Evoice – My Honest Review

Every small business owner has had that moment: You’re in the grocery store, or waiting to pick your children up after practice, when your phone rings. You don’t want to miss the call but you don’t want to sound unprofessional when background noises start to filter into your call. The solution is eVoice.

What is eVoice

eVoice is a suite of voice communication services that offers your home based business the ability to feel and sound much larger.

Instead of calling in to your local number, customers and clients can call a personalized 1-800 number that’s easier to remember and receive assistance from a virtual attendant.

eVoice Features

The eVoice auto attendant allows you to receive calls wherever you are. Calls can be routed to up to 3 phone numbers to help your clients reach you the first time.

If you’re too busy to take the call, you can use call screen to see who’s on the line, and forward it to voicemail. You messages can be converted to text so you can always stay up to date with your business without the downtime of checking your messages.

eVoice Pros

For many small businesses, the first challenge is earning credibility. With the power of eVoice’s virtual attendant and call routing, you can manage your calls professionally and efficiently from your cell phone, while maintaining a professional sound.

Multiple mailboxes help you stay organized by checking all of your order messages, wholesaler inquires and customer queries separately so you can stay on task.

eVoice Cons

eVoice is a basic system, so once your business takes the step from small business to larger enterprise, you may have to investigate other options. You can only call forward your virtual number to up to 3 phone numbers, which is still more than enough for your average small business.

Should You Sign Up to eVoice

Technology has made it simple and affordable for every small and web based business to operate like a much larger brick and mortar store. By choosing a 1-800 number for your business you’re making it easier for customers to contact you, and easier for you to manage your communications.

Get started with eVoice with a free one month trial! Click here now to start building the communications package that meets your business needs.

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A virtual phone system like eVoice helps small enterprises or businesses in terms of communication. It will boost credibility and visibility of your business. It is also flexible and very accommodating to use.



We’re under a trial version of eVoice and one drawback that I see so far is that the when a caller selects an extension, they hear three rings before the phone that it’s redirected to actually rings. This extends the amount of time that the caller has to wait before either the call is answered or goes to voicemail. If you reduce the number of rings in their setup, then the caller is almost immediately redirected to voicemail and those extra rings are pointless. I asked their tech support and they didn’t have a solution to it. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.



This company is HORRENDOUS after having their service for 10 days and spending over $1000 in printing evoice disconnected my main business number WITH NO NOTICE. After not receiving calls I dialed the number and found it disconnected. ALL my business comes by phone. The explanation from evoice was that “fraud” had been detected on my phone number? I have no idea what that nonsense I only know there is no fraud related to my business in any way. When I informed evoice of this they said “Thats what you say”!!! I am going to sue evoice. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE


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