constantly looking at what new products might be nice with the images on them, or if there are kinds of products that are popular and suit my style. On top of having fresh products and ideas, relist relist relist! You can just leave those items sitting waiting for views. Even with changes to the search algorithms I’ve found relisting to still be a strong tool for exposure in categories and searches. – This tip courtesy of Immortal Longings of London – 3,545 sales so far

82. Make It Personal

I think it’s really important to show your customers that they’re buying from a real person not a faceless company. I always include a handwritten thank you note with each order, and make sure my customer service emails are always friendly. I also write about my work and my crafty life on my blog ( ) which helps show people the person behind the products :)This tip courtesy of Lupin Handmade – 5,421 sales so far

83. List only items that you love

I have found that I have returning customers due to the unique perspective I bring to my product. I list vintage photos and there is plenty of competition in this field. I want to have a niche, and that would be that my photos would stand alone and each one would “speak” to the viewer and pull them in. The way I weed out the average items was to decide if it was something I truly “loved”, and when that photo presents itself I list it. Its pretty simple. Keep standards high, list, treat customers like they are actually in your store physically and you will be successful. – This tip courtesy of Clancys Classics – 7,484 sales so far

84. Variety is good

Always add more products or designs to your listings to keep customers interested in coming back to your shop. The more listings you have also increases being found in search. – This tip courtesy of ElizabethDavidDesign – 3,457 sales so far

85. Think like your customer

I create products that are both fashionable and functional. By communicating the benefits of my products, buyers can see how my items will be helpful in their daily life. My products have been designed based on my own needs. My customers have appreciated that and found them very useful as well. – This tip courtesy of Jimmy Pickles – 7,426 sales so far

86. Appreciate Your Customers and Tell Them So

I think the thing that I appreciate most when I make a purchase is when the seller appreciates me as a customer. I remember the experience and go back again and again. I always try to remember this with my customers and express my gratitude for them and for their business. Everyone has a set amount of dollars to spend on extras and there are literally billions of products on the market to choose from. When a customer makes the choice to buy from me I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure they know how much it means to me and my family. Sometimes it is hard to make contact with each customer, but doing so as often as you can will make a difference. – This tip courtesy of The Hat Cottage – 5,798 sales so far

87. You were Born an Original, Don’t End Up a Copy

Be true to who you are. Your work is original. Keep it that way. Potential buyers will appreciate that your products are unique and different from the rest of the marketplace. Add your own personal touch to each item you make and don’t forget the dash of sparkle! :)This tip courtesy of Ahmelie – 5,755 sales so far

88. Customer Service Really Is Key

Giving good customer service sounds pretty basic, but it is especially important for online businesses. Because you can’t meet your customer face to face, you’ll have to work even harder to establish trust.


Communication is the miracle solution to most problems. I have had angry customers become my most loyal fans simply by listening to and taking their concerns seriously. Get back to people when you say you will, even if it’s just to say I’ll need to get back to you later.


Bend over backwards to please your customers. Most people are honest. You may get taken advantage of a time or two, but it’s worth it, especially online where your reputation is everything. And besides, Karma will catch up to them eventually. :)

Manage Expectations

This is the KEY thing I learned in customer service in my cubicle days. YOU are in charge of the customers expectations. If you think you can get something shipped in two days, tell them three. If something goes wrong, you have breathing room, if you get it out in two days – voila’ – you’ve exceeded expectations! Write this phrase down and tape it to your forehead if need be: UNDER promise and OVER deliver.

Show good will and the vast majority of others will as well.
Best of luck in your business and all you do! – This tip courtesy of On Your Case – 4,559 sales so far

89. Go beyond what you think you should do

I have over 4000 sales and I have 100% positive feedback. I have zero negatives and 2 neutrals. This is a result of a very high level of customer service.
If we make a mistake we respond to the customers convos right away and apologize for the error we made, and thank them for letting us know and for giving us the chance to create the mistake. We make personalized monogrammed items and sometimes we do make an error we try hard to make every name perfect but we may type an extra i and not catch it. When we do we make a new one usually the same day and ship it that day. Most customers do understand that mistakes happen it is how you handle them and how you show the customer you appreciate their business.

We also spend lots of time answering convos to make sure the customer’s finished item has thread colors that match and will look good together. We are very patient with answering convo questions as this is how the customer can learn about the product they are ordering. We are an online shopping market place not a store where they can touch and feel the product. If your customer is happy with your level of service and the items you made they will come back and tell others. If they are not happy they will tell even more people and they will not be back or gift your products to their friends. – This tip courtesy of Shopmemento – 4,508 sales so far

90. Do what you love

To do what you love and be patient, I don’t stress about my designs because I do what comes to mind. Be patient, not everyone will like your item/s, but that’s perfectly fine, the right buyer will come along. Also, make use of facebook, twitter and other networking sites. – This tip courtesy of Neskat – 4,349 sales so far

91. Great COMMUNICATION and welcome CUSTOM orders

The truth is that if I had to choose the #1 effective Etsy sales tip, it would be to display artistic photographs that clearly show your product in many detailed views. However, since I am guilty of taking my own photos, in not always the best lighting, and not always the best backdrop, I will go ahead and focus on the 2 things that I DO well:

One of the major tools that have boosted my Etsy sales is that I keep in close communication with my new and existing customers. I check my email as often as possible throughout the day, and I reply to requests as soon as I can, even if it means I have to tell the inquirer that I have to check with my vendors next time I shop for fabric. In addition to sending out shipping confirmations, I include a simple yet fun “Hair-How-To” instructions with every incoming order so that my customers can learn how to fix their hair in an up-dp just like I do in my listing photos.

Secondly, custom orders have helped me expand my store’s variety. Although it can initially be stressful when a customer requests an item that is not currently carried in my storefront (mostly due to the large amount of time it takes to make a brand new piece, sourcing new material, the modifications that follow, calculating a fair price for the amount of work, etc), usually, I am very pleased with the outcome and so are my customers. These new items then become permanent pieces in my store, and often they become best sellers. It not only allows me to exercise my creative muscles, but it is rewarding to know that a customer/friend is happy and now has something that was specially made for her. – This tip courtesy of Mixbaby – 6,038 sales so far

92. Have a good thought out description

Having a good description for my items was one of the most effective single thing for my shop besides taking good photos. There are lot of different opinions about the worth of a good description ranging from – you have to describe an item like you would describe it to a blind person to – people will not read the descriptions anyway. For me seeing an item and its description is very important. I want to know about it before I buy it . Why should I buy this and not that? Why should I buy from you ? A good description will def. help me in that decision , that and good photos.
It also shows me as a buyer that the person behind the shop took a lot of time and effort to tell me a little bit about it. Yes there are a lot of my customers that will not read my lengthy descriptions but there are also a lot that will and they might decide to buy from me because of it. – This tip courtesy of NiciLaskin – 5,958 sales so far

93. Have Stellar Customer Service

The best ways to have stellar Customer Service is to respond to emails quickly and ship your orders daily. Customers want quick answers to their questions! If they don’t get a quick answer from you, they will find another seller and you will lose the sale! Monitor your email hourly and try to respond to emails within a couple of hours. Especially if you are trying to build up a new business! It may mean that you are answering emails at midnight, but I’ve gotten some of my largest sales by responding at midnight! If you want to grow an internet business, you have to make yourself available to your customers as much as possible.

Ship your customer’s orders the next day. Or have very clear cut production/delivery times if you sell items that are made to order. Customers feel like you genuinely care about their order (and you should!) if you make their order a priority by shipping it as soon as possible. I have some wonderful repeat customers that appreciate they can count on me shipping either the next day or before the time frame I have posted. – This tip courtesy of Owl Say Designs – 8,365 sales so far

94. Think like a buyer, not a seller

It isn’t about you, it is about them. What will draw people to your shop? When writing item titles and descriptions in etsy, use terms that the general public will use to search for your items. For example, if you make pottery, most people are less concerned with your technique, or the cute name you gave it and more concerned with style, color, etc…. You can still talk about the technique, but do that later. Put the important stuff at the front. To make it easy, show one of your pieces to a non-artist friend, and ask her/him “If you wanted to buy something like this, what words would you type in Google to find it?” That will help you to shift your thinking when writing effective descriptions and titles. – This tip courtesy of graciedesigns – 5,091 sales so far

95. Always Continue to Grow Your Product Line

As shops we start from almost nothing and grow one sale at a time. Headband Shoppe started in 2009 with just eight unique made-to-order items that I sold over and over again, but today has nearly five hundred items for sale. Trust me, this does not happen overnight – this takes time, patience, and the constant desire to create new unique products. Take every opportunity to design a new piece and grow your product line. Whenever a client approaches asking for a custom design, take a moment to photograph the final product and add it to the shop as an inspiration for future clients. Sale by sale, piece by piece the shop will grow. From 8 items to 30, from 30-50, from 50-100, and so on. The more items in the shop, the higher chance clients will have to find, love, and eventually buy from you. – This tip courtesy of The Headband Shoppe – 5,703 sales so far

96. Excellent Customer Service is Essential

Taking the time to thank each and every customer, no matter how busy I may be, is remarkably valuable for my business. I am acknowledging a new order, thanking someone for purchasing a handmade product and opening up the lines of communication. Great care is taken in creating each piece of jewelry and I believe just as much care should be taken with your customer. – This tip courtesy of DLK Designs – 5,000 sales so far

97. Listen to your customers

My business has evolved greatly by listening to what my target market wants and needs, and do custom work to make whatever a customer wants for their organizer to work best for them! I also put an emphasis on high quality materials and well made product, which will actually last for the years of hard use a coupon organizer can get! Referral business is huge for me! – This tip courtesy of Glowgirl16 – 10,238 sales so far

98. LOVE your clients

I would say to take care of your customers, as they always take care of you. Also, when thinking of new ideas, ask them first, they love to share input. I have some wonderful customers, and they keep coming back. So grateful! – This tip courtesy of Rosebud Lips – 7,217 sales so far

99. Sell what you love

If you truly love what you do, your passion will come across to buyers in your products. Of course, a great photo will always draw a buyer in, but the difference between a browse and a sale is that connection that the buyer will feel when something is made with love. – This tip courtesy of whichgoose – 8,079 sales so far

100. Customer Service is Key

People come to Etsy for top notch customer service and my biggest tip is to deliver just that. I do this by replying to emails quickly, having a comprehensive policy page and offering custom work with my clients if requested. You never want customers to be unhappy with your merchandise that’s why following up on orders and feedback is vital for your brand. My advice is to be friendly, honest and clear when providing customer service online. – This tip courtesy of Mane Message – 16,891 sales so far

101. Read the Etsy forums and pay attention to what successful shop owners say

When I first started my Etsy shop, I devoured everything I could in the forums. There’s a wealth of information available with a few clicks. I don’t frequent the forums as much as I used to, but I try and take note what successful shop owners are saying and adapt that for my shop. – This tip courtesy of JulieMeyer – 2,380 sales so far

102. Unique and Compelling Creations Stand Out

Etsy is a crowded marketplace, so potential customers look at hundreds of images when scouring the site for products to buy. But the audience is huge so it is worth being a part of the community. We have found that our most unique creations stand out the best. But they must also be compelling. Every image we use has a story, and we tell that story in our listing. It’s easier said than done, but its worth stepping back and asking yourself if your creation is going to stand out from the pack. – This tip courtesy of James Anthony Apparel – 2,879 sales so far

103. Pricing

I started out my shop with my prices really low, basically only covering my material cost. I raised them slightly a couple times but after meeting with some admins at Etsy they told me I needed to double my prices because I was basically selling my products at the same price that you could purchase them in a dept store. I had already had a bunch of loyal repeat customers and I thought it was going to kill my business but I just gridded my teeth, trusted their advice, and double my prices. I lost a few customers in the price increase but I gained twice as many new customers. Some times when your prices are too low customers assume that your product is low quality as well and skip over your product for your competitions slightly more expensive item. I have also found that since my price increase I don’t have as many nit-picky customers, I feel my work in more appreciated.

I have products that range from $25-$120 I mostly sell items that fall in middle. I found that my more expensive and unusual items attracted people into my store but they mostly ordered items that fell in that middle range.

I am still bringing in the same amount of money but now I only have to do half as much work. Before I was sewing all day and my profits were ate up by hiring people to help me keep up with the demand. Now I can keep up with orders doing almost all of the labor.

The moral of the story is if you can get a product similar to yours in a box store than your price should be twice as much. People will spend a lot more money if they know it is going an artisan and not a huge company. – This tip is courtesy of NaughtyNaughty – 2,312 sales so far

104. Do What You Love

I think one of the most important keys to success on Etsy is to do what you love. You need to have passion and drive because selling on Etsy is a lot of work. If you are doing something you love the hard work is a joy not a burden. Find your passion before you attempt to open a shop on Etsy. – This tip courtesy of Sweet Sally’s Soaps – 3,673 sales so far

105. Sell the Experience

Of course, taking clean and crisp photos that allow your product to shine is key, but, I believe retail success has more to do with selling the experience. When you thumb through a catalog like Pottery Barn, for instance, you’re not buying their products, you’re buying what you hope will be a positive reflection of who you are. To sell the experience you have to evoke all of the senses. Photography offers a fantastic visual experience while clever names and descriptions create the feeling. On Etsy, brand recognition is huge too. Etsy has over 800,000 sellers. Your brand has to stand out. – This tip courtesy of Aedriel Originals – 1,556 sales so far

106. Personal service and interaction with customers

It means more to me to have returning customers who feel valued than lots of sales from people who never come back. My customers appreciate it when they receive personal communication from me and it pays off in loyalty. Many of my buyers have become friends, even though we have not met face to face. This tip courtesy of Tea For All Reasons – 4,512 sales so far

107. Honesty/Great Photos/List More

I opened my etsy store in 2009 and I believe that my success is that I strive to always be honest with my customers, from the description of the item to the timeline of when their item will be shipped. I strongly believe in taking time to present great photos. I believe your photos can make you or break you. I also believe that you should list an item at least 2-5 times a day. The more I list, the more I sell. – This tip courtesy of Sassy Doll Creations – 2,352 sales so far

108. Be the Customer

Make and sell quality products first. Always imagine yourself as the customer, and sell products that you will buy if you were the customer. Justify your products with good looking photos. Photos appeal always. Finally, jump on the social networking wagon and take full advantage of the possible viral effect in sharing your work to the world. – This tip courtesy of saplanetamigurumi – 4,218 sales so far

109. Tell me about it! Write great listing descriptions

Think like a shopper…what does he/she need to know to make an informed buying decision? List it all; materials, dimensions (metric and imperial), colour, texture, size, care instructions, method of construction, etc. Tell a cute story if you want, but be sure to include the important info too. And remember to proofread! An excellent description and great photos allow your customer to “touch” the item right through the screen, and feel confident they know exactly what they are buying. – This tip courtesy of Naturally Hip – 3,206 sales so far

110. Make and sell what you love

I feel strongly that if you love what you make and sell what you love, it will sell. I started making and selling baby wrap carriers and nursing covers in 2007. I LOVED my baby wrap and nursing cover and made them for all of my friends that loved them too. 5 years later I have sold over 11,000 items Worldwide. Bottom line LOVE what you do! – This tip courtesy of Lovey Duds – 11,339 sales so far

111. Keep Making

Dont stop creating and dont take failures personally! – This tip courtesy of Ahpeele – 11,302 sales so far

112. Great Photos and Descriptions Are A Must

Etsy is a unique and wonderful place to shop! To really stand out and bring people in to your shop your photos and descriptions have to be great. I always take several photos of my items and include a close up. Take them in natural light and use a photo editing software to help you get the best results. Your description should include things like size, texture, color, weight, dimensions and any custom options available. Your images and descriptions are all your customer have to go by so make sure they know everything about your item that makes it special! – This tip courtesy of My Mondays Child – 3,998 sales so far

113. List lots of options

Fill your shop with options! Buyers are always on the hunt for something they can make their own. If you offer items in multiple colors, fabrics, textures…the buyer is more likely to find something that suits them, and you are more likely to make a sale. – This tip courtesy of Fly Duds – 13,745 sales so far

114. Use Models

My sales and views are dramatically have changed after started using models for my items at my Etsy store, I sell mainly clothing. Most people like it and some don’t, but I started tp receive better revives and ultimately more sales. People want to see how does your item will look on a person. Plus it’s great for networking and /or creating a “face” for your line of work. You can also help the model to get recognition, not to mention she can help you promote too. everybody wins:) Please hook-up your models with some discount of freebies:) – This courtesy of 1AEON – 5,595 sales so far

115. Offering a variety of designs and styles helps to reach a larger audience

If you’re willing to invest a lot of time and energy into making something that you really care about, the audience will find you. – This tip courtesy of GnomEnterprises – 5,672 sales so far

116. Have a quality product, take great pictures and offer super customer service

1. Send out only your BEST work! No if’s, ands, or buts.

2. Take great pictures. I take my pictures outdoors in the natural light. Pictures should be sharp and showcase the product. Shoot it from different angles so that people won’t have to guess what the back or side looks like. Develop a style that people will come to recognize.

