Convert Your Creativity – 10 ways to get your landing page in superhero shape

November 7, 2012

Convert Your CreativityIf you were a superhero, the landing page of your website would be your super power. It possesses the ability to drive customers to the #1 place you want them to go. It displays your brand within the blink of an eye. It even captures those all important email addresses that spell success or failure for your business. But are you taking full advantage of your super power? Is your landing page in 6-pack shape or does it more resemble the keg belly of your sidekick?

Here are 10 ways to get your landing page into superhero shape:

  1. Make sure your navigation prioritizes your pages. After your about page (the second most visited page on your website), where do you want people to go? Put that tab to the right of the about tab.
  2. Make your tabs verbs. People love action words so why not encourage your customers to ‘shop’ not ‘store’?
  3. Show off your work. Does your landing page display your most stunning work? Give people a reason to stay on your site.
  4. Include a picture of yourself. Nowadays, people love to buy from people not companies. Adding a picture of yourself in the sidebar (as a widget that links to your about page) lets people feel like they know you as a person, not a business.
  5. Get rid of old links or pages. If you haven’t updated your blog in 3 months, take the tab out of your navigation. It will clean up your site visually and people won’t wonder what else you haven’t updated in 3 months.
  6. Show off your brand. Here’s where your customer gets to know your brand through your font and color choices, your layout, and where you lead them.
  7. Increase visibility for your mailing list sign-up. Get that box front and center because a mailing list of engaged customers is the life-blood of your business.
  8. Share your why. People like to feel connected to you and nowadays they don’t buy what you do but WHY you do it. Let them connect to your mission and they’ll keep coming back. Put your tagline/mission statement next to your picture so everyone knows what you stand for.
  9. Show off your social proof. Some people put a rotating stream of customer reviews or quotes in their sidebar. Customers like to know you’re not a scam so share the rave reviews you have!
  10. Keep it simple. You should have one MAIN goal in mind for your customer when they land on your home page. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Do you want them to go shopping? Do you want them to share your blog post with their friends? Make sure you have a clear call to action so that when your home page loads, your customer instantly knows where to go.

Are you feeling pumped up now? I hope so! It can be so easy to forget the importance of your landing page because you’re used to seeing it every day. Your customers are always coming to it with fresh eyes so make sure your page is as strong as it can be. Make your website do the work for you! That’s the true power of being a business superhero.

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