How to get your products in retail stores – my interview with Louisa Eyler of

How to get your products in retail storesIf you’ve been reading the Launch Grow Joy blog lately, you’ll see that I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on how to get your products in retail stores. That’s because this is one of the questions I get most often from entrepreneurs like you.

So I’ve decided to reach out to Louisa Eyler of and asked her to share her story.

For single mom Louisa Eyler, it was a shoelace that forever changed both her life and her autistic son RJ’s life; and now all she wants is to pay it forward.

Louisa’s son, RJ—like many children with autism—had difficulty learning the skill of tying his shoes. A social worker and single mom, Louisa was impressed when she discovered Lock Laces—an elastic shoelace and fastening system that ensured his laces would never come undone. Lock Laces allowed RJ the flexibility to wear any lace-up shoe and the freedom to never have to worry about untied shoelaces ever again.

Louisa was so moved, that she decided to get involved in a big way. She resigned from her job and created Positive Distribution, finding new purpose in propelling the Lock Laces brand. Positive Distribution owns the exclusive licensing and distribution rights for Lock Laces, and her goal is to change lives for the better, one shoelace at a time. The shoelace system helps athletes perform better, but more importantly, it has proven to simplify the lives of youth, seniors and those with special needs.

Louisa helped to get Lock Laces in major retailers like Foot Locker, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s and a lot more. In the interview below, you’ll hear Louisa’s story of how she approached Foot Locker. She also shares some really great tips with you.

If you have a question for Louisa on how to get your products in retail stores, please leave a comment below.

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Thanks Andrea and Louisa — your interview was so inspiring and packed full of great tips! Loved, loved, LOVED it!


Loved this interview! Louisa’s advice was so informative and she’s done an incredible job with her business.


Pretty amazing stuff! I just pinned this interview to one of my favorite boards. Thanks!


Great interview!


Louisa, I was quite inspired by your info and very grateful to Launch Grow Joy for