3. Offer the best customer service! Treat your customers in the fashion you would want to be treated. Personally acknowledge the sale as soon as possible. Package your item neatly and attractively. It costs me 5-10 cents for a sheet of tissue, a carefully cut bit of wrapping paper, and a piece of ribbon or baker’s twine. SHIP IT FAST! Offer a generous return policy. Buyer’s are more apt to buy from a shop if they know they can return it if it doesn’t work out. – This tip courtesy of momomadeit – 3,698 sales so far

117. Take engaging and beautiful photos

Our unique and daring designs can often be worn many ways, and we find it best to present a variety of beautiful and engaging photos to the customer so that they can get an idea of how to best wear the clothes. – This tip courtesy of cocoricooo – 13,163 sales so far

118. Be professional but personal

Etsy is such a great place to buy and sell and it allowed me, a stay at home mom who started making baby books out of her spare bedroom, to be as big of an online presence as a major album company. I would take the time to invest in your business presence. I am a graphic designer, so a good logo, packaging, and personal touches really go a long way. Etsy sellers want personal. People usually come to Etsy because they couldn’t find anything in the stores that fit their needs (although Etsy has grown so much that it is now the go-to shopping stop for many. Which is awesome!), but take the time to write a thank you note, wrap it with divine twine, use cute packaging tape… little details that set you apart from others. It will help you continue to enjoy the process of having a business and show your customers that they matter to you. Win – win! – This tip courtesy of Ruby Love Designs – 29,130 sales so far

119. Discipline not ability

It’s truly two things; Follow through and be consistent. Too often I have friends and acquaints, that have great talents and ideas that wants to have a successful Etsy store. But never follow through, and ultimately never get their dream. I truly try to live my life off this ONE quote: “Most of what you obtain in life will be because of your discipline. Discipline is perhaps more important than ability.” By Dr. Christine M. Darden.

I always try to remember this if and when I get discouraged, looking at all this amazing talent on Etsy and not feeling worthy. My second most effective tool; Go above and beyond for all customers, no matter what. They are truly everything. I want everyone to feel special and cared for. - This tip courtesy of Boutique Mia – 4,003 sales so far

120. Gratitude

Through years and years of selling online I have learned that one thing brings in more sales than any other. That is a mind full of gratitude. Being thankful for what you have right now, right here today, brings more sales than you can handle. Everyone knows how to use this, just most use it in the opposite. Some people know how to do it very well in fact and they don’t even know it. They think about debt and all the things that are rotten in their lives and they really feel how that feels and they tell everyone all about it. What they need to do and the trick is to turn it all around, they need to be thinking about what they do want and be feeling that and telling everyone they know all about that instead. It is the feeling of being thankful and going inside and being grateful that brings in the sales. Be grateful, smile and have fun and the sales will come. The hardest part is learning to smile and be happy during the down times, if you can do that, and you can, you will succeed in everything! – This tip courtesy of Fruit Fly Pie – 3,530 sales so far

121. Be True to your talents

Dont try to copy the next hottest selling trend… the result is an oversatured product… on etsy that is not only not unique but will eventually pass away and become overdone. Stick with your ” true” talents.. be honest with yourself…. what are you passionate about? what do you enjoy making… ? what would you do if money wasnt the end result? if you do what you love.. it will translate into your product. – This tip courtesy of poorpitifulpearl – 4,960 sales so far

122. Keep it Cohesive

When you are using many social media venues to market your items it is very important to make sure they are visually cohesive. Keeping the same colors and graphics style for your Facebook page, Twitter, Blog, and Etsy shop lets the customer know you care about your image and care even more about your products. Add to that some great product packaging & a cute shipping box and your customer will be sweetly surprised when your item arrives at their door. – This tip courtesy of MyTwoBabes – 4,017 sales so far

123. If you want your craft/handmade business to be successful, treat it as a business, not as your hobby

Effective time managing, you customer will not wait until you wake up at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. – This tip courtesy of FashionTouch – 4,340 sales so far

124. Market Yourself

Get your shop out there in any way possible, try doing local art/craft shows, buy ads on small but popular blogs, hand out business cards or little freebies. I’ve also done some giveways on blogs, where you donate an item, they write a review on your shop and then give it away to the readers. – This tip courtesy of DogboneArt – 3,581 sales so far

125. You Have To Love It

Above all else, it’s important that you love what you do. I have a full-time teaching job and I run two successful Etsy shops and if I did not love it, I could never juggle it all. When you love your craft, that love will always show in your product. Having an Etsy shop (or two or three) involves a tremendous amount of work and it makes all the difference that I am passionate about knitting and crocheting. There is nothing I love to do more and it definitely motivates me. Before you open your first shop, be sure to carefully choose your craft. When you love and believe in your product, creating and curating your items and developing your brand will be fun! – This tip courtesy of Prop Shop – 3,768 sales so far

126. Getting More Sales is No Different than Meeting a New Friend

First impressions are everything right? Draw their attention visually. Take clear pictures and try to make each item stand out individually. If you have a similar item, shot the same way, with the same background, it can be very boring. Try some shots of the whole item and others with an artsy close up.

Second, have something to say. After you catch their eye you have to live up to your interesting appearance. Not everyone is good at “telling stories” about their work. If this is hard for you, or you have too many items to keep up with, try describing your item in detail. Pretend the person can’t see the photos and needs the item described to them. Is your item soft, textured, stretchy, matte? If its clothing, what could they wear it with to make it look even better?

And lastly, show them that you care about them. Like friendship, business is give and take. Appreciate every sale like its your first and don’t be afraid to show it. Thank them, offer a shipping date, and shipping details (delivery time, tracking, etc), and let them know you are available if they should have any questions. The worst feeling for an online buyer is that the seller “took their money and ran”. You don’t have to break policies or stay attached to your computer, but you should make them feel like you want them to come back. – This tip courtesy of Loft 415 – 2,351 sales so far

127. Great customer service is key

For my business I see a lot of returning customers, having great customer service is key to making them feel appreciated for their loyalty. Always thank your customers whether it’s their first order or their 30th. Usually what you’ll see is that your loyal customers will spread the word of your products and service – it’s the best kind of free promotion that you can get. A simple thank you note included with their order speaks volumes! – This tip courtesy of YouStinkSoap – 17,028 sales so far

128. Relist Daily

With a site like etsy, where there are thousands of listings posted every hour, it is key to relist items continually to be always be fresh in the search engines. Once you list an item, it is only on the front page for a few minutes, and within a few hours it is lost in the abyss of the thousands of etsy listings. At ellembee, we relist 5 times a day. At 20 cents each, it’s a minor investment to keep your items fresh and in the eyes of the buyers. It’s simple to do, just go to an item you’ve already sold once before in your shop and ‘deactivate the listing’. Then go to your ‘sold items’ and find the last time you sold that item. Click on it, and then hit ‘copy’. Voila! Your item is now at the top of the search engines for all to see, and it only cost you 20 cents! – This tip courtesy of ellembee – 6,775 sales so far


I believe that great imagery..clean, simple and clear..generates the original interest. I have found over the years, the key is to keep repeat business coming back for more and more. I bend over backwards to make my customers feel comfortable and happy with their treehouse purchases. These customers are fabulous marketing tools..they love you and your product, so they talk it up!! In turn, you get to work with people who are wonderful, because they are happy!!! so simple. – This tip courtesy of treehouse28 – 11,162 sales so far

130. Keep them coming back

A large part of my etsy sales are from repeat buyers. I always wrap my products neatly in tissue paper, include an I’m Your Present postcard with a handwritten thank you note on the back and some extra ‘freebies’- small items like stickers, candy and stud earrings I buy wholesale and put onto backings I designed. Customers always seem to appreciate this small touch and it makes them feel like they are opening a present! I also send 10% off coupons with orders to new customers to encourage them to come shop again. – This tip courtesy of I’m Your Present – 20,466 sales so far

131. Mind Blowing Customer Service

Treat every client how you dream every business should treat clients. The customer is always right even when you feel they are wrong. If a client is unhappy do everything in your power to correct it. Do not ever respond to a client in an unprofessional manner. Good customer service sometimes means refunding custom made items or remaking items. Making customs items with love is an emotional process. Refunds are a part of business no matter how much it hurts your feelings or cash flow, leaving a client feeling stuck with something the want to return makes them feel ripped off. An unhappy person is way more likely to tell the world than a happy one. – This tip courtesy of MissBrache – 2,333 sales so far

132. Customer Service

Once you get customers to your Etsy shop what do you do? I try to provide the best customer service experience that I can. I cannot speak with my customers face-to-face, but I can still be a presence. Here are a few simple tips in providing good customer service and will guarantee you have a happy customer:
1.) Thank them for their order.
2.) Give your customer a production/shipping time estimate.
3.) Keep them informed if any delays occur.
4.) Send shipping notification w/ tracking info.
5.) Include a thank you note & offer them a discount for future purchases. – This tip courtesy of Nicole’s Treats – 3,819 sales so far

133. Live It

Allow your art to consume all aspects of your life. You should be conscious of what your style is, and if you are freely expressing yourself as you should be, then your entire house or studio should naturally make a perfect setting for photographing your products (although you only need one spot).

Also, have you ever noticed when you go to one of those juried art fairs, the artists in the booths always seem to match their work! The lady who makes fuzzy textiles has frizzy hair, the ceramic artist wears same the earthy colors of their glazing, the stained glass guy is wearing nice glasses, the tall thin person creates tall thin sculptures…. these people are successful with their craft because they are intertwined with it. They do not make their art from 9-5 and come home and live a different life, as the corporate world does. They are expressing themselves (oftentimes unconsciously) through their work so much that it shows when they are standing next to it. If you do not “match” your work, it is possible you are not expressing what you want to with your work. (because you want to express yourself, right?) – This tip courtesy of ForStrangeWomen – 14,832 sales so far

134. Photos That Pop

Take pleasing, eye-catching and crisp photographs of your products. Since online shoppers cannot physically pick up and examine an item for themselves, your photos (and your descriptions) need to fill in the blanks. Think outside of the box and get creative with your product photos, but always make sure your item is the star of the show. Put those five photo slots to work for you! – This tip courtesy of Nutsaboutcrochet13 – 1,828 sales so far

135. Be Passionate

I love what I do, and I believe it shows in the fondant cupcake and cake decorations in my shop. I have worked for years practicing and honing my skills, I keep up-to-date on trends and party themes so items in my shop are relevant, and I offer custom orders that match my client’s party decorations perfectly. They can only get them from my shop; they cannot walk to the local party store and pick up cupcake toppers that match the custom made invitations they purchased from another Etsy seller.

I am passionate about every aspect of my shop. I meticulously check and recheck that the wording in each listing makes sense, that my keywords are working, and that my pictures are great visually but also portray my work in its best light. I offer the best customer service that I can and go beyond what is expected of me.

If you love what you do, it will show in your products. – This tip courtesy of Parker’s Flour Patch – 1,530 sales so far

136. Have a quality product

My cookies are primarily used as party favors at kids parties where other potential customers (moms) are present. By making each order of cookies the best they can be I’m hopefully impressing those new customers. A huge percentage of my sales are gained with this exposure. – This tip courtesy of sugarandflour – 3,412 sales so far

136. Quality and Care

The most important thing I have learned here on Etsy is quality product and quality client service. Nothing has made my business more successful than word of mouth and the only way to have that word spread is by giving your customers a little extra attention. A friendly “Hello” in their package, a freebie every now and again, a discount code and inviting them to social media pages to be a part of an inner circle. They are the most important thing to me, and to help grow business so why not give them a little TLC and gratitude? I find that my interaction with my clients keeps them coming back and gives them a personal experience as if they were visiting a brick and mortar store, so it’s more than just a cold online shopping experience. I touch base with every customer at one point and time and always make sure to let them know they are welcome here and appreciated. – This tip is courtesy of Rita’s Spiritual Goods – 6,752 sales so far

137. Customer Service

We spend a lot of time communicating with our customers to insure details of their orders are correct and delivered timely. Communication and clear expectations insure all parties are on the same page. – This tip courtesy of Vintage Confections – 5,940 sales so far

138. Quality Products

Always test / use the products you are going to sell before offering to the public. Include family & friends during your “testing” product phase and be sure to get honest feedback. Once you’re ready to offer your product to the public, make sure you take great photos and provide as much information as possibe. It’s very important to make sure you are offering a quality product that even you, your friends and family wouldn’t hesitate to purchase. – This tip courtesy of CraigsMarket – 2,434 sales so far

139. Market Locally

Take advantage of the people you meet on a daily bases. The people you know from your local community center, from your kid’s soccer team or even from your children’s school. They are lucky to get face time with you and probably very interested in what you do. I hand out my business cards a lot when I’m around town. I get many emails from local people who have come across my Etsy shop, or people I’ve met who did go right home and look us up to see what we had to offer. It’s helped us so much in recent years that we offer free local delivery around the holidays. A lot of that business now comes from word of mouth from those people I’ve met and handed my card to. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in your own town. – This tip courtesy of Fogl’s Kitchen – 1,160 sales so far

140. Great Communication

Top on my list is quick and complete communication with customers or potential buyers. Quick turnaround for transactions would be next. Great photo’s help but if you don’t communicate quickly with potential buyers they’ll look elsewhere. Honesty within that communication goes along ways. And making communication more personal than transcripted. With business being all digital you have to come across as honest, trustworthy, and someone who cares and is passionate about what you are selling. – This tip courtesy of Diane Langan – 2,403 sales so far

141. ohfudgestore

My tip would be to keep lisitng so your items are continually seen! – This tip courtesy of ohfudgestore – 1,694 sales so far

142. Always look for places to show your work

One of the most fun places to show off your work now It has a growing group and allows you to show your items with a link to your Etsy shop. Other than that make sure you take great pictures and try not to be like everyone else. One thing that I do is set 25% of my sales aside for new items and projects and diffent shops. - This tip courtesy of Dreamweavershop – 1,454 sales so far


I think making a product that is, in most product cases, super cute — and is sold at a fair price is the best tip. I make children’s personalized t shirts. They are super cute (or so I am told) and I sell them at a price that I personally would want to spend on a tee for my kids. I could charge more for sure, but I want them to stay reasonably priced so Moms can buy them for their kids and not feel like they are spending a fortune. A lot of my customers are repeat buyers, which I absolutely love!!! Also, I try to keep coming up with new cute designs that are offered. I think you need to continually be adding fresh ideas to the offered products, year after year, to stay fun, interesting and in demand. My best seller this year is not what was my best seller last year, for example. – This tip courtesy of GORNO COUTURE – 4,637 sales so far

144. Exposure on blogs

There are a lot of potential customers out there that may not be addicted to Etsy quite yet. They aren’t staying up into the wee hours of the night searching page after page of listings so they can stumble on your products… But chances are they read a blog or two! Find blogs that appeal to your target market (example: if you sell baby products, find a pregnancy or motherhood blog, etc.) and find a way to advertise there. You can often purchase banner space on the side bar or participate in a giveaway to draw new customers to your Etsy shop. – This tip courtesy of The Portland Beanie Company – 10,164 sales so far

