The Importance of Video for Product Entrepreneurs: Why Beautiful Photos Aren’t Enough Anymore

July 22, 2014

This is a guest post from For years there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on the use of quality photos for marketing your products or business. Real estate websites claim that good photos increased the sale price of a home by as much as 47 percent. And lately it seems as if everyone takes amazing pictures for photography blogs and social sharing sites. All of this adds up to a realization that while beautiful photos used to set you apart in the market, static pictures aren’t enough anymore. When everyone has beautiful photography, the reality is that they’re barely…

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ASK ANDREEA: What should your priorities be when you are first starting a business?

July 10, 2014

Do you want to start a business but feel overwhelmed about what your priorities should be? In today’s podcast I’m going back to the ASK ANDREEA series where I answer a question from one of you. Here’s today’s question: “I’m trying to start a small accessories line. However, there’s just me. I’ve received positive response to my jewelry but if I get an online store or get my products in stores how can I be sure I can keep up with production if it takes off. I’m not sure what my priorities should be at this point. Does it make…

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Does your product need a branding tuneup?

July 6, 2014

This is a guest post by Lidia Varesco Racoma I love branding. For almost 15 years, Ive been running a graphic design studio and helping clients create effective branding and marketing. Last year, I launched typebaby, a line of typographic baby and kids apparel. I got just as excited about developing the branding and I did about developing the product line. I recently held a branding “tune-up” workshop to help fellow moms in business discover key aspects of their brand. At the end of this post, you will be able to download the worksheet (tweaked for product businesses) for your…

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Choosing the Direct Sales business model with Kara Wiegand of @ThreadsWW

July 3, 2014

Have you considered implementing a direct sales model for your business? If you are not familiar with direct sales, here’s a quick rundown: direct sales is when you sell your products away from a physical store location and instead sell through sales consultants who host trunk shows, demos, in-person events and even online. In today’s podcast episode, Kara Wiegand of Threads Worldwide and I talk about why she and her business partners, Angela Yost and Lindsay Herron, decided to sell their handcrafted products through Direct Sales Consultants instead of selling to retailers. CLICK TO LISTEN You can also listen on…

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How to get your products in holiday gift guides

June 30, 2014

Do you want to get your products in magazines’ holiday gift guides? I know it may seem a little early to think about your products as a holiday gift, but June, July and August are the months when most national magazines plan their holiday gift guides. You’ll want your products to be a part of these holiday gift guides because it can mean a lot of sales over the holiday for your business. It can also increase your credibility among other journalists and media, as well as increase awareness of your brand among your target customers. Here are some simple-yet-effective…

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What I learned about my business from going on vacation

June 25, 2014

When was the last time you took a vacation? As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to forgo vacation time not only because we often love what we do, but also because there is so much to do in our business! The last time I took a vacation for more than a few days was when I went to San Diego with my family in March 2013. I do take smaller vacations – a lot of them actually, which is why I love being an entrepreneur – but they’re more like taking a few days off from work than truly going on…

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