Five things you should be doing on Pinterest that you probably aren’t

Five things that you should be doing on Pinterest that you probably aren'tLike any social network Pinterest has its own unwritten list of do’s and don’ts, and learning them all can take time. To help you make the most of your hard work, here are the 5 things I notice many Pinterest business users miss that can hurt your ability to gain and keep followers:

1. Put your most important boards on the top row

When a website loads, our eyes are logically drawn to the top of the page. If you have boards you want your followers to see first, like your product boards or customer testimonials, put them in your top row. To do this, go to your profile page and click the rearrange boards icon next to the “Edit Profile” button.

2. Categorize your boards

Without a category, Pinterest doesn’t know where to place your boards in the “Popular” feed, so they won’t show up! Adding a category to an existing board is simple, so there’s no excuse to miss out on this opportunity. On your main Pinterest URL, click the “Edit” button beneath the board you want to categorize. This will let you update a board description and assign it a category.

3. Include your keywords in your board descriptions

Like any website, Pinterest relies on keywords to help users find what they’re looking for in the search. Use the keywords you use on your website, or use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the most popular search terms for your products. To update a board description, click the “Edit” button beneath the board that you want to edit.

4. Use your main keywords in your profile description

You profile description is another key factor to helping users find you on Pinterest. Pick you most popular keywords and work them into your description. Be specific with your keywords, for example, if you sell organic goat milk soap, make sure that you have those words in your description instead of just using the term soap.

5. Pin with your followers in mind

You need to keep your boards topical if you want your followers to trust your Pinterest boards as a reliable source of information. This doesn’t mean every board needs to 100% related to your business, but you should concentrate on topics that offer a logical progression back to your main subject. If you want to keep track of pins that are of interest to you alone, create an account under your own name, or use the new Secret boards function, located below your public boards on your profile page, for personal pins.

Are your Pinterest boards missing any of these, or are there others you’d add to the list? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Very helpful, thanks! I’m glad that you mentioned the importance of building a powerful profile page This article reminds me of a similar one I just read, which is a really great resource for building a powerful Pinterest profile. I’m so glad that there’s such a tremendous amount of resources available to Pinterest marketers. Anyhow, thanks again!


Thanks for this. I didn’t realize what an opportunity I was missing by not filling in the descriptions of my boards. Some of them didn’t even have categories! I just spent about half an hour solving those problems – and it was fun to pile on those keywords.


Google Keyword Tool went away. Have any idea on something just as useful in its absence?


I am still experimenting with their new keyword tool and as soon as I figure out how it works I’ll make sure to share it with everyone.


Oh my gosh this was awesome! I put these changes into action right away and updated a bunch of my boards. I also cleared out some boards that were pretty dead and that I was unlikely to update again. Thank you thank you thank you!


Just a note to thank you for all of the information you share on your website. It’s extremely helpful.
After reading this article, I updated my board descriptions, and feel so much better about the purpose for each board. Selecting a category was a bit more challenging, but that is finished, too.
I can’t wait to receive your weekly e-mail with updates and tips.

April 1, 2014 3:00 am

That’s so great to hear, Susan! Thanks so much for reading (and implementing!!!)


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