145. Quick custom for delighted customers

If you offer custom options, do everything you can to make those lightning fast and get them out the door. We always pad estimated processing times – unexpected things can always get in the way – over-promising and undelivering is a surefire way to disappoint your customers and create unnecessary anxiety. Give the longest time you think is possible and accurate, and get it to them faster than that. The surprise of getting something just for them, much quicker than expected, is what spurs your delighted customers to leave you a glowing review – and talk about you to their friends! – This tip courtesy of Cyberoptix – 23,848 sales so far

146. Have a strong identity

Be able to complete this sentence: “What sets my shop apart is ____” The key is learning and understanding what it is that customers value most about your work. There might be several answers; for my shop, they include “sophisticated flavors for adults” and “elegant, gift-ready packaging”. Once you have a few of these in mind, try incorporating variations of them 1) into your shop title or shop announcement for SEO purposes, 2) into your item descriptions to improve sales conversions, and 3) anywhere you express your brand — perhaps your business cards, your product photography style, your email signature, etc. Remember: your customers will always say they bought your product “on Etsy” unless you give them a reason to say “from <your business name>”! – This tip courtesy of This Charming Candy – 2,568 sales so far

147. Keep it fresh and refresh

My tip is to renew at least six to seven items in your store two to three times daily. This will keep your items high up in the search results and newly listed categories, enabling you to get seen by more shoppers. Doing this little trick makes a big difference for a small investment of about $3 – $4 per day. – This tip courtesy of circlesandsquares – 3,566 sales so far

148. Focus and Planning

Focusing on your shop and not on others selling a similiar product is important. Value your own work and focus on creating, making inventory, having a full shop, and work on improving your products. Keep your goals in front of you to keep you motivated and plan your day. Planning your day keeps you focused. Set out each morning ready to achieve your goals for the day. Success is not an accident you have to have a plan. And don’t let the economy get you down. My father use to say Money follows people who follow their own heart. – This tip courtesy of Lilyscrochet or Lily’s Crochet – 1,625 sales so far

149. Tell Your Story

One effective way we earn customers is by telling the background on our product. In our profile section we explain how our beekeeping business started as a hobby (a gift of a beehive to my husband), which turned into an obsession that we were eventually able to turn into a career. We tell our customer about our lives and our projects with the help of our farm blog,, and in turn they enjoy supporting a family business. It feels good to buy a product that you can connect with a person or family… one you trust and enjoy supporting. – This tip courtesy of Honeyrun Farm – 4,271 sales so far

150. Fast Customer Response Time

In order to maximize your sales and not miss out on an opportunity, make sure you are connected to your store throughout the day and repsond QUICKLY to inquiries from customers. I can’t tell you how many sales I have made on my smart phone while sitting in the park with my kids. – This tip courtesy of purposedesign – 6,873 sales so far

151. Get Pinning with Pinterest

If you’re not pinning on Pinterest, you’re missing a huge opportunity to market your handmade business. Pinterest is a phenomenal social networking website that is already giving Facebook a run for its money! The “give” is that you can showcase other handmade artists on your boards. Avoid pinning your own items as Pinterest frowns upon self-promotion. The “take” is that you can make your profile the same as your business name and include your url in the about section of your profile. The more you pin, the more exposure you gain for your handmade business! – This tip courtesy of The Buzz – 8,547 sales so far

152. Grow As A Crafter

Avoid stagnation. Evolve as an artist/crafter/maker and don’t feel tied to customers’ expectations. Grow constantly, learn new skills, both as an artist and as a business person. Do what makes you happy, not what you think will sell. Treat all customers exactly the same, no matter how big or small their purchase is. And above all – don’t copy other sellers! Being yourself is much more interesting. – This tip courtesy of Moon Camel Bazaar – 2,594 sales so far

153. Make your customers remember you

I have learned through the years that it is very important to make my customers remember me. With Beautiful Packaging and including little Gifts with their orders to show that I can offer them a product that stands out in more then one way. By doing so, customers are coming back for more and they are letting their family and friends know about my Shop and Creations. This is such a Natural and Wonderful way of saying Thank You for Your Order and to get the word out there. There is nothing more satisfying then Truly Happy Customers. – This tip courtesy of Pernilla’s Something Swedish – 1,581 sales so far

154. Make a Story

In order to create interest in my work, I made sure it had a story that tied to something people are already familiar with and interested in. For me, that was gardens, eco-living, and organic whole foods. My audience found it easy to have a relatable point to access my illustrations. – This tip courtesy of The Victory Garden of Tomorrow – 6,308 sales so far

155. Professional Photos + Cute Kids = Sales

As a busy mom and Etsy shop owner I find that I just do not have the time to also create fantastic photos for my shop listings. Trading with professional photographers has really helped to increase my sales. Having professional photos to use really lets potential customers picture their own kids in my designs and makes it much more likely they will purchase. – This tip courtesy of Mama Runs with Scissors – 7,634 sales so far

156. It’s All in the Details

I have found that stellar and detail-oriented service has really encouraged repeat buyers. I do my best to answer convos in less than 24 hours, even if that means working on the weekend! I make sure to keep the customer informed through the entire Etsy experience–this means sending a conversation (or a direct email if the customer doesn’t respond to a convo within 3 days) when I receive the order, if I have any stock issues or delivery delays, and when I ship the order. Even if a request seems silly or small, it isn’t silly or small to me because this shop is my passion and income for my family! Each order gets packaged in a jewelry box with a boy-version shop logo and coordinating ribbon or in a jewelry box with a girl-version shop logo and coordinating ribbon. Wedding-related orders get special wedding labels and ribbon, and almost all orders receive a free gift with purchase. All U.S. orders also receive a free shipping code to use for any future purchase. All of these little things often positively surprise the customer, which means they remember their experience with Monkeys ‘N Munchkins… and they are likely to shop with me again! – This tip courtesy of Monkeys ‘N Munchkins – 3,541 sales so far

157. Find your niche and work it

Great product, learn to take awesome photos of the product (the photo is the only connection your buyer has) and of course connect with your buyers on a regular basis through twitter, facebook, etc. It’s slow at first, but once it builds momentum – look out! – This tip courtesy of NonFictionTees – 10,719 sales so far

158. Excellent customer service and quality

Quality: Most of my sales come from repeat customers. To ensure your customers will come back for more, quality is a must. I am a perfectionist and I work very hard to make sure Econica’ garments are the best quality I can make even if it means hours of extra work. In the end it’s absolutely worth it as most of the people come back for more! :)

Spend money to make money. I spend thousands of dollars each year on top of the line equipment for my studio and only the best quality fabrics out there. Even if it means I have to pay extra. There is no compromising if you are serious about your business.

Provide an excellent customer service. When someone sends you a message with a question – respond as soon as possible. Give detailed replies and be friendly and patient. Treat your customers equally well, no matter how small their order is. Not only you will make a good first impression, in the end of the day it will make you feel good about who you are and what you do.

Make fabulous photos of your product. You can be the best in the world in your craft area but if your product pictures are dark and blurry – 99% of the time you will lose a sale. – This tip courtesy of Econica – 1,990 sales so far

159. Peak Time Renewal

My tip is to try to renew several items several times a day, BUT i try to renew when i think it is high track time. maybe early morning when people have not yet started their day and jsut have to look at ETSY one more time before they leave for work or school . OR at night when they are finished for the day and want to relax and instead of sitting down in front of tv they go to etsy instead and look to see what is new. i try stay current by renewing several times a day when i think the most people are on etsy looking. – This tip courtesy of ladyoutofcarolina – 4,348 sales so far

160. Get Busy

I think the best tip I have is to: get busy! I am constantly making things, trying new
things. I work everyday, and try to list new things every weekend. – This tip courtesy of JMN Pottery – 1,538 sales so far

161. be obstinate yet elastic

dont give up, believe in what you do, and that you will be able to succeed. at the same time allow growth, evolution and change within your work, listening to feedback from all the sources (yourself, your friends, your customers, your competition, your success or lack thereof). – This tip courtesy of Larimeloom – 3,910 sales so far

162. Every items can be customized to your favorite piece

Except tips that we have learned from etsy shops ,we think like we are customers too when design or making clothes.Our team always have different ideas in our work ,so this was the idea for customers to create own idea in giftbywish’s items .
We can adjust size ,length ,sleeves length or any details for customers.Customers can change embroidery patterns ,embroidery colours, fabric colours, including type of fabric.We are happy to do for customers as much as we can .
We wish customers to find the perfect gift for themselves or someone they love at giftbywish. ^__^ – This tip courtesy of giftbywish – 3,818 sales so far

163. Select the Right Product

I believe that in order to sell well, you must be selling a product that people want at a price they are willing to pay. You may love making blue widgets, but if nobody wants or needs blue widgets then it doesn’t matter how well you promote your product. – This tip courtesy of Cakes And Kids – 5,287 sales so far

164. What to Expect When You Sell Online

When selling online, my tip would be to look at what you want to sell and see how saturated the market is, or isn’t. If you create something that has a lot of competition, make sure you can differentiate yourself somehow.

It is a mistake to think that all one has to do is make it, list it, and they will come. If you plan on making money fast, selling online is probably not going to work for you. One thing I have found is to expect it to take a lot of time, (sometimes months, even years) to get a customer base going . If you have a great, unique product or products, that is a small part of it. Just also remember to always be looking for ways to improve, to get known, and remember to say thank you to all customers, no matter how small the sale. If you do that, things should build slowly but surely over time. – This tip courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs – 1,887 sales so far

165. Communication is the Key

Sosorosey is getting ready to celebrate her 5th anniversary in December. Her “sister” store, Sosovintage, just turned 3. There are so many important factors that go into fantastic customer service, but I believe communication is the most important. Etsy is the type of venue that gives you a chance to be a real person connecting with real people, and I take this opportunity to heart . Each and every order is appreciated, and this comes through when I contact each customer personally after the order has been placed. If it takes many messages and photos back and forth to ensure that a custom order will be exactly as desired, no problem. Whether they have purchased one item or fifty, my customers always know that I care about their order and satisfaction. Quick, honest, clear, and friendly messages keep people coming back to shop with me year after year. And the relationships I have formed over the years make me a very grateful and happy shopowner! – This tip courtesy of sosorosey – 1,403 sales so far

166. Optimize your titles and tags

One of the most effective things I have done is optimize my listing titles and search tags. Think about the keywords and multiple-word phrases a buyer would use to search for your item and then apply those keywords and phrases to your tags and titles. Start typing what you sell in the search bar. The words that appear are recent customer search terms that you can put in your titles and tags which will get your listings many more viewers. – This tip courtesy of Pansy Pie Boutique – 3,941 sales so far

167. Find your niche and stay focused

Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out what will sell, but once you have found that “perfect” item, stick to it, and simply offer different variations of that product for a while. Especially in the beginning, don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to offer a bunch of different items. Remember, you can always branch out once you really get into the groove of things. Oh, yeah…the most important thing? Make what you love, and love what you make! :)This tip courtesy of Southern Sassy Pants – 4,325 sales so far

168. Service Service Service

Of course beautiful photos and original products are part of any successful Etsy sales. Yet all of those are meaningless without a good rapport . Creating repeat customers is a high priority for us. We always send a friendly note (through Etsy Conversations) stating that the order has been acknowledged and that we are working on it. We answer all inquiries promptly. Sheri also includes a little thank you note in her meticulous packaging. WE have had numerous kudos about our service and we strive to be the friendliest, most courteous, vendors we can be. – This tip courtesy of Heatlthytreat – 2,590 sales so far

169. Keep It Fresh

Our biggest piece of advice for folks starting a shop on Etsy is to keep things fresh. List new items as often as you can and relist when you aren’t listing new things. Keep your shop well stocked – it keeps your buyers interested and coming back to see what’s next. In addition, more inventory means a bigger footprint on the web. And photos – keep them fresh, too! They should be bright and clear and inviting so shoppers can see exactly what they are buying. Remember – you have to get out there to be found and the more you put out there, the more likely it is that your ideal customer will find you. – This tip courtesy of LaPella Pottery – 1,177 sales so far


Don’t take on more than you can handle. I pride myself in a 1-3 day turnaround. I work 40 hours a week in corporate America and running an etsy shop helps supplement the income loss from my “real job”. When I get beyond a 3 day turnaround on etsy, I close my shop while I catch up. It is a constant juggling act with a career, 2 kids, and a hubby to keep up with! What started off as a hobby and a little slush fund has become an income my family depends on and a small business for myself to run – by MYSELF! – This tip courtesy of Dress ReHERSal – 3,681 sales so far

171. Take pride in your talent! Let your personality shine

What a better way to draw customers to you, then to show interest in your own shop.
Make sure your shop has a name, a shop banner, and explain how your shop works in your introduction.Invite the customer in to feel right at home. Make sure you use your etsy sections,…make things clear for the customer.

Also let your personality shine. Potential customers love to see our work tell a story and reflect who we are. Our hearts go into everything we do..if we dont put forth the effort the customers will see that. Remember it does take time to get customers to see us.
but once they do, you will be overflowing with work. – This tip courtesy of lilsprout organics – 2,519 sales so far

172. Online Presence

“Invest in your your online business persona. Commission a graphic designer – unless you can create it yourself- to design your logo and stationary. Choose carefully the colors of your brand, ensure the logo means something to you. People will recognize your brand and it should be something that you are proud. My logo was designed inspired by my son and my love for hydrangeas. Your storefront should have a cohesive look, like all belongs together, your packaging material should be a reflection of your store as well, give your customer a professional look, present them your products in sharp images and seal the deal with quality goods. A complete package” – This tip courtesy of neishasblue – 8,974 sales so far

173. Tempt Your Customers

My main goal to drive multiple sales has always been to make tons of great, unusual items and have them listed with loads of photos. That way if somebody new finds you, there are so many things to love they can’t possibly leave without a purchase. I take lots of close-up photos in natural light, and always describe each item as descriptively as I can. I try to include free samples with all my orders in the hopes they will see something else they like and make a second purchase.
I also get to know my customers and what types of items they prefer so I can give them a ‘head’s up’ or shoot them a quick email if I’ve made something I know they might especially like to have. Since I work mainly with other artists, I often do custom orders as well. I ship internationally, and have sent more than a few orders overseas. I also check my etsy mail throughout the day to keep up with inquiries, customers’ favorites, and orders. – This tip courtesy of Tinker Tiles – 2,599 sales so far

174. Keep Up With Etsy’s Rapid Fire Changes

It’s tough to keep up with etsy’s meta tag/listing formula. If you’re a serious etsy business, watching your listings not show up on the first page is tough on your bottom line. In the old days, you could relist, and that would bring you to the top. We are still trying to find ways to keep our products toward the top. It’s tough to sell an item from page 45! – This tip courtesy of DreamspunKids – 11,769 sales so far

175. Original Designs, Renew, Renew

A full shop and daily renewing will increase sales. Treat your customers as you would like to be treated and you’ll win a healthy list of repeat buyers. Always experiment so your line doesn’t get old and tired, but make sure you have plenty of your best sellers ready to go. Make sure your pictures show all angles and a closeup of detail and color, and if you are a potter include the capacity of your bowls and mugs. – This tip courtesy of meadowpoint – 1,529 sales so far

175. Keep prices reasonable

I have been an etsy seller for 6 years and have developed a few ways to keep customers coming back to my shop. I find that the most important tip that I could give would be “Keep your prices reasonable while still making a profit.” Because I make ceramic doll head planters which tend to be heavy, I always add the shipping price to my planters when determining how much to charge for each piece.

