How to get more traffic to your Pinterest boards

How to get more traffic to your Pinterest boardsIf you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably already getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest. For Launch Grow Joy, Pinterest is the #1 direct referrer to this site and has been since 2012, even though I spend less time on Pinterest than I do on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! This just goes to show you the power that Pinterest has when it comes to helping you grow your business.

So today I wanted to share with a quick video that shows you one tweak you can make to your Pinterest boards to get more traffic to your Pinterest profile and, in turn, more followers. Take a look and then set aside a few minutes to work on your boards.

After looking at your Pinterest boards, did you have a keyword (and description) associated with every board? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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Hope all is well with all the flooding! Thanks for the tip I was just trying to figure that out on monday to get more traffic using keywords on my boards and pins.


Excellent tip! Something I have partially done, but clearly I should take some time to do it more fully. I also noticed that you have a board of your retailers — another great idea. Again, so sorry to hear about Colorado’s flooding.


Oooh good tip!! Off to make a start on checking mine now…. Thanks for sharing :-)


I’ve actually done this since I created my board months ago “” but my board still does not come up in board searches for “Pet Portrait Paintings”. Do you have any idea why?


Andreea, what a great tip! Thank you for sharing ways to help promote our businesses on Pinterest. And btw, your video is fantastic – love the new Andreea Ayers jingle and graphics! :-)


Great tip…but I do have two questions

1) Do I need to have a separate pinterest account for my business? Currently I have a board on my personal account for my business

2) If I do not need a separate account, do I need to put keywords on all my boards since many of them DO NOT relate to my business at all? I sell earrings but have boards about ruins, architecture, clothing, quotes, etc.

Thanks for your help. You are always an inspiration.

Debora L. Griffin


Great tip about using keywords. So many don’t look at keywords as an important part of their business. When you can get free targeted traffic to your site and your pinterest boards makes it a must to do.

Blessings Janet


Such great info, thank you, I have gone through my boards and changed and updated what was needed.
thank you, hope all is well with you and yours ref. flooding


I just went in and filled in all my descriptions and even changed some of the names of the boards. I took it serious even though some of my descriptions where rather cheeky. Thanks so much for reminding me to do this.


Excellent tip! I have some work to do.

Also if anyone wants a new follower, I’d love to follow you folks!

If you’re interested, you can find me at I’ll follow you right back.


LOVE this video Andreea!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Off to do a bunch of work on Pinterest now!! Thank you, thank you!

October 10, 2013 6:54 pm

Glad to hear it, Charlotte!


Hey Andrea. Just watched the video and am about to implement the changes you suggested to my Pinterest account, Thanks for this. its really helpful and something i didnt even think of doing. Usually im really good with marketing tips and tricks so im glad to get all the extra info i can

Looking forward to more of your info

David @ David Munroe Art


Great suggestion and very clear explanation. Very generous of you to share! I got ti done right away!


Thanks for that I do have descriptions on most of my boards, however I had not realised about the keyword thing. so off now to check it out thanks again ashar


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