Facebook Success Checklist

I’d bet big money that you have a Facebook page for your business.  Nowadays almost every entrepreneur and tiny shop down the street does.  But I’d also bet big money that you’re not utilizing a tenth of its potential for your business.  I know your protests are starting to pop into your head but let me prove it to you.

Are you doing these 9 things with your Facebook page?

  1. Do you have a branded banner that tells visitors exactly what your business is all about at a glance?  Does it contain your branded colors, your business name, your logo, or a picture of your product?
  2. Is your profile picture a photograph of you?  Yes, you, because your fans want to connect to you, not your business.  Nike can’t put a photo of someone as their profile picture so take full advantage of that!
  3. Did you fill in your about information?  Do everyone (and yourself) a favor and tell people what your purpose is (the big WHY behind your business) as well as what you make.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to go to a Facebook page only to have to do a Google search on that business due to no information on their about page.
  4. Have you integrated your mailing list sign-up form?  Yep, that’s right!  Aweber and Mailchimp now have apps that integrate your sign-up box with your Facebook page.
  5. Did you integrate your Pinterest?  Andreea has a whole course on how to use Pinterest to market your business but have you downloaded the app to get your Facebook fans following your Pinterest boards?
  6. Did you integrate your Twitter?  This is a great (and easy) way to convert your Faceook followers into Twitter followers as well.
  7. Have you customized the colors and images of your Facebook business page’s icons?  I only recently learned that you can customize the colors of the Twitter, Pinterest, etc. icons to match your brand’s colors.  If you’re a good artist, you can also draw your own version of the icons to fit more with your company’s look.  For ideas, you can see how Marion & Rose’s Workshop made their apps brown and Les Soeurs Anglaises drew their icons.
  8. Have you merged your Facebook feed with your Twitter feed?  We’re all short on time so why not kill two birds with one stone and merge the feeds?  That way when you post something on Facebook, it automatically posts to your Twitter feed.
  9. Do you post things (besides your listings and updates) that get your followers involved in a conversation.  If your artwork is whimsical, post links to fun things like silent Alice in Wonderland films from the 1920’s to your feed.  Share what other people in your field are doing.  Ask your customers about their opinions, how they use your product/service, and what they’ll be doing this weekend.

Facebook has endless possibilities when it comes to leveraging your business but most of us aren’t using it to its full potential.  It just takes a little bit of time to set things up and then you’re set to let the platform do the work for you!

Megan Eckman is the community coordinator for Create Hype, a site that help female entrepreneurs learn how to market their creative business.  She’s also the full-time illustrator behind Studio MME.

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What an awesome article! Lots of things I haven’t thought about and will definitely implement.

Letitia Elizabeth @ Branding Academy
February 26, 2013 1:11 am

Oh yay! I had to comment because a little post here a while back told me to pat yourself on the back sometimes. And I’m very proud to say that surprisingly I am doing every last of these steps. Woot woot!

Luca Nardone
July 3, 2013 3:52 pm

Thanks! Wonderful and useful tips.
I disagree with #8: Facebook and Twitter are different and require different kind of messages.


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