5 Ways to Market Your Product Line Before It Launches

Five ways to market your product line before it launchesThis is a guest post from Megan Eckman of Create Hype.

You put so much effort into making your product that sometimes you forget to put the same amount of thought and effort into marketing the finished piece. This not only steals sales from you and leads to a flop of a launch but it makes you feel a bit depressed. Or, in the case of my launch a few months back, a bit like eating several cartons of Ben and Jerry’s. But after that failed launch, I learned some tricks that ensured my most recent release was a stunning success. So now I want to share with you 5 ways to market your product before it even launches.

  1. Set up a pre-order. Your most loyal and raving fans already know they’re going to love what youíre creating so give them the chance to buy it early. Set up a special mailing list where you give them exclusive sneak peeks. Also offer the item at a slight discount as further incentive to buy early.
  2. Encourage your fans to be part of the creation. When I was in the first stages of making my 2013 Calendar of Magical Places, I asked people to share the places where they felt the most magic. They sent me dozens of ideas, pictures, and links. Many of those were included in the final calendar so my fans feel an even greater connection to it. Ask for favorite colors, silver or gold, 8î x 10î or 11î x 14î, silk or wool, digital or print. People love to give opinions and connect with you.
  3. Pitch to blogs. Before you officially release your product, contact blogs and let them know what you’re launching. By contacting them ahead of time, you can coordinate the posts so that they go live on launch day, maximizing your reach.
  4. Contact your wholesalers. Like with bloggers, if you can get your wholesalers on board with the release of your new line, you will rock your launch. Send them a sign to print out that announces the upcoming product and put some great teaser pictures on it. If your work is in local shops, try to host a party or throw a trunk show. If you don’t have your work in retail shops yet, this may be just the incentive you need!
  5. Share sneak peek photos daily or weekly on Facebook and Twitter leading up to the launch. Encourage others to comment and share. Perhaps show just a tiny part of the product and have people guess what it is. If your product is a digital course or e-book, write a series of blog posts that tie into the subject and get people excited for the launch.

Marketing your product before it launches not only ensures you won’t have to eat three cartons of Ben and Jerry’s to wash down the feeling of disappointment but it helps you pour out your greatest gifts to your fans. The more you get the word out, the more people you can empower, inspire, aid, and excite. That’s why you’re in this business you created, right? So go out there and market your amazing new product line long before it launches!

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