Being on etsy our goal is to SELL our handmade items and each item has to be shipped to the customer, so I ask myself if I would pay the amount I am asking for each item.Keeping this in mind I keep my prices reasonable while still making a profit. If materials or shipping prices go up, so do my prices. I also include a small freebee to repeat customers and they seem to just love the unexpected gift. – This tip courtesy of Plants on the Brain – 2,182 sales so far

176. Offer excellent customer service

I offer many designs and fabrics in my shop so creating custom orders for Etsy shoppers is vital for my sales. Etsy shoppers have so much fun being able to design something to call “their own” and I am thrilled I can provide that service for them. I will say that I have dozens of repeat customers and fellow Etsy Shop owners who use my appliqués for their successful sales on Etsy.Those customers come back for more because they say the quality of my appliqués are excellent. I like to slip in a freebie applique now and then to customers orders. They love it! – This tip courtesy of Onceuponadesign – 6,360 sales so far

177. Be unique

There are about a billion banners being sold on etsy. Most of them are really adorable, but there is very little variety. Many shop owners have a great product, but one big problem…it’s the same thing everyone else is making. It doesn’t matter how cute your product is, if there are a million of the same thing out there, you won’t sell very much. You MUST make your product different in a useful, creative way. Think differently. The only reason I sell more banners than most is because they are unique. Get rid of your cricut machine, get rid of the die cuts, throw away the pattern you found on pinterest, everyone has them. Be yourself and make it your way. – This tip courtesy of Devany’s Designs – 2,160 sales so far

178. Use multiple marketing approaches

Make items that people needs. A little search on different websites that include bestsellers can give you a few good ideas. When a client asks for a custom order, I always assess if it is because nothing like that is sold on Etsy, in which case it is worth doing it, as other people might also want it.
- Try to be innovative, bring items not listed by other sellers, keep track of tendencies on different sites outside Etsy. It will soon be copied, but for a few weeks, it brings more people to my shop
- Use relevant search terms, check how far in Etsy listings is your item when using different terms.
- Potential customers rarely go beyond 4 or 5 ‘pages’ in my shop. It is probably better to have 2 shops with 300 items each than 1 shop with 600 items.
- Regularly edit some items. It seems to have the same effect than re-listing without paying the $0.20.
- Re-arrange your shop so you can show in your first 2 ‘pages’ a good selection of what is offered in your shop.
And finally, list quality items at a competitive price. – This tip courtesy of Valeriane Digital – 4,678 sales so far

179. Use good keywords

The one thing that has helped me get more views (and ultimately more sales) was doing proper keyword research. Google provides a great keyword tool that can be used to make sure any keywords you’re using are actually the best for your product. For instance, for a set of beach/summer themed clip art the keyword tool told me that my best search term would be “Summer clip art” (with 4400 searches per month), or “beach clip art” (with 2900 searches), followed by “beach clipart” with 2400 searches. It goes on from there. I keep the main keywords in my descriptions and titles and use smaller keywords in my tags. I definitely think using proper titles and descriptions is the most important thing you can do, you can have the most wonderful items but if nobody finds them you won’t get many sales. – This tip courtesy of Clementine Digitals – 2,773 sales so far

180. Take Good Photos

Invest in a good camera, a good macro lens, and a light tent, and then learn how to use your camera (I’m still working on that). I like to see clean, sharp, uncluttered photos, and that’s what I aim for with mine.

Other than that, the best advice is to make something that you enjoy making (and hopefully other people will like it enough to buy it), and get your product on the Internet through social networks (something I don’t do enough of). – This tip courtesy of betsymn – 1,673 sales so far

181. It’s all about the Upsell

Aside from having an unique product for the marketplace, the upsell has played and pivotal role in my success. Each time a customer contacts me with an inquiry that can lead to a potential purchase I always suggestively sell another product category or upsell to the next price point, which works especially well for custom order inquiries. Chances are if they are inquiring…they interested, you just need to have the confidence to ask for the sale! – This tip courtesy of Andromeda Glass – 1,138 sales so far

182. Persistance

Keep at it with enthusiasm: constantly work to improve your photos, create a branded “look” (ie a certain background for all your photos, a certain feel for your shop, certain colors and styles that make your shop unique) and promote your shop where-ever possible. Get the word out! – This tip courtesy of Leah’s Glass Creations – 1,579 sales so far

183. Create something unique and then take the time to write a detailed description – customers love a story behind what they’re purchasing

We strive to offer unique products that cannot be found elsewhere. This is a bit challenging in the case of our jewelry supply shop EurekaEureka , which sells vintage beads and gemstones in a product field that is amazingly competitive and crowded with vendors. But because our beads and gemstones were purchased by us personally in Asia and Europe in the 1980s, we carry a very unique inventory not found in any other supply shops that we are aware of.
Our DebbyAremDesigns shop specializes in products made from 20 year old, never used or stuffed, recycled printed circuit boards. Not only are most of these handmade unique items unavailable anywhere else, but they are very affordable . It is hard to find “geek gifts” that are both unusual and modestly priced . Finding the perfect market “niche” has always been a good recipe for success and we have done so on Etsy. We also have discovered that by making customer satisfaction our number one priority, you can never go wrong ! - This tip courtesy of DebbyAremDesigns – 1,889 sales so far

184. Describe your item

I’ve come across so many listings with just a single paltry sentence to describe the item. Perhaps an excellent photo is worth many words, but photos won’t speak to your other senses as well. How large is the item? A US coin for reference won’t help a shopper in Australia. Does it feel heavy? Is it soft? Does it have other uses? Do you send it out ready for gifting? Load the first few sentences with keywords and don’t forget to tell your potential customer details about the item that aren’t apparent in the photos. – This tip courtesy of Beadwork by Amanda – 1,464 sales so far

185. Offer Variety and a brand

It is all about being able to hit as many search terms as possible.
Just having a lot of listings won’t cut it. Work within your brand or style because that helps people recognize you but offer as many variations as possible.

For instance, I work in two types of glass. I keep my style simple and modern and focus on color. However I vary my product line to include sea glass styles as well as unique shapes and sets. In the coming months I will be including cabochons as well as more of my own jewelry made from my beads. – This tip courtesy of Paulbead – 2,992 sales so far

186. Love Custom Orders

I love making custom dog whimsical glass bead focal pendants and ornaments for my Etsy customers. Anything personal and especially pet related, keeps the customers coming back and passing my name on to friends. I also do other custom beads/ornaments and mini sculptures- from mermaids to buttons. - This tip courtesy of Studio Marcy – 2,091 sales so far

187. Have fun with it

1) Love what you do! I think loving your products and your “job” always shows through in your interaction with buyers and your merchandise. 2) Patience! I do custom works from time to time and love it, but often get crazy requests that are just not resonable (for me). Being patient and bringing buyers back down to earth (gently) always helps. 3) Be truthful. If timelines cannot be met, be upfront. 4) Don’t overdo it! Being a one woman show has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: I’m my own boss. Disadvantage: sometimes you just don’t have enough working hours in a day. Don’t overdo it, if you don’t think you can handle more sales, close your shop for a few days, and hire a friend to help you out. And finally 5) have fun! No need for explanation, just have fun. Meet people, make friends, and enjoy life! – This tip courtesy of Gnipmac – 4,901 sales so far

188. Finding the correct price point

I started slowly and with a lower price base than most other bead sellers, offering more of a bargain to get people at least looking at my beads. I slowly raised the price. There is a tipping point for the price, in what the average jewelry maker is willing to pay for beads for them to make a profit and finding that point that works for them and you is the secret. Then it was a matter of always offering some lower priced items and higher priced items to make the average price work for me.

I’m sure that this tip works more successfully for suppliers than end product sellers. Although there is still that price point issue with end product sellers, start low and slowly raise the price once you have a good customer base. – This tip courtesy of JanZart – 1,949 sales so far

189. Keep Working It

Keep your Etsy shop fresh. Add something new almost daily if you can. I prefer to list new items rather than relisting. If it hasn’t sold after a year its time to take it out of your shop. You can’t just list a few items and sit back waiting for sales. Customers want to know that someone is minding the shop and they will come back often to see what is new. – This tip courtesy of carabeads – 1,553 sales so far

190. Find a niche

1. Sell Smaller and give excellent service for a higher sales number.

I found early on that my prospective customer will look at the number of sales first before they look at feedback. These are some of the things they may say to themselves when looking at this number:
1. “Ooh everyone else wants this, so I want it too.”
2. “The product must be well crafted if there are so many people buying it.”
3. “This shop must have good customer service.”
4. “It must be as pretty in person as it does in the photos.”
5. “This will be a good place to spend my money and I won’t get taken advantage of.”
6. “This shop is professional and not just a hobby.” – This tip courtesy of kittylampwork – 1,342 sales so far

191. Variety and Great Service

As many Etsy sellers offering the same service you have to stand out by being different, unique and having a big variety of designs since everybody has a different style. Also customer service is number one, you want all customers to be happy as the majority will return for more items or refer you to another customer if they are happy with their purchase and experience. - This tip courtesy of Simply Creative Shop – 1,794 sales so far

192. Customer Service is the Key to Success

The customer should always come first. Strive to push beyond customer satisfaction and they will return again and again, and bring their friends and family, and deliver tons of free advertising via word of mouth and social media. Keep the buyer informed through the whole process. Always thank customers for their purchase, and keep them informed of when they will be receiving their item. Surprise your customers with exceptional presentation of your product. I always package my jewelry in an elegant gift box and bow to relay to my customers that they are receiving a product that is quality craftsmanship. Be aware of your customers’ needs and preferences, and always be willing to customize any piece. My greatest designs were inspired from my customers. I have them to thank for my inspiration to keep creating. – This tip courtesy of  colorshoppestudio – 2,108 sales so far

193. Crazy Good Customer Service

It’s all about your customers. Many customers expect a higher level of attention when shopping on Etsy. This is a marketplace for people to have a connection with the artists creating their work. Really listen to your customers and show all of them respect in everything you do. If you provide a great product, and make them feel special, they will be back. Everyone likes a little attention. – This tip courtesy of MaryElizabethArts – 3,063 sales so far

194. Be An Original

Having an original product really helps a shop be found on Etsy. My glass beaded skeleton keys with custom stamped tags are by far my most popular and original item. Since launching them in 2007 they have been copied many many times but folks continue to return to my shop for the original boro glass beaded key. – This tip courtesy of The Venerable Bead – 2,670 sales so far

195. Consistency and Personal Service is Key

Dicipline is the cornerstone to running a successful shop on Etsy. List new merchandise on a regular basis…daily if possible. If you don’t have enough inventory stocked for that, at least relist a couple of items each day in order to keep your shop visible on the first few pages of your catagory. Be consistent in answering convos promptly and courteously, and follow up after a sale to make sure that your customer is happy with their experience. There are a lot of great sellers on Etsy, but going that extra mile to give each client a feeling of personal interaction will build loyalty and keep them coming back to your shop again and again. – This tip courtesy of beadaddicts – 1,932 sales so far

196. Work and Play

Become One. – This tip courtesy of yavaglass – 3,545 sales so far

197. Network

Use social media to your advantage. Have a business page on Facebook. Use Twitter. Have an email list (with subscribed addresses only, don’t use mined addresses!). Blog. Tweet about your blog. I’ve, in the past, had challenges for jewelry designers to use my beads in a piece. Photos were posted on my blog and viewers were asked to vote for their favorite. The winner at the time could win a $50 credit to my store (the bead to be used was $15). Not only did this create sales for me (all those challenge beads ALWAYS sold), but the designers and I both gained publicity through the polls. Win-win! Social media, especially the kind that can be shared or linked back, is a great way to expand your audience. - This tip courtesy of Flamekeeper Beads – 2,547 sales so far

198. Be there for your customers

I opened Etsy shop this year and still learning how to reach customers. Beside hard work and quality products, guess I had a little luck too. I realized that it’s very important to send sold item as fast as I can – customers appriciate that. I gladly answer to all their qustions and try to help them to use my products. I am trying to have as more listings as I can and to offer something for everyone – different color combinations and patterns, hoping that every design will find place on someone’s beautiful handmade item. I think that Shop sections are important too, if customer is searching for some specific product, he doesn’t have to wander throuh my shop, just goes to specified section. Beside selling, I love to buy things on Etsy, so I am trying to treat my customers as I would like to be treated as a buyer. – This tip courtesy of Digital Field – 2,014 sales so far

199. Do It Differently

You always hear that you need to “know your market” and to “know your ideal customers” when you open up shop. Both are very true, but even when you know these things you’re joining a crowd of other sellers who also know. The chances of you being the only one selling what you’re selling, especially on a site like Etsy, are one in millions (or more). So you need to find a way to stand out in the very crowded marketplace, and what I’ve found to work is to “do it differently.” And by “it,” I mean everything. How does “everyone else” in your market display their products? Think of a new, eye-catching way to do it differently. How does everyone else handle custom orders? Find a way to change up how you do it. How does everyone else brand their shop? Promote on social media? Blog about their shops? Consider all of that & then find a way to do it differently! I apply this philosophy to the kind of photos/display graphics I use, how I name products, what products I offer, how quickly I deliver, how I communicate with customers, how I handle customer service, everything. I want people to not only notice my products when they’re scrolling through hundreds but also to remember *me* and doing business with me. And because there are so many similar sellers out there, the best way to stand out is to find ways to do business differently. – This tip courtesy of Moonsteam Design – 2,992 sales so far

200. Start a Mailing List

A mailing list offers direct contact between you and your customers. Unlike Facebook where you are unsure how many of your posts are reaching your Facebook fans, an email to your mailing list lands directly in their inbox. Make it easy for people to sign up for your mailing list by placing a sign up option on your website and on your blog. I offer special deals and freebies to my mailing list to let them know that they are valued and to make it worth their while being on the list. Don’t inundate your mailing list with a ton of emails. I email once a month to coincide with new products and specials. Some great mailing list options include MailChimp and Bravenet but do some research and find out which one will work best for you! – This tip courtesy of SpringHillGraphics – 3,322 sales so far

201. Be Yourself

With so many shops at Etsy offering graphic designs and photography templates right now, it’s easy to get lost and compare myself with other shops. But I have found out that as long as I stay true to myself and my designs style, I have set my shop apart from others. I also made sure that I design from scratch and not using resources that are widely available from the internet. – This tip courtesy of 7thAvenue Designs – 2,163 sales so far

202. Take advantage of social media, and build a loyal following

I have found that taking advantage of all the social media that is out there can greatly increase your sales on Etsy. In just one short year I have built a following of almost 2,000 fans on Facebook. I have chosen to use Facebook as my primary social media platform due to it’s popularity, and ease of use. Through Facebook, I have been able to connect with my customers on a very personal level and in turn have built a loyal customer base. I post all of my new Etsy listings and sales to Facebook and generate much more targeted traffic than I would by paying for advertising. My fans are my biggest cheerleaders and they motivate me on a daily basis to be a better designer, Etsy shop owner, and just a better business woman in general. I attribute most of my success on Etsy to them. – This tip courtesy of Sonya DeHart Design – 1,442 sales so far

203. Items Need to be Enticing and Consistent

Make sure that your items have a consistent look and complement each other. You want to entice customers to either stay and browse or to come back knowing what they will find. You can do this by selling similar items or items with a similar theme. For example, our photographs could have a consistent theme, background color, or background texture. It does not matter if you sell both widgets and doodads, just be inventive and find a way to make them both look like they belong. – This tip courtesy of Spawn of Flame – 2,286 sales so far

204. Stand behind your work and provide great quality

Provide the best quality and sales will come in through word of mouth and your Internet exposure. – This tip courtesy of Camille Chung – Artistic and Creative Branding – 1,042 sales so far

205. Be a generous promoter

There are many ways to spread the word about your shop (joining Etsy teams, using social media like a blog, Facebook and Twitter) and they are all very helpful in sharing your work. But when using these methods I have found that being a generous promoter of others can have lasting benefits. Go above and beyond as a team mate. Be sure to always honor team/group commitments. Share others work on your blog, Facebook or Twitter pages. Share Facebook posts, re-tweet and re-blog when you can. It gives your fans and followers some variety and generous teammates will be remembered. I think you will find it comes back to you many times! – This tip courtesy of BPR Designs – 1,490 sales so far

