How to contact a celebrity

contact a celebrityMost entreperneurs dream about their favorite star using their product. Getting your products into celebs hands can be a lot of work (and money), but depending on your product it may be well worth your time to contact a celebrity. Here’s how:

My experiences

I’ve had mixed experiences with contact a celebrity attempts.

Two years ago, I worked with a PR company that invited celeb stylists to visit the office to see new products. I gave away 30 of my former company’s t-shirts to Dancing with the Stars cast members among others. To date, I’ve never seen a photo of those celebrities wearing my tees.

In 2010, I organized Savor The Successes Celebrity Gift basket campaign. We assembled beautiful gift baskets sent to 10 high profile celebrities. I received thank you notes from Courtney Cox, Denise Richards, Tori Spelling and Ed Begley. I used the notes to earn more PR exposure by sending them to my customers and wholesale clients. I also contacted celebrity magazines., and others mentioned my brand, which boosted my profile and my sales.

The best contact a celebrity products

  • The celebrity can be photographed with it (apparel, accessories)
  • The item can be easily identified in a photo
  • Children’s items, like toys and clothes
  • Baby products, like strollers and carriers

Other products can benefit from your effort to contact a celebrity if you can get the celebrity to write a testimonial for your website or mention it in an interview, but your best bet is something they will wear.

Four ways contact a celebrity

Gifting suites: PR and gifting companies set up booths or organize the gift bags at high profile events.

Benefit: You can often get a photo of a celebrity holding your product

Disadvantage: You can’t control who actually receives your product

Cost: $1000s

Hire a PR company specialized in celebrity gifting: Companies in this niche prepare and deliver gift baskets of assorted products to celebrities and their teams.

Benefit: These companies often have long-term relationships with the celebrities and their managers

Disadvantage: You product is surrounded by others and may be overlooked

Cost: $30 to several $100

Include celebrity gifting in your overall PR plan: By hiring a PR company for all of your PR needs you can include celebrity gifting in your package.

Benefit: As your PR firm, the team is focused on your goals and can leverage existing relationships with celebrities

Disadvantage: It make take some cold calling to find a firm that has the expertise you need

Cost: Often included in your monthly fee

Contact a celebrity on your own:  In the past, I’ve used to send my products directly to celebrities and their representatives.

Benefit: You can hand pick the celebrities you want to reach

Disadvantage: As an unknown company sending an unsolicited package, your item may be overlooked.

Cost: $10-$20 month for database access

What happens next?

Getting the most out of your brush with fame requires a little more work once the package is mailed.

Include  a self-addressed, stamped card with your item that the celebrity can write a quick thank you note on. Include copy saying you hope they enjoy the product and that you’d love their feedback.

If you’re working with a PR firm they’ll handle follow-up, but if you’re going it alone, you need diligence. Keep notes about what you sent, where and when. Call the agency to which you sent the package to ask if it was delivered and for them to return the comment card. Don’t be intimidated. Agency staffers can be brisk, but you both have jobs to do.

How did you contact a celebrity? Share your experiences, and you questions, in the comment section below.



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i love your site ,, you have so many fabukous helpful hints .. I’ve tried to celebrity gifting sites last year… every Mommy that had a baby last year received our “Baby Bella Organic Natural Spa Collection”..and not ONE thank you note from any of them .. I was very disappointed !!



Have you tried this particular website yet? I’m just curious if you have and if you have any success with it?



Sheryl Kurland
May 14, 2013 5:24 pm

Instead of asking a celebrity to endorse my product, I went about the effort thinking from THEIR perspective of “What’s In It For Me?” I targeted celebrities who have media visibility, i.e., radio show, blog. I came up with some unique interview/article ideas and submitted them and offered to be an interview expert. So, I contributed to helping THEM attract THEIR audience. Afterward, I followed up with a hearty thank you, and then asked them if they’d write a few words about my “Everlasting Matrimony” book (or I excerpted words from their compliments within the interview). See the results: Cost: $0 (just some super creative thinking)

May 14, 2013 6:31 pm

Thanks so much for sharing this tip, Sheryl! Great advice!!!!


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