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Google marketing 101Google+ is one of the most overlooked social networks, but for business owners looking to expose their content to a wider audience it’s a bonanza. Google marketing can help you reach new users, boost your search engine ranking and gain a reputation as a source of relevant content. This social site recently topped 500 million users, nearly half of which are active daily.

What is Google+

Google+ is a social network, but so much more than that.

Like Facebook, Google+ welcomes branded pages and allows you to share text, images and video with your Circles, the G+ term for your followers. By google marketing on Google+ you can create a social identity that translates across all of your other Google products, including Gmail and YouTube.

This multimedia environment is optimized for mobile, which gives you easy reach to users who are more active on smartphones and tablets than desktop computers.

Getting started with Google Marketing

When populating your Google+ profile, you want to ensure you’re writing an accurate description of your business and the types of information you’ll share, while using your top keywords. G+ pages rank high in search rankings, so make the most of them. Include links to your most popular products, pages and your blog.

How to use Google+

G+ really encourages conversation. Get involved in the conversation by finding users who are interested in your niche. Answer questions on topics you’re knowledgeable on, and ask questions to spark interesting conversations.

Update your status several times per day, and look for ways to add value by sharing content others will find interesting in addition to sharing your own content.

Add an author tag to your blog posts by using the code <a href=“”>Follow me on Google+</a>. Replace the word code with your personalized G+ URL code. Now when your blog posts turn up in search you’ll see your G+ profile picture in the results.

The easier you make it for users to share your content, the farther it will spread!

Are you on Google+? Share your URL in the comments section so we can all add each other to our google marketing circles.

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