206. Facebook Giveaways Increase Sales

Facebook Giveaways are an awesome way to increase your sales by bringing in more people to view your shop. It is hard to sell when people don’t know your shop even exists. How it works is: You team up with another business owner, they team up with someone else. (ie. As a graphic designer I team up with a Photographer, she teams up with a person who crochets hat for props, she teams up with a person who sells baskets for props.) The person who starts the giveaway posts the giveaway to Facebook and makes a deadline for the cutoff where a winner is picked. Each person that registers has to “favorite” that shops Etsy Shop and “Like” their Facebook page to be entered in the giveaway. The winner or winners gets one item that the shop owner would chose to giveaway. Including a discount code your Etsy shop the entire time the giveaway is running is also helpful to get people to purchase something from your shop. – This tip courtesy of Kaylee Bug Design – 1,748 sales so far

207. Post New Listings Daily

To list at least daily (I try to list something each morning and evening) and try to mix it up. The thought is that you hit customers that are searching for fresh items and maybe reach a new customer, and at the same time, keep your existing customers happy with new offerings. And by mixing it up, I refer to changing color, size, etc. to keep customers wanting to check back often to see what you have that’s new and different as well as my signature line. I sell my handmade lampwork beads, so for example, I can change it up by making bead sets, focal beads, or large hole beads and often change my color palette. – This tip courtesy of MonasLampwork – 2,560 sales so far

207. Unique, custom Products

I strive to keep that personal unique element in all of my art. Each ornament is one of a kind, and I offer a product that is not found elsewhere. Having something so different, along with really working and loving what I do, everyday is the reason I am so successful. Every day I study dogs, and even cats, I watch, I observe. I work with rescued dogs, helping to rehabilitate them into becoming wonderful additions to the family and I train their owners into understanding the behaviors,. I do this all as a volunteer, because anything I do which can help them is a reward. Being around animals all day I understand them better, which helps me to sculpt them better. Everyday I learn something, everyday I put it towards my shop. Love what you do, and work at what you do. – This tip courtesy of The Magic Sleigh – 1,697 sales so far

208. Staying on Trend

Staying on trend with your designs and items you sell is a huge way to get new customers! For example, chevron is a really popular trend in fashion and decor right now. So if someone googles “chevron” they are likely to see your items in the search results. I make digital images that can be used in jewerly making, scrapbooking and various other projects. So if someone needs some chevron bottlecap images, I’ve got them! I try to keep my eye on what is current and include that in my new designs! – This tip courtesy of Custom Creations by Tamara Bennett – 1,290 sales so far

209. Passion for your product line and customer service is where it’s at

As the Original in offering handstamped vintage coffee spoons, I am now surrounded by lower-priced competition. However, my sales have NOT slowed down, in fact they continue to grow! I believe my continued success is directly related to referrals and repeat business based on my customer care. First-time buyers quickly learn of my one-on–one attention with quick and thorough communication. I spend a lot of time convo-ing back and forth with my clients, offering suggestions, advising of all of their options and aways letting them know where I am in the process of their order along the way. I want them to feel as if they are in a “brick and mortar” on Main Street USA talking with the shop owner face-to-face. Only through these conversations can I learn the stories and reasons behind their gifts. I love this part. I believe that besides being the Original, what makes me stand out is my customer care and attention to every detail. Hand-in-hand to sucess and customer service is your passion for your product line – genuine love for your work and care for your customers is felt by your clients! – This tip courtesy of Sycamore Hill – 2,924 sales so far

210. Great Customer Service

I think the best tip we can give is to strive to have the best customer service. I know I hate when I order something on etsy and I never get a reply. It’s not so much that I want a thank you (which would be nice) but it’s more that I want to make sure that they received my order. If you have a great product and great customer service it will in turn make you have great repeat customers! Then your repeat customers will tell all your friends! Nothing better then good free word of mouth advertising! – This tip courtesy of SimpleTraditions – 3,500 sales so far

211. Start with Great Photos

Photos attract the eye, bringing people into your shop. Then it’s up to the product and scent descriptions to make the sale. After those factors are in place, then promote, promote, promote– be active on teams, the forums, and social media !! – This tip courtesy of GetLathered – 4,074 sales so far

212. Offer Unique and Affordable Useful Handmade Items

My shop is successful due to the offering of many items that are very unique, affordable, and useful as gifts or in the buyers home. The items are made by a very senior lady (85) who just loves to sew to stay active and busy. My son (60) is responsible for keeping the shops active and does all of the computer work.
We mainly utilize what we call “unwanted and unloved” small amounts of fabrics that my son finds at estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores and closeouts. That is how I keep my creations so affordable, don’t try to make much on each item, just to cover costs.
Biggest tip — offer and sell what you really love to create and offer the highest in customer service and fast shipping at affordable rates. - This tip courtesy of OriginallyYours – 2,244 sales so far

213. Sales Through Social Media

One of the things I learned quickly is that word of mouth really can make a difference in terms of selling online. Using social media outlets such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook can really bring attention to your craft, art, or shop. Making your posts count is also important. Simple and to the point, include the price of your item, and whether it is “On Sale” or “For Sale”. Regular tweeting and posting on Facebook will create a loyal fan base that can equal potential buyers! – This tip courtesy of Bastille Bleu Lampwork – 1,724 sales so far

214. Keep at it! Don’t give up

Never give up! No one can find you if you don’t work hard at getting yourself noticed. I carry business cards, wear my own products, and I’ve even posted a business card at my local coffee shop’s bulletin board before. Persistence is key. - This tip courtesy of Zelas’ Art, Buttons and Jewelry – 2,988 sales so far

215. Consistency . . . in everything

I have found while I am regularly listing new items I am making sales and not just the newly listed items either. Your shop appearance will benefit with photos that have a uniformity in style so all your items look like they belong in your shop. Also the photos should represent exactly what you are selling, taking advantage of all 5 photo slots showing views of your product from different angles.
I regularly look at my shop to see where I can make improvements – to photos, descriptions, items . . .
I ship my sold items regularly and I notify the buyers of the shipping details that same day. – This tip courtesy of Feyglass – 2,250 sales so far

216. Take great photos

I am so lucky to have really good photos that are taken by my daughter! She has taken several classes in photography and I get the benefit of her great work! I have had many customers tell me how beautiful the pictures are and have been featured in many treasuries! – This tip courtesy of Calabasas Candy Co – 4,591 sales so far

217. Finding Your Balance

Selling on Etsy isn’t easy and finding your balance can be even harder.

There are so many useful tips and tricks to selling on Etsy and you can usually hear them all in one Etsy forum thread; however, not any single piece of advice normally works. Finding your balance – what works for your shop and what doesn’t – is essential.

A product people want, great photos, social networking, SEO, tags and titles that are efficient for relevancy, great customer service, shop policies, descriptive listings that speak to your target market, advertising, product quality, psychological pricing tactics, fair shipping costs, the renewing game, and recent trends all play valuable roles. It is very possible to excel in some areas while paying absolutely no heed to others and still succeed – every shop’s balance is quite unique. Along the way, you can alter your success level by adapting your ‘balancing act’ to see what works for you and your shop. For example, I rarely participate in social networking and never blog. When I feel I am ready for more growth, I will incorporate these strategies into my equation.

I could write a book on what I’ve learned while selling on Etsy for the past 4 years but the essentials to success are the same as in any business – have a solid business plan with realistic expectations, know your limitations, and be flexible. – This tip courtesy of MoL Gifts & More – 3,011 sales so far

218. Have Patience and Keep At It

I would say that we (my husband and I) have the most sales when I am very actively adding new products each day. Not just renewing old items but putting on fresh new items. Customers seem to know when you are recycling the same old stuff! They want to see brand new items!!
But one thing I’ve noticed is that even when I am listing all new items, I get lots more views the first few days but not necessarily more immediate sales. I have to remind myself that people may LOOK at the new items and get excited about them and put them in their favorites…..but they usually don’t immediately buy them. I start to notice an increase in sales after about 3 days of vigorous new listings.
So basically, what I’m saying is don’t get discouraged if your ramped up efforts aren’t producing IMMEDIATE sales. People are seeing your items, they’re liking them….it just may take them a few days to start buying them ;)This tip courtesy of Infinite Cosmos Glass – 3,199 sales so far

219. Focus on Marketing

It’s easy to put up a store front and fill it with inventory, but where are the sales? My best tip is to create a product that is so well-made or useful that people talk to their friends about it. Create something extraordinary. But after that, your work isn’t done – in fact, you are just beginning! My most effective marketing is word of mouth – whether it comes from my customer’s mouths or mine. So I maintain an online presence on the sites my customers frequent – in my case it’s facebook and I hang out and chat – and it’s easy, because we’re chatting about something I’m passionate about – reusable cloth goods and everything related! If I get talking, my customers will, too! – This tip courtesy of WeeEssentials – 4,274 sales so far

220. Customers is everything

- Always put customers to the first priority.
- Make sure customers understand and satisfied with item they buy from you.
- Build trust between you and your customers.
- Never lie to your customers.
- Make your customers happy, even they don’t buy from you. – This tip courtesy of PrintSparkle – 3,795 sales so far

221. Promote, promote, promote

In order for potential buyers to see your items, you have to get them out there to see and there are various ways to do that. Facebook is a great tool as well as posting often in your blog. Etsy ads are great too because no matter what your budget, there is advertising for everyone. You can also find tons of free places online too! – This tip courtesy of Sara Rubendall Design Studio – 1,977 sales so far

222. Make Your Items Affordable

One thing that makes my store stand out more than competitors, is that my main items are affordable. Yes you handmade your product and put serious time and effort into your work, but make your customers feel as if they got a deal! Your customers will come back and spend more on regular priced matching items and custom orders in the future. Not only do you need to take amazing product pictures, have impeccable customer service, social media interaction, a product that people want, but the pricing of your products is very important too. Do not be a store that is overlooked! Make your store prices stand out among the competitors and it will result in sales. – This tip courtesy of J. Design’s Handmade – 1,906 sales so far

223. Stay Uniform

I think its important, especially for graphic designers, but for others as well to find their own style and stick to it. Find your niche or your groove or a mode of design that fits you, make it yours and stay with it.

Not only does it make your store unique but it also gives you more professionalism to have the same style throughout your store. You want people to be able to point your designs out of a lineup of many others because you’ve held the same standard throughout. Doing this makes your shop special and eventually, people will seek out your items specifically, looking for your special design style.

This not only holds true with your items specifically but with your displays as well. If you can use the same display, the same logo on each of your photos throughout your store, it makes your shop look clean and fresh. This also adds a touch of professionalism to your shop. Stay unifom to your brand name and your design style. – This tip courtesy of JW Illustrations LLC – 8,954 sales so far 

224. Customer Satisfaction is ALWAYS first

Do whatever it takes for your clients to be 100% happy, without them, your shop can not succeed. This tip courtesy of Fresh Lavender Designs…chic. fun. fabulous. branding. – 1,515 sales so far

225. Start with a vision

The vision for your brand or new venture is just as important (if not more important) than the actual items you plan to sell. You want a customer to come to your shop and immediately “get it”. You can change the type of product all day long…so long as it abides to your vision–this is great for longevity. By that I mean if you sell handmade pottery that reflects a victorian style then you will want your shop to have a victorian vision. Your photography, your items, and the whole “feel” of your brand should reflect victorian. That is what makes customers buy and come back. Your customers would be victorian lovers…and so 4 years from then if you take the pottery out and replace it with furniture of the victorian era you are still in business with your same customer base.They are not only buying the product, but they are buying this vision you have. Or for instance if your vision is colorful yet modern decorations…then make sure your customers can see that vision in everything you do (shop, facebook, blog, photos etc). Your vision will set you apart from the rest, so you may have to dig deep and find out what is the most important thing you want customers to remember about your company? When you can answer that question, you have your vision. – This tip courtesy of Adrienne Looman Designs – 2,346 sales so far

226. Customer service matters

Make sure to take the time to write back to any customers that have questions or concerns. Even when a customer writes an overly-irate e-mail, deal with it in the calmest way possible, because all they need is some assurance that a stranger on the internet isn’t just taking their money. Most people become very understanding as soon as you explain circumstances to them, or give them updates. – This tip courtesy of Ivy Bee Decals – 3,073 sales so far

227. Herbal Products to heal one thru nature

Love your Body. Love Your Life. Teas, Bulk Herbs, Tinctures, Syrups and More. – This tip courtesy of Queen of Trees Herbal – 2,306 sales so far

228. Be Persistent

Some would have you believe “if you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately being successful on Etsy is not as simple as just listing and sitting back waiting for the orders to roll in. Growing your Etsy sales takes a lot of work and many hours of dedication outside of creating your product and listing it. There are many facets to bringing in buyers to your Etsy store, but the main one I’d like to point out is, be persistent in being social. Engage your customers in every available channel and grow your “brand” awareness. My favorite marketing channels are using newsletters, blog posts, Etsy forums, Facebook business page, Google+ business page, and posting in other forums related to my craft. The more you put your brand out there and the more connections you make, the more return you should see on your efforts. – This tip courtesy of AvenueBeads – 1,705 sales so far

229. Be active

It’s really important to keep your Etsy shop alive! Be a part of this site – let people see you and notice your shop. Join teams to promote your shop. If you are a begginer you can find great tips in teams. – This tip courtesy of MayaHoney – 12,814 sales so far

230. Never Stop Moving

I feel pretty strongly that allowing my shop to be a constant experiment has really helped my sales. It is never perfect, and there is always SOMETHING to do. If it slows down enough, I work on product development and merchandising, and if it is busy I work on finding ways to streamline my process and save as much time as I can without sacrificing quality. As far as my shop is concerned, I am constantly tweaking photos to find the best way to tell the story I want my products to tell, and when I am working on products I am always trying to see what is NEXT. – This tip courtesy of CausticThreads – 4,457 sales so far

231. Give the customers what they REALLY want

When I started my Etsy store, it was simply a hobby. Little did I know how much it would eventually consume my life. I was lucky enough to have a “big break” and had one of my tutus shown on air on The View in a feature about work at home moms and I thought that alone would be enough merit to make my store stand out. Not too long after, more and more stores filled with the same products that I carried. I needed to find a way to retain my customers. Although my products look very similar to most tutus on the market, it became important for me to use high quality materials, made in the USA instead of cheaper imported goods. I knew in my heart that the old saying was true, ” You get what you pay for.” On top of using the best materials I can buy, I am also a firm believer in fast turn around/shipping times. Although my items are handmade after each order is placed, I strive to have a customer’s package in the mail the following day when possible. Customers appreciate knowing that there is not a long wait to receive their item(s) and in turn, the word of mouth advertising that comes from giving my customers what they want is absolutely priceless and what keeps my store in business. Happy customers are repeat customers and it makes me happy knowing that roughly 80 percent of my customers return to make more purchases time and time again. – This tip courtesy of Trinity’s Tutus – 5,921 sales so far

232. cross promote

i think it’s important to cross promote your etsy store on other social media sites (facebook, twitter, blogs, etc . . . ). for instance, featuring an item on facebook that directly links to your etsy page. you have to spread the word ! – This tip courtesy of rae dunn – 2,931 sales so far

233. Great Service

I believe that the best way to get returning customers is to make them happy. Treat them like you would treat your BFF. Send them notes letting them know that their orders have shipped or if their order will be delayed for any reason. If anything goes wrong be sure take care of them better than you would expect to be treated. – This tip courtesy of Modern June – 3,626 sales so far

234. Great Images – Customize – Relist – & Network

1st – Complete and accurate descriptions are important but great eye-catching photos are paramount to vertual shopping! 2nd – Etsy customers are very creative, so don’t be afraid to customize! 3rd – Activity in your shop is neccesary and of course relevancy is important so be clear in your title descriptions. But remember timing is everything! So don’t be afraid to relist! Twenty cents per listing is a good deal. Be sure to list or relist at peak viewing time like in the evening before bed and on the weekends when folks are surfing the web… And finally 4th – Network – Network – Network! Word of mouth, community support, business cards, teams, blogs, social media ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc… Don’t be shy! Good Luck :)This tip courtesy of Persnickety Home Designs – 3,947 sales so far

235. Make it Easy for your customers to shop

Make sure your buyers have all the information they need in order to shop from you. If they have to send you a convo you for basic info, they may not and move on to another shop. Be sure to include sizes, detailed descriptions and as many photos as necessary to completely show your product. If you are willing to sell internationally, spend a little time and add international shipping to your listings. Even though they may seem high to you, many international customers are aware of the rates and are willing to pay. – This tip courtesy of funky chicken design – 10,261 sales so far

