Are you ready to really grow your product line this year?

When I first started my t-shirt business in 2007 I had no idea what to do! I had no experience with manufacturing, sales, publicity or wholesale. I spent four years figuring it out and I made A TON of costly mistakes. I didn’t have anyone to learn from, so I had to figure it all out on my own.

By the time I sold my t-shirt company in 2011, I was able to get my shirts in over 300 stores and more than 200 media outlets. It wasn’t easy, but I learned a lot along the way.

But things were a lot different when I launched my organic soap line last summer!!!! I felt so much more confident and ready to go because I already had a successful product-based business to learn from!

As a result, I was able to get my soaps in almost 50 stores and more than 50 media outlets  in less than six months! My soaps were featured in top magazines (including Organic Spa Magazine, Redbook, Woman’s World, and more!) and even on two TV shows, which resulted in my soaps selling out fast!

And now, I want to ask you a question…

Are you looking to really grow your product line this year?

If so, check out my brand new FREE video training series designed specifically for entrepreneurs who have a product-based business.

If you’re feeling excited about where you are at with your business right now OR if you’re feeling doubtful that things might not be going the way you imagined, you’ll find lots of insight in Video 1.

In this video, I talk about the THREE mistakes product entrepreneurs make and how you can avoid making them! You’ll also find out how I got my start as an entrepreneur (I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with candy!)

Over the next two weeks I’ll be releasing three more videos – on Jan 16, 20 and 23. You’ll get a reminder email from me as soon as the videos are available, so make sure to enter your name and email here.

If you’re ready to truly step it up in 2014, make sure to watch these videos as soon as you can because they are only available through Jan 30, 2014!

Do you know of any entrepreneurs who are struggling to market their products? If so, will you click on the link below to share this with them on Twitter?

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What mistakes have you made in your business that you learned a lot from? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Can’t wait Andreea!! Thank you so much!!

Jocelyn @ Designs by Jocelyn
February 13, 2014 5:49 pm

Hi Andreea, you are very inspiring and I’m so jealous! How did you get your soaps in 50 stores and more than 50 media outlets in less than six months??? I want to know how you did it! Is there a link you can give me to follow your step by step process on how you did this? I am so ready to launch my jewelry in stores and magazines too but I don’t know where to start! Please help! :(

Jocelyn @ Designs by Jocelyn
February 13, 2014 5:51 pm

Also, I tried to access your free video training series, but it’s telling me they are closed for registration. I would love if i can have access to your free videos. Thanks so much!


The series is now closed, but I’ll let you know when it opens again for registration!


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