Choosing the Direct Sales business model with Kara Wiegand of @ThreadsWW

direct business sales modelHave you considered implementing a direct sales model for your business? If you are not familiar with direct sales, here’s a quick rundown: direct sales is when you sell your products away from a physical store location and instead sell through sales consultants who host trunk shows, demos, in-person events and even online.

In today’s podcast episode, Kara Wiegand of Threads Worldwide and I talk about why she and her business partners, Angela Yost and Lindsay Herron, decided to sell their handcrafted products through Direct Sales Consultants instead of selling to retailers.


You can also listen on iTunes or download this episode by clicking here.


Here are some links that you’ll hear about in this episode:




Have you thought about using Sales Consultants for your business instead of selling to retailers? Do you have a question for Kara? If so, leave a comment below and let me know.

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Very informative and inspiring information. Kara, what you and your partners are doing in truly giving life to so many women who may have never thought that their talents could reach so many heights. Very proud of your initiative and thank you Andreea for introducing to all of us. Xo


Hoping Kara is looking at these and could perhaps answer a question. Did you get your complete backend customized from the ground up or did you use a particular one? If the last option, what company did you use?


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