236. Do what you love

First and foremost do what you love. Others will love it too and success will follow. Also, try not to take yourself too seriously or compare your shop to everybody elses. If you’re always feeling like you have to re-invent the wheel, the pressure alone will keep you from doing anything at all. I’ve learned that the best ideas come when you’re not designing, but just living. – This tip courtesy of Revisions – 3,264 sales so far

237. Offer Value for Money Pricing

One of the reasons to my success has been offering value for money pricing. It has been one of the most common feedback I have received from my buyers. They often get mesmerized by the pillow covers when they experience it in person and compare them with large brand designer stores where they have to spend three or more times the price of my products. Considering that a lot of us on Etsy are artists and designers in our respective domains, sometimes we may become greedy to price ourselves higher to get more value for our time. However, one should not forget that we also compete with other brick and online stores selling products in similar category. – This tip courtesy of TheHomeCentric – 8,960 sales so far

238. Give Great Customer Service

Customer service is key to success on Etsy. I always send a thank you email to all buyers and let them know when and how their order will ship. I always try to answer email inquiries promptly and answer all questions customers have about decorating their homes and doing custom orders. I will bend over backward to give a customer what they want. – This tip courtesy of Fabric Junkie – 3,376 sales so far

239. Make it Personal

When people purchase on ETSY, they are buying from individuals, not corporations. Therefore, give a little color of who you are in the package you ship. Think about including a short bio about who you are and what you believe or maybe include handwritten Thank you note — buyers appreciate that personal touch and will come back. – This tip courtesy of Bug Under Glass – 4,313 sales so far

240. great customer service

my best tip is great customer service. Respond to convo’s quickly and politely. I tend to get asked the same questions a lot, even though the answers to those questions are outlined in my product listings and my shop policies but that is OK! Just be polite and answer and be as helpful as possible. my other tip is to include as much information as possible about the product, measurements – in inches and centimetres are crucial! – This tip courtesy of My Bearded Pigeon – 2,726 sales so far

241. Don’t do what other do, be unique

we new from the beginning that if we wanted to have success we needed to create something that was not on the market already! we spend time jungleing in our mind to combine what we love to do (painting, design, running, creating, practicality) with an idea that was not there yet! Once we got it, that was it. We exposed it and sales came naturally… Till today we keep that in mind. In all of our marketing we always do our own thing not what other do. That is our credo, be avant-garde, be yourself, be inventive, be the first … and all will follow: sales and people! – This tip courtesy of running on the wall – 8,549 sales so far

242. continually evaluate your work

Of course, creating a great product forms the foundation for all of the work you will do later as you sell on etsy: marketing, sales and customer service. in addition to beginning your shop with a stellar product that you’ve carefully considered, it’s also vital to constantly evaluate your work to be sure that your designs and ideas are staying fresh and evolving as you continue your creative endeavors. don’t be afraid to ask yourself tough questions as you try to see your work from a buyers perspective. find peers whose work is comparable to your own, and keep in contact with them. ask them for feedback from time to time. make goals for yourself for specific product improvements and hold yourself to these deadlines. this will ensure consistent movements forward with your work. – This tip courtesy of margotbianca – 2,553 sales so far

243. Offering great customer service is key

Many of my sales have come from repeat customers and referrals, so offering great customer service is key, because people are often nervous to purchase from an online store. Also, offering unique items that other shops don’t offer along with quality products is what I have found to be the key to success. It is important to identify who your buyers are and market in that area. – This tip courtesy of Avec Dieu Couture – 1,060 sales so far

244. Great customer service is essential

There is nothing more important for keeping your customers coming back than the good service you provide to them. Being polite, respectful and communicating with your customer is the key to success in any business in my opinion. This means responding with an email or message through Etsy immediately after a customer has made a purchase. Thank them for their order and let them know when you will be mailing it out. Mail out as soon as you can and let them know that you have. If there are any issues brought to you from a customer always deal with them in a timely fashion, with good communication, fairness and respect. I am proud of my perfect feedback on Etsy so far and I believe that this is a direct result of good customer service. – This tip courtesy of kootsac – 2,596 sales so far

245. Do the time

Etsy cannot be a passive, secondary thought.You cannot just list a few things and then sit back to see if they sell. I am always working. If I am not on-line, I am busy making product, or checking out current trends. – This tip  courtesy of The Keepers House – 3,748 sales so far

246. Continually Add New Products

To continue to grow your shop by adding new products as often as possible. It keeps your shop fresh and keeps old customers coming back and can potentially draw in new customers. Its also important to be critical about whats working and whats not. See what is selling- what is most popular in your shop and build on that. Obviously its important to showcase your new products with great product photos- this not only sells the product but those photos can get your item on blogs, magazines and used on networking sites like Pinterest where people are constantly looking for new and inspiring products.
My other tip would be to treat your shop like a business. Be serious and professional and always respond to your customers in a timely fashion. This makes them feel confident in your shop, your products and in buying from you. – This tip courtesy of Branch Handmade – 4,080 sales so far

247. Stay true to who you are and your creative vision

There are so many products online to compete with that i think the best way to stand out from the rest and continue to be excited about your etsy shop is to be true to yourself and make the work that’s important to you. Follow your own creative instinct. Be original. Always keep developing your creative talents and regularly share with your customers the new designs that you’ve created. Love what you do and work hard at it! When you commit to sharing your creative vision and the love for the work you do, it will attract new customers, new business contacts, and all kinds of amazing opportunities. – This tip courtesy of avrilloreti – 2,213 sales so far

248. TAG you’re it

When I first listed my jewelry on Etsy, I only used a few tag words. Etsy gives you 13 tags to help you reach customers. Try to think like your potential buyers and use ALL of these tags. I noticed that I was getting a few messages from brides, so I started to tag more or my formal items as “wedding gifts” or “bridesmaid jewelry”. I immediately saw an increase in visits to my shop! – This tip courtesy of Merelani Designs – 7,586 sales so far


FOR HANDMADE ITEMS…Get as much GOOD product listed as quickly as you can. Generally speaking, the days of fiddling around with 15 items are over. Get to 50, at least. Go for crazy with 500… Obviously, I like life on the edge… :)

Have a broad price point so you attract the bargain buyer and the generous gift giver. Make them in different colors to attract all personalities. Stay within your product niche. If you sell jewelry don’t add belts. Larger shops with a more varied price and product line will attract EXPONENTIALLY more views and therefore more sales. – This tip courtesy of PillowThrowDecor – 1,847 sales so far

250. Be Branded

Make your brand the best it can be. Create/buy a great logo that is timeless and really shows your business in the best light. Make sure that you think through the way you word your listings, your photography style, and even your customer service – so that you are consistent throughout your business. Customers are buying more than just your item – they’re creating an experience by shopping with you – so make the most of that experience from the time they click into your shop until they receive the item. It’s the best way to gain word of mouth sales, repeat customers, and to truly last through time. - This tip courtesy of The Shabby Creek Shop – 4,775 sales so far

251. Look for design trends in fashion and home design magazines

Shoppers want to incorporate trendy pieces into their life to create style without doing a complete head to toe makeover. Many shoppers lack the confidence and creativity to mix and match items together so you need to show them together. When items are photographed as a set, they sell as set resulting in a much larger order.

Great clean photographs will get many more clicks than marginal photos. The time spent composing and editing the image is well worth the investment. Photos taken in natural light without any supplemental lighting look much more professional. You don’t need a super uber expensive camera. Most $150 to 200 point and shoot digital cameras will give great pictures if they have good white balance capabilities. Additionally, you don’t need to be a Photoshop wiz improve you photos: Picasa and will do wonders for your pictures. – This tip courtesy of Pop O’ Color – 3,491 sales so far

252. Don’t be afraid to change

When I opened my etsy shop I had a clear idea of what I wanted to sell. It turns out that some items that sell great in person, don’t do as well online. The opposite is also true.

I added new items and discontinued slow moving ones until I came upon the right mix. I found a couple of items that sell really well and most of my other items compliment them in some way. It is important to keep changing even when you get the right mix. – This tip courtesy of Originals by Lauren – 2,361 sales so far

253. Keeping It Clean and lots of color choices

I have found throughout my years at Etsy that customers prefer a seller with a theme. It keeps them browsing within your specific shop and many times, leads to a sale containing multiple items! Sometimes it’s tough when you want to add an unrelated item, but it’s best to “keep it clean”.
Another great tip? Whenever I add something to my shop that turns out to be wildly popular, I immediately begin to offer it in several different colors :)This tip courtesy of JustBeachyShop – 1,460 sales so far

254. Dedication, Craft and Customer Service

There is no one specific tip that will launch any one business into success. Instead, I have found that determination combined with attention to the details of your craft and the desires of your customer base can keep you on the track towards success. Listen to what the market or your specific customer base wants. Then create a well crafted, quality product that you love, advertise it and then keep at it even when times get tough. Also, be sure to stay in touch with your customers. Whether it is via social networking, etsy teams or craft fairs, listening and being responsive to your customers is a key to maintaining a small business. Then, make, make and make some more. Some people think that having an online craft business is an easy job with lots of down time but the reality is that you have to be prepared to work longer and harder than the average worker especially if you run your shop alone. The good news is, if you adore what you create and care about your customers then the long hours will be a labor of love! – This tip courtesy of Surly – 11,602 sales so far

255. Stick with what works

When our shop first opened, we had a bunch of different product lines and it was difficult to find the best demographic for our shop. Eventually, we cut out the products that weren’t selling as well and focused entirely on the ones that were the most popular: the bacon! This allowed us to narrow our target audience and really maximize our advertising. – This tip courtesy of HDE Bacon/Hashdelecable – 1,275 sales so far

256. Read Etsy Success blog posts

Pay attention to Etsy Merchandising Guide that is put out at the beginning of each month so you can tag your items accordingly. – This tip courtesy of Sora Designs – 10,613 sales so far

257. Probably good photos

No. 1 — Take GREAT photos, and take your time. We have a $100 Nikon and I don’t think a really expensive, complex SLR is necessary, but time, patience and a critical eye is needed.
You’re shooting for something as good or better than the top sellers in your field and that image is all you have to draw them into your shop, not someone else’s.

No. 2 – Have a full shop. The internet moves fast and a one-page shop is boring — people click and then rapidly click elsewhere. I think you need at least 3 to 5 pages to encourage people to stick around and browse.

No. 3 – Pay lots and lots of attention to tags and titles! This is what gets you found in search and brings people to your shop. Read forum threads on this and try to keep up with it. (And get used to the idea that your shop will need major revisions as Etsy institutes major site revisions — you’re shop will never be done. It’s a work in progress)

No. 4 – Relist at least several items daily, and expect to spend a little money on Etsy beyond the listing/sale fees. Your costs would be much, much higher doing art & craft shows or running a retail store. But please note, although we’ve had great success relisting to get exposure, with the new browse section
that’s probably not going to be as efficient.

No. 5 – Try out any advertising opportunities that Etsy may offer now or in the future beyond relisting. Search ads are not working for us, but showcases (now discontinued) were absolutely great! Many sellers had no luck with showcases at all, but some did fantastic and you never know until you

No. 6 – Invest in good packaging materials. We use– great prices, much cheaper than U-Line or Wal-Mart. Sloppy, unprofessional packaging will not encourage repeat sales and will risk damage to your items. (But does not sell in small quantities, so stocking up a little at Wal-Mart in the beginning is a practical move until you’re making a little money and have an idea of the volume of sales possible). Consider investing in attractive business cards. We get 1,000 for $30 and include them in every package. Those cards can get around. We get tons of hits everyday from people searching directly to our shop and I believe a lot of it is due to those cards.

No. 7 – In the case of damage to your items and/or customer unhappiness, do your absolute best to keep ‘em happy! Refund, replace, whatever it takes. Buying online is risky. You can’t actually see it, touch it, try it on, etc. A no-risk buying experience helps build confidence in your shop and all of Etsy in general. We also convo everyone when their package ships, and always do your best to keep in touch if internet goes down, you get behind, etc. A little extra customer service goes a long way. – This tip courtesy of The Pendant Emporium – 14,526 sales so far

258. Do What You Love

It’s not a new concept but it has held true for so long that people forget how true it is. If you do what you love you cannot go wrong. At Spiffing Jewelry we don’t jump on the latest trend or catchphrase to make sales. We design our items with the excitement and care that we feel ourselves. We all wear what we make and when our customers wear it too we know we’ve made a connection to them and that matters so much more than a sale to us. – This tip courtesy of Spiffing Jewelry – 17,166 sales so far 

259. Be a shameless self promoter

Customer Service – Always remember that taking care of a customer is your easiest and best building block. Go above and beyond to make them happy and satisfied. Over 65% of our sales come from repeat buyers. Most of our repeat buyers purchase a minimum of 3 times and several have made as many as 20 purchases over the last 3 3/4 years. Without building those relationships we wouldn’t be where we are today. When an Etsy convo comes in I make it a priority to respond quickly. I feel our customers and potential customers have a lot of other options for products like ours and if we can answer questions quickly it makes them feel like a priority to us and they like that. They also don’t like to wait, so we try to avoid making them wait as much as possible. – This tip courtesy of StephieMc – 10,478 sales so far

260. Be unique

Be unique- make a product that is special, & then buyers cant resist!  Of course, good photos are essential. – This tip courtesy of Sudlow Jewelry – 11,392 sales so far

261. The more you list, the more you sell

aving your shop active. Try to list something new as often as possible, fill up your shop, stay visible. Luckily, I enjoyed making new items so much and still do. Another tip would be , enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy. Keep up with the trend but have your own uniqueness. Yes, keep your shop active as much as possible, list as often as possible. – This tip courtesy of 5andunder – 8,742 sales so far

262. Put all the info in your listings

Make it easy for shoppers to get all the info they need about your products right away, without having to dig for it. Put details in every listing for your item’s size, shape, color, options and shipping methods. Give them an idea when to expect the item to arrive after they’ve ordered, and tell them about how it’s produced. Also remember to give this info in a clear, concise manner so it doesn’t read like a novel. – This tip courtesy of Bread and Badger – 4,686 sales so far

263. Optimize Exposure

1. Put the any keywords a customer might search for in the listing title. Be as through as possible without making it too cluttered. This will bring your listing towards the top of searches.
2. Tag your items. Put every possible tag that might relate to your item on each listing. This will also help bring your items to the top.
3. Pretend to be the customer. Go on the main etsy site and search for your items. Play with adjusting the item listing & tags to see how to make your item come to the top of the search.
4. Renew listings. Renewing old listings will bring them to the top of the search.
5. Sale’s and coupons. Bring more people to your store with social networking promotions and email marketing campaigns. Constant contact is a great option to help drive traffic. Etsy on sale (an etsy app) is a great tool to use to have storewide sales that will help create buyers.
6. In store promotions. “Feature” promotions in your store that will incentivize people to purchase more. Featured items will appear at the top of your shop home page under your banner. Make the main listing image something easy and simple to read like “Buy one, get one free” or maybe a % off coupon to be used at checkout. These listings won’t make you any money because they aren’t meant to be purchased but they will boost your sales.
7. Every time someone purchases, send them a coupon to incentivize repeat purchases. – This tip courtesy of Remember When Design – 3,943 sales so far

 264. The importance of customer service in every business aspect

I stress very highly on customer service for my shop. Although being a one-woman shop, I try my best in providing the best customer service to my customers. I am happy to receive the thank you notes, appreciation messages, and feedback from them. It has also gain many regular customers for Marolsha. I am always grateful to all the wonderful blogs and sites who taken the time to visit, review and featuring Marolsha on their sites. - This tip courtesy of Marolsha – 6,973 sales so far

265. Customer Service

Internet sales can sometimes be difficult and scary for a customer without the person to product contact or person to person contact (especially with custom orders, which we receive a great deal of) so I think it is very important to try and answer convos and emails in a timely manner and to be patient, clear, and helpful with customer inquiries. If a customer feels they’ve experienced good or even outstanding customer service, likely, they’ll leave great feedback both online and to friends and family. – This tip courtesy of Tesoro Jewelry – 9,741 sales so far

