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Monday, May 13, 2013

merchantfuse-logoThere are over 20,000 wholesalers in the U.S. and less than 3% are at your average trade show. Pretty startling numbers. Thankfully there’s MerchantFuse, an exciting new web platform that takes the travel and time out of attending trade shows and puts your product in front of buyers every day of the year.

Founded by entrepreneurs Dan Merns and Zaki Aziz, the site’s goal is to create build transparency into the home and housewares industry.  “The concept for MerchantFuse came out of my experience working in buying at Bed Bath & Beyond, where I was always frustrated with the inefficiencies involved in the business,” says Merns. 

The way it works is simple: You create your vendor profile, which introduces wholesale and retail professionals to your company and your product. Through the information and photos you share, retailers can get to know more about what you have to offer. If they’re interested, contacting you through site’s interface cuts out the efforts of digging through your website to find the right address.

But you don’t need to just sit and wait to be found. You, too can browse retailers profiles, identify those you want to work with and contact them directly through MerchantFuse. No more waiting and hoping someone reads your email. You’ll be contacting a pool of retailers who are actively seeking new partnerships.

Today Merchant Fuse offers a roster of 200 retailers and counting, from large to small, online to brick and mortar, and even catalogs. As the number of registered retailers grows, so do the opportunities for you to see your products for sale in new and exciting places.

Now is the time to join Merchant Fuse because it’s completely free to join, contact retailers and be contacted!

When the site reaches over 500 vendors, Merns says some premium features will become exclusive to those who pay the one time $500 fee, but until then every innovative feature is your to experience.

Future features Merns expects to launch include allowing vendors to search for retailers according to the categories of products they sell or the number of stores they own. Another is opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to place order from vendors through the site.

Don’t miss out, joint MerchantFuse today.

  1. Kristen(Cute Beltz)

    OK, I am so excited about Merchant Fuse. I am always so cautious about attending trade shows because of the cost, so this seems like an excellent solution. Thanks for sharing!

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