266. Take good care of your customers

I find that great customer service is a big part of=my jewelry shop’s success. Since day 1 I’ve invested detailed attention to every convo, always try to go the extra mile for special requests and do anything I can to help customers feel happy with their purchase. They’ll remember you for the outstanding service and they’ll come back! – This tip courtesy of Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design – 11,192 sales so far

267. Exceptional Customer Service

If it weren’t for your customers, you wouldn’t have a shop. Therefore, your customers are your most prized possession, and should be treated so. Shoppers want to feel cared for, like there money is going to not only to a quality product but to a quality person. Someone who deserves/ appreciates their business. So be kind, treat others how you would like to be treated, and have fun with it! Just because you are not working with your customers in person, does not mean it can’t be a personable experience for both you and your customer:0) – This tip courtesy of Morgan Prather Jewelry Accessories – 14,394 sales so far

268. Things change, learn to adapt

Change is inevitable, and you need to learn to adapt when change happens, because it will happen. Gone are the days when you can just list an item with out thinking about tags/titles/photography. Etsy is always changing, and it doesn’t do your business any good to cry about the way it used to be. You need to be on your toes, and have a plan B ready in case something changes. So when changes happen, take time to find out what the change was, and start figuring out what your business needs to do to adapt to the change. Even if that means changing your selling venue or your product line. Also don’t spend too much time or money investing in trendy items, as trendy items are only trendy for so long, and you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of unsellable inventory. – This tip courtesy of Modern Switch – 2,247 sales so far

269. SEO

Being easily found by potential buyers is key in making a sale. You can’t sell anything if no-one can find you! When I finally took the time to really search for keywords and phrases customers are using and then adding them to my titles, tags and descriptions, my sales really took off. And checking the stats pages really helps in determining what works and what does not. – This tip courtesy of Frosted Willow – 16,432 sales so far

270. Make it Personal

Getting to know your customers is key to small business success. One of the reasons shoppers love Etsy is because they are able to work one-on-one with the artist. When you take the time to get to know your customers and their occasion for giving, you will make a lasting connection with them. Not only will this make the sale more memorable for both of you, but you will surely gain a return customer! – This tip courtesy of juliethefish designs – 6,961 sales so far

271. Branding

Branding is essential. There is a lot of online competition out there. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Don’t try to imitate the success of other designers. Develop your own unique style and remain true to it with consistency. For example, the brand that I have developed for my business is ‘simple and modern, artisan craftsmanship’. I am consistent with the designs I create, and my descriptions paint a picture. People who buy handmade are interested in the artist – the creativity and the skill involved. They want to read the interesting story of how you created it, your inspiration, etc. That is why they are buying handcrafted, and not mass produced. According to Google Analytics 73% of my shop visits are repeat customers. They know my style and what I have to offer. Once you have developed your brand, marketing is a never ending process. Promote or Perish. – This tip courtesy of Classic Designs – 20,226 sales so far

272. Be adventurous

Don’t be afraid to try something new.  My shop is very different from what it was when I opened it back in 2006. Like many crafters I work in a several mediums and not all of them translate in to sales, but I kept experimenting. A couple years ago I bought a magnet machine and in order justify the purchase I had to do something other than use my photos. After a few false starts I decided to try some of my favorite quotes and they were a big hit. Sometimes the things I am unsure of become my best sellers. - This tip courtesy of Chicalookate – 2,554 sales so far

273. No Time To Stand Still

We have found the most important thing is to keep pushing new ideas and keep constantly evolving. You really can’t rest on your laurels and take having any sales for granted, as it could so easily change.

We are always looking for new ways of improving our photos, descriptions, titles etc… and the most important thing is keep adding new items as often as possible. – This tip courtesy of Couplehome – 1,966 sales so far

274. Answer convos promptly

Be willing and open to custom orders and questions. Often times, people are impulse buying items and the sooner you answer their questions or set up custom listings/orders for them, the more likely you can solidify a sale. Your phone is your friend. There isn’t a second I’m not connected to my site even when I’m out and I always try to read convos and answer them even when I’m out an about. Customer service is always important! – This tip courtesy of Very Vintage – 14,910 sales so far

275. Pin, Share, Tweet

There are many social media venues out there, go on Pinterest and create boards for etsy, ect. Share your items and make friends and expand yourself on there as much as you can. Share things that will interest others and yourself be it crafts and other things. Also use Facebook make friends with other etsy sellers on there, the more you socialize the more friends you get and it expands the sharing. Also of course twitter works aswell, tweet your items on there. Add interesting topics on your tweets to catch attention and share your items. You never know when someone will take interest of your items and post them too. There are so many different people and companies that use social medias as a way to advertise, you can too. Don’t give up sometimes it takes time, it took me some time. – This tip courtesy of Patsdesign – 7.057 sales so far

276. Love What You Do

You have to love what you do, because you need to be prepared to work hard at it. The internet is a wonderful venue, but it’s not magic. Like a brick and mortar shop or the craftshow circuit, it takes a lot of work to be successful. You can’t simply throw a few pictures on the web and expect the sales to start rolling in. You are not just the maker of your goods; you are the photographer, the marketer, the copy-writer and the shipping department. You are customer relations and bookkeeper, purchasing department, janitor and all-around juggler. Being head-honcho and chief minion is ever so much easier if you love what you do! - This tip courtesy of Art of Spirit LeatherWorks – 1,916 sales so far

277. Keep it Real

Be genuine. Know who you are and match your words, actions, and message. I value customer service and relationship before anything, and I make sure it shows. Use your name if you want your customers to identify with you, the artist…the creative entity behind the photos and the product. If you have their name, use it – when you correspond with them, when you talk to them on your Facebook page, or your Twitter account, or any other situations where you have a conversation. Make it personal. That’s usually why they’re shopping with you – for the experience of getting something special, something that is made by a person’s own hands and imagination. Communicate, communicate, communicate! - This tip courtesy of Rock Your Nose – 11,953 sales so far

278. Happy customers make for great sales

I pride my self on Customer service. I believe a Happy Customer is worth their weight in gold, so to speak.

I have gone the extra mile to make sure my customer is satisfied with both my service and my product and it has reaped it’s own rewards!

Especially when the customer tells you that you exceeded their expectations, its always worth it, they tell someone, and they tell someone, that is the best word of mouth marketing you can get and next thing you know you have an amazing business.

I have to say of all the things any company can offer me besides a good product is that they stand behind their product and offer good customer service.

So I offer that to all my customers! And I have lots of happy ones! – This tip courtesy of Michelle Verbeeck, Custom Leather Jewelry – 6,647 sales so far

279. Don’t Price Yourself Out of Business

One of my suggestions for shops on Etsy is to not price your items so low just to get a sale. I personally don’t want to work 16 hour days for next to nothing in profit. I will guarantee you will start to hate what you are doing if you get busy enough to work at it full time and you are only making a few dollars an hour. You also devalue your trade/craft by under pricing your items. There will always be someone that will be selling the same item that you are for a lower price…who cares. Find a price that covers all of your expenses, materials and pays you a fair wage that you can survive on if you were to be busy enough to work your craft full time. – This tip courtesy of Tiny Tokens Designs – 17,341 sales so far

280. Stay Human

What has helped me helped me most is to remember to stay human. Forming a connection with my customers makes my work something I’m excited about and ready to show up for. Turning my customers into friends creates a bond between us and makes my jewelry more than just a product. – This tip courtesy of Dank Artistry – 8,310 sales so far

281. Take Professional Looking Photos

Pick one background which works with most of your sale items and try to replicate a consistent look. Lighting is very important as well as a decent camera. Try to take a picture at the same place at the same time of the day if they are taken in natural light. – This tip courtesy of Michelle Chang Jewelry – 8,100 sales so

282. Give great customer service and always be kind

We’ve found that replying to convos in a timely and friendly manner is very important. Etsy is such a wonderful community with a lot of very nice people. With quick responses you clinch sales, but not only that, you build a reputation of reliability and friendliness. We always try to help out as much as we can – and we try to be positive in our contact with customers. We have not only increased business with good communication, but we have made some really good friends. – This tip courtesy of BirkaScandinavian – 7,766 sales so far

283. Find Your Niche

Don’t waste your time or effort trying to be everything to everyone. If you continually make things you love and make them well, you’ll be able to market them more effectively.

When I fell in love with antique keys, I was ecstatic to find how many other people loved them too. When Tiffany popularized their lavishly blinged-out key necklaces, I knew not everyone would be attracted to those, and that some people would rather have a real antique key that was once used to unlock something over a decorative, reproduced key encrusted with diamonds. I’d do best to focus my energy wooing those people. – This tip courtesy of Urban Heirlooms – 1,434 sales so far

284. Be one of a kind

It’s important to create a unique product that stands out from the rest and then you need to stay focused on that product. So many people flood their shops with unrelated or half baked products hoping something will sell. I think it’s best to find one concept that people respond to and then make it and market it the best you can. Be one of a kind! - This tip courtesy of Jeeta – 1,526 sales so far

285. Market Through Your Listings

One of the best ways to keep a customer on your page once they have clicked on one of your items, or to increase a sale to several items, is to market within your own listings. Take pictures of complimentary pieces, give links to matching sets, or even links to your shop section where a buyer can see more pieces similar to what they have just clicked on. – This tip courtesy of CaughtREDhanded – 11,745 sales so far

286. Inspiration

Offering something to the world that inspires is probably my number 1 etsy sales tip. Sure, taking great photos and offering something beautiful helps, but what will your work do for the customer once they receive it?  I receive weekly emails from people who are moved by the words I use on my work and let me know the difference it has made in their day to day life. how does your work inspire others? – This tip courtesy of mbartstudios – 2,275 sales so far

287. Color, color and more color.. oh yeah, and lots of options too

The most popular comment I receive from my shoppers is that my shop is so colorful and I offer so many options. Customers spend a long time in my Etsy shop, there is so much to look at and items are so colorful. Having great photos is key too. People love to have options and spend time browsing… so make your shop attractive and have colorful options! The longer customers are in your shop, the more they see.. the more they buy. It’s a win-win. – This tip courtesy of Jesse Janes Jewelry – 11,756 sales so far

288. Make what sells

Develop a product you love AND that sells. Focus your energy on the profitable part of your inventory and expand on it. – This tip courtesy of  Risky Beads – 7,566 sales so far

289. Pictures Pictures Pictures

When customers are searching and browsing on Etsy you have one tiny little square picture to grab their attention and make them click on your item and look further. If your pictures are blurry, too far away or just plain boring you have lost an opportunity for a sale. When I am shopping on etsy for myself even I have often clicked on pictures of something I wasn’t even looking for just because it looked awesome and the picture pulled me in. So do whatever you have to to get great pictures. Many photographers will work trades or you can offer discounts on your products to get better images in return. It will definately pay off in the long run! – This tip courtesy of Oops I Knit It Again – 5,224 sales so far

290. Customization Means Everything

I believe that one of the things that makes our shop successful is our ability to customize each item. About 85% of our sales have a name, initials, or short inscription added, and we have found that our flexibility with that option is what makes our customers return. Happy selling! – This tip courtesy of In Blue – 13,188 sales so far

291. Make items that go together

I make dollshouse furniture and for each design I make roomfuls of coordinating items. This encourages customers to buy more than one thing, or come back later to complete a room. I also sell nothing that is not my own original design. I get my ideas in the wee hours of the morning; my imagination is my greatest asset. I also keep a large stock which is ready to go–right now. No waiting. I work every day, at least eight hours, and love it. So, in essence, work hard, be reliable, be original and be quick. There you have it! – This tip courtesy of In Some Small Way Minis – 2,167 sales so far

292. Make what you love & love what you make

I have found over the years, that if I create things that I want and love, then others tend to enjoy them as well. I take great pride in my work, and really want to create items that will be LOVED by my customers. I never create something that I think is just okay. I try to show them in the best way I can, and tell others how they can enjoy them as well :)This tip courtesy of Designs by Tami – 3,482 sales so far

293. Shine with Originality

In a crowded marketplace, your most effective weapon is your imagination. Mark your work with a bit of your soul – something completely distinctive to you. While it may be tempting to take the easy road and copy somebody else’s work, you are only reinforcing their brand, not creating your own. When you are true to yourself, it shines in your work…and shows in your sales. – This tip courtesy of TrickyKnits – 2,745 sales so far

294. Colours and diversity

Be sweet and reply kindly to everyone :) And constance. – This tip courtesy of Ma petite papeterie – 1,831 sales so far

295. Stay True to Your Own Style

Everyday Etsy gets bigger and bigger. More stores. More Products. New tools. Different ways to shop. It is easy to get lost on the site. The trick is to build a clear brand identity. Make your shop name and aesthetic a complete package that is rememberable. Make sure all the items you sell reflect that theme. If you do this your shop and your products will stand out in searches and treasuries. Blogs will take notice and it will be harder for someone else to come along and “borrow” your good ideas. Use social media to give “voice” to your “look” and stay active in the community. And most of all, have fun. Eventually it will be really hardwork and you will need to remember how fun it was in the beginning. Good luck! Be inspired. Stay true. – This tip courtesy of BROOKLYNrehab – 2,380 sales so far

296. Blog Buzz

I love reading blogs, especially fashion and lifestyle blogs. Find your favorite ones and get in touch. You can get some new people to your fabulous Etsy shop with the help of great bloggers! – This tip courtesy of Shoppe Sugar Cookie – 3,258 sales so far

297. Love what you do, and do it well

If you truly love what you are doing and believe in your product/shop/vision, it shows. First and foremost is to have a unique and original idea. always give your customer the very best you can — this means not only your best product, but also your very best customer service, your best online face — your very best, all around.
When you truly love and feel good about what you do, your pride and enthusiasm will show in all areas of your work. - This tip courtesy of cozyblue – 5,420 sales so far

298. There is no magic bullet…but enjoying what you do and being constant bring results

I’ve been working on Etsy for over 4 years and I am confident when I say there is not a magic bullet for success!! It’s not only new items, or renewals or social media or good pictures……It’s all of it and more, and in a constant basis to make it a habit! There is not a single activity that would generate your success, this is like a puzzle an requires constancy ad patience because things are not always as you expect or wish but doing a structure process and being constant doing it will ensure success in the long run. – This tip courtesy of MariaPalito – 3,023 sales so far

299. Finding a Balance Between Being An Artist and Being A Businessperson

I truly believe you must find balance between being an artist and being a businessman/businesswoman. You can have an amazing product, but if you’re afraid to put yourself and your products out there, no one will know about it. On the flipside, you can spend all your time and money on marketing and advertisement, but if your products are not at its best, it will only go so far. In the indie entrepreneur world, we have to wear a lot of “hats” especially if we’re a one-person machine running the business and creating the products… but to find the full potential of your business, you must find time to concentrate on both, and doing it to the best of your ability (even if that means going out there and learning how). – This tip courtesy of Steppie Clothing – 6,907 sales so far

300. Be yourself, everyone else is taken

It is tempting to imitate successful designs, descriptions and photos. You have to resist the temptation because today’s shoppers are very sophisticated. Usually they can detect a wannabe sooner or later. Our customers appreciate good craftsmanship and originality and that’s what exactly we offer them. Many of them keep coming back. – This tip courtesy of sjengraving – 6,786 sales so far

301. Find your passion

Nothing will ever work out if you don’t love what you work for, beginning a store on etsy is easy but keeping it and making a life out of it requires all your heart. Try a few, if not a bunch of things that you love to make or do, and find out what you feel most passionate for, when you find it, you will be rewarded with your customers’ smile and lovely feedbacks and success will then come along! – This tip courtesy of Sparkles Macaron – 1,768 sales so far

302. Offer Excellent Customer Service

Great photos, fresh listings, and lots of promoting are the obvious tips for a successful shop. I also think excellent customer service adds to a shop’s success. Presentation is everything! I add a personal note to the buyer and include a little Free gift with every order. I take great care in packaging my items and offer Free gift wrapping. I like to think that when my buyer opens the package, he/she is happily surprised. Many of my buyers have complimented my packaging, Freebies, and personal care I give to each order. I’ve found those little extra touches bring repeat buyers back to my shop. Satisfied buyers often send friends and relatives my way! – This tip courtesy of paperplanet – 1,771 sales so far

303. Provide the handmade experience for your shoppers

Hand write a thank you note, allow customizations, and be flexible. You don’t get that kind of service from a big box store, so that’s what makes shopping on Etsy such a personalized experience. Providing the great experience keeps your shoppers coming back for more–and, in turn, recommending your shop to their friends! – This tip courtesy of polishedtwo – 12,409 sales so far

304. Free Advertising Sites

There are a lot of free advertising sites. You don’t have to join them all but start at the top and join a few. You will get the views and sales that you want to promote off of Etsy! ( you can tweet an item from your shop right on your item page. Do it all day) (advertise your shop and items) Formerly EtsyLush ( there is a free option and a paid one. You want the free one. Upload your items there) (You make boards, like treasuries. People like and re-pin items. You name the boards anything you like) (Join and add items from your shop. People can follow you and you can follow them) (Read help link below. Worth joining) (I get lots of views from here) (Go to submit a site and add your shop to the free bronze listing) (list an item of yours anytime you want) (Great place, I get lots of views here)
Instagram Web Profiles (you can keep updating people on your current projects.

People always love giveaways! You can promote your items, new arrival items, promotions and giveaways on your own blog. - This tip courtesy of Joom – 6,810 sales so far

305. Make Goods People Love

Along with great pictures, informative descriptions, and appropriate tags at the end of the day you have to sell products that people want to buy. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise your art but you do have think about the market and fine-tune your product line to tap into your special niche. Think critically about who your customer is, and what you would want if you were in their shoes. Once you do this you can concentrate on sharing your goods with the world! – This tip courtesy of Medium Control – 5,955 sales so far

306. Troubleshoot for The Best in Customer Satisfaction

Our ulitmate goals is to ensure that our clients are dead chuffed with their order. To that end we include a little note with every package that greets them, thanks them for their purchase and asks that old retail chestnut…”If you are happy with our service, please tell others. If for any reason you are not, please tell us. Our goal is to make you happy.” That way, should something have gone wrong along the way the client knows that their joy is our job one. – This tip courtesy of buttonempire – 4,390 sales so far

307. Tags, Titles, and Photos

Use Etsy’s tagging system to your advantage! Brainstorm the words and phrases that a buyer would use to search for and that best describe your items. If your items don’t show up in the first 3 pages of the search results, buyers won’t find you at all. Include the most popular words/phrase in your title, too. Repeating those words brings you closer to the first page of search results. Once you do get your items in those first 3 pages, your thumbnail photo will decide if the potential buyer clicks on your item or another seller’s item. – This tip courtesy of JustJaynes – 8,801 sales so far

308. Re-list, re-list, re-list

The best tip I can give for Etsy success, is to re-list frequently! I list each item with a quantity of just one, so that when that item sells, it gives me the opportunity to re-list, and appear at the top of the search results once again. If sales are slow, I try to renew a listing or two every couple of hours throughout the day…again, to keep my items closer to the top of the search results. There are so MANY amazing items on Etsy…I want to make sure at least a couple of my items are near the top of search results every time! – This tip courtesy of Define Your Space Vinyl – 5,267 sales so far

309. Shine with Originality

In a crowded marketplace, your most effective weapon is your imagination. Mark your work with a bit of your soul – something completely distinctive to you. While it may be tempting to take the easy road and copy somebody else’s work, you are only reinforcing their brand, not creating your own. When you are true to yourself, it shines in your work…and shows in your sales. – This tip courtesy of TrickyKnits – 2,748 sales so far

310. Do what you love

Make sure you are passionate about what you sale and that it is something you would like to buy yourself. At SevenAcreWoods I love plants and farming and things made of yarn so that is the focus of my shop. I provide products from my little organic farm such as plants, seeds, and alpaca fiber. I also hand craft things myself in knit and crochet. These are things that I love and are passionate about. – This tip courtesy of SevenAcreWoods – 3,254 sales so far

311. The Flaws of Attraction

A key element to connecting with your consumer correctly identifying your work. For example, if you are creating whimsical bits of magic that have bone dry descriptions and bland names, you might be missing your target. If your art tells a story…..then tell that story in the bones of your shop. Keeping a consistent and matching tone to your shop is the flame that draws in all the intrigued little moths. – This tip courtesy of KiWi Cuties – 1,540 sales so far

312. Provide a product that is better then expected

A great photo is the best way to drive in new traffic, however the best way to get a sale, referrals, and repeat customers is to give something that is well packaged and even better in person then in the photo. – This tip courtesy of TheMonogramGiftShop – 3,080 sales so far

313. Be Catchy, But Stay Classy

Our tip for being successful is being catchy, but staying classy! This applies to every part of your shop. Your name, your items, your shop front, and even the way you interact with customers!

Start with a name. A cute name, catchy, one that people will remember, or possibly even connect with! You want it to stand out in a world of other shops. We named our shop after the fact that we are a family of FIVE SISTERS! Crazy, right?! But people love our name! We have had many, many people e-mailing us, telling us that they are one of five sisters, or they have five daughters, or just love our name! We are remembered at the post office by our shop name!
So come up with a cute, catchy, classy name!

Another major factor in becoming successful is photography. That is a huge one! Take good photographs of your items! High quality photos usually means high quality items. If you photograph your items well, people are more likely to spend more time in your shop, sifting through items just to look at the photography! (I know I do!)

Give your costumers a good experience. You want them to enjoy working with you, to remember you, and even advertise for you! If they enjoy your items, they will probably tell friends and family about it. And you want them sharing positive feelings about the items and your shop. So give them something to brag about.
If you’re in the wrong, admit it. Apologize to customers, make sure they know how sorry for you. Chances are, if they are mad, a good apology will cool them off. (Unless they are the spawn of the devil! And we’ve dealt with a few!)

And my last tip is… Enjoy what you’re doing. If you love working on Etsy, people will know. :)This tip courtesy of FiveSisterz – 2,110 sales so far

314. Try To Foster Return Customers

We treat every single sale, every single customer the same way – everyone gets a thank you message the day they order recapping their purchase and going over the shipping method/timeline, everyone gets a message the day their order ships, everyone gets a beautifully wrapped package with a handwritten note card and, for larger orders, a little thank you gift. This often leads to return customers, and then we make every effort to keep them with us – that means going out of our way for custom requests, finding out of print fabric, including seasonal thank you gifts. It is well worth the extra effort to treat your customers with incredible care, communication and appreciation. – This tip courtesy of SewnNatural – 2,793 sales so far

315. Stick with your Theme

When I first opened up my shop I wasn’t even sure anyone was looking for primitive rustic miniatures, because when I searched for them I couldnt find any. It was a mental fight I had with myself not to veer off and make the basic miniature dollhouse style. It may be slow at first, but people will find you, and will tell you your items are just what they were looking for. Stay unique with your theme by sticking to your original plan. - This tip courtesy of MiniatureCabinDecor – 1,102 sales so far

316. Sell good stuff

Make and  sell good quality items and everything else will take care of itself. Also, customers like fast shipping. I always ship next day. – This tip courtesy of Craftiness – 3,254 sales so far

317. Consistently Relist

Consistently add new listings to grab the attention of shoppers. And to keep your shop looking fresh. It also helps to keep your listings at the top of the search. Relist! Relist! Relist! not just when items expire, relist to keep your items on the first 1-4 pages of the search. – This tip courtesy of Pamela Porsch Designs – 1,730 sales so far

318. Treat your customers like GOLD

Our most effective sales success tip to treasure our customers. I think that’s why we have so many repeat buyers. We usually send out a thank you email letting the customer know that if they have any questions or issues with their order they can contact us and expect a lighting fast response. We always follow up just to ensure there are no issues with our service or products. We also include a hand written thank you and small freebie in each order. Which is always recived very well. We are thankful for each and every sale here on Etsy and make sure to let people know that. – This tip courtesy of Moxie Madness – 2,280 sales so far

319. Use Every Skill You Have At Your Disposal

One of the things that I know has made my yarn shop such a success on Etsy is that I draw on a wide range of skills and traits that have served me well in other pursuits in life. In my life before Etsy, I was an avid photographer, writer, knitter, and creator. I’ve been able to bring these skills to my shop in an effective way. I just had to focus them on the task of presenting my items in their best possible light. Probably the most useful tool has been my warped sense of humour. I try to give my products inventive names and descriptions. It helps to be a little bit nuts. My advice to new shop owners would be to take some time to assess the skills and personality traits that have been your strengths so far in life, and see how you can harness them to the personality of your shop. It becomes part of the unique branding of your business. – This tip courtesy of See Jayne Knit Yarns – 8,625 sales so far

320. List Often

Listing often will give your shop more visibility and also keep your shop fresh. Visibility will help with new customers finding you and reminding regular customers that you still thriving. Plus, listing new items will give customers a reason to keep coming back to see what’s fresh and new. – This tip courtesy of artgoodies – 2,694 sales so far

321. Take great photos and be very descriptive when describing your item

Answer convos right away. If you don’t; someone else might and you may lose that customer. I wouldn’t have a successful business without my smartphone; it allows me to communicate with my customers via convo anywhere I am. – This tip courtesy of 3sweetpeasjewelry – 10,768 sales so far

322. Provide Fantastic Customer Service

I always provide the absolute Best Customer Service. No matter what. True, sometimes the customer isn’t always right, but when they come to my shop and make a purchase from me, they are! My feeling is when they make a purchase and something goes wrong (and it will eventually on an order or two) fix it and fix it at no cost to your customer. Then, not only are they happy, but they are more likely to be a repeat buyer. never stand on principle, it isn’t worth it.
Second, I always use top quality materials. When my customer receives their purchase, I want them to feel they received MORE than their moneys worth.
And lastly, be quick to respond to ALL messages, whether they are good or bad. In other words, if there is a problem address it PROMPTLY! If you want the sale and want to be successful, keep a constant eye on your messages, people don’t like to wait, they will go somewhere else. – This tip courtesy of Gifts And Talents – 4,770 sales so far

Whew, that is a huge list of tips! What are some of your Etsy marketing tips? Please list them below!

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Christine at PillowThrowDecor
November 27, 2012 12:20 pm

Wow… what a list! Excellent resource information! I’ll keep coming back here whenever I need an injection of enthusiasm and skilled advice. Thanks so much for taking the time to record the best of the best! Cheers Christine

Badger and Chirp
November 27, 2012 8:41 pm

I could only get part way through all these amazing tips so I’ll have to come back and read later. Thank you for including our tip (#17)!


What an amazing collaboration of ideas! I can’t wait to read through them… although it may be AFTER our busy holiday season! ;) Thanks for including us! (#45)


Thank you so much from someone who is trying to decide if the time is right! Great tips!


Wow! So many great tips, now I have to free up some time to read ‘em all! Thanks for including my tip (#266)


Oh My Goodness!!! Such great, wonderful ideas! If you start using 1 tip a day just think what you will rock out for the next holiday season!!! (and this one)! Thank Andreea!


Thank you Andreea for creating such a wonderful list that showcases such a large number of etsy sellers. It is great to see how many shops have created a successful small business all with the help of etsy! Great tips can’t wait to read them all!

Theresa Kimball
December 1, 2012 6:05 am

What a great article!

Thank you so much for sharing. I feel affirmed in what I do and I feel motivated to try other methods that may net me more results e.g., sales.


This is GREAT! Thank you A LOT!!!!!!


Use your policies. Be very detailed. Do not leave any customer feeling confused. If you don’t use your policies it can lead to a lot of problems. Policies are to protect buyer and seller. It sets boundaries. If you are not around to explain them, it’s all right there. Customers don’t like to be left hanging. If they can’t get an answer fairly quick they move on.

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This article is amazing. I can’t say how much it helps me on my one year anniversary of opening my shop.

Thanks so much!


That was a great article. The fifth tip in this article supports gaining recognition outside of Etsy. Another way of gaining recognition to your Etsy Store would be setting up shop on ZuuBee !
Thanking You !!!


WOW! Amazing list of great tips!
I’m still working my way through reading all of them.
Well done!
Thank You so much for including one of my tips – #302!

March 10, 2013 9:43 pm

Thank you very much for all these tips. I’m new seller on Etsy, your article helps me a lot.

The Gift Insider
March 22, 2013 6:07 pm

Wow, such an incredible list! While not an etsy seller, I blog about and recommend etsy shops on my site and across the media. I spend a lot of time scouring Etsy to find the best on the site and promote on local news segments – pictures are HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. Invest in that. Professional is key, I don’t want to post about you on my blog if your pictures are crummy. Reach out to bloggers and media, pitch lifestyle experts (like me!) to get yourselves on local news. Send us product samples, create a bond with us, promote our tweets and website, if I like you as a person I am way more likely to recommend you!

March 26, 2013 4:51 am

Thanks for adding this, Lindsay! I totally agree :)


Wow! The tips seem never ending but they’re truly useful. I admit that I didn’t read them all but I read enough to keep me motivated and inspired to do better.

Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us!


Start before you are ready! I’m still working to have all systems in place for success, but I realize that I have to begin somewhere. Development and growth take time. Starting out can feel a bit awkward since it’s not all dialed in yet. This is an outstanding resource – thanks to all who contributed. It’s great to see so many successful etsy sellers out there!


Great list Andrea! I am so perplexed by the 1st tip from Black Baroque. If they never used any type of social media does that also mean email lists? How did anyone ever know about their business if they never shared about it? Am i missing something? If anyone could elaborate I would so appreciate it. Thanks so much!


Wow, that’s a heck of a list.

Designs by Jocelyn
June 29, 2013 3:43 am

Bookmarking this and I will definitely be starting to list my shop on those many free sites. Thanks for this comprehensive, very helpful tips!


WOW Super! thank for sharing <3


I’m going to keep coming back to this page when I need tips. There are far too many links on this page, but together they seem like a lifetime of wisdmn!

I only read to about tip #52 and I have a lot to think about already. Thank you.


I appreciate you putting this list together! I was shocked when I read the first tip! No blogging, facebook etc. I don’t use twitter but I have made sales from facebook because some of those customers had never heard of Etsy before. I have revamped my store multiple times including taking better pictures and I do believe that has helped with my sales. Thanks again for collecting this list!


This is an amazing list! I was reading through and taking mental notes because so much great advice has been shared! Thank you Andrea and to the 300 sellers who shared such wonderful advice.


Amazing resource. Another thing to work on is cutting costs and carving out new profit centers in your business. While increased sales will always help top line growth, a key to profitability is to reduce expenses. Example – we just had an Etsy seller use us for shipping via UPS. She saved 30% on her ground shipments and passed half that onto her customers and kept the other half as additional profit. She does custom items commonly weighing 10 pounds or more, so it was an extra $1-4 per item in profit while her customer saved the same amount. Win win.


Thank you for providing this amazing list. I do however find a Facebook page is helpful. I do have one and I show my paintings there when they are first completed. While I do not sell on FB, my customers have said they love to “watch” me in progress! Sometimes I will even show a painting from start to completion! Thanks again for the list – I’ve picked up a lot of great ideas! Sharon “4 Paws of Gold”


There is a new tip for etsy shop promotion –
TreasuryPromo is an Etsy treasury exchange network! It is like a big treasury team, but they do not have a limit for the number of treasuries to be made per month. You can create treasuries whenever you want and earn karma points that way! Also you don’t need to notify shops for including them in your treasuries, because if you make treasuries, you will be in treasuries!


Another great way to promote an Etsy shop that sells gifts for kids is Mommy I Want This. The site curates new and cool products for kids and sends a link to the product to its followers and fans.



All of this info was so awesome! Thank you so much.


Wow that’s a lot of great info. I just started my shop and can’t wait to grow it. Thanks for all the help.

Joe J. Czarniecki
April 11, 2014 7:49 pm

WOW!! What an informative list. So many awesome points to help anyone working w/ Etsy to succeed and push forward. Thanks so much for putting this together. Much appreciated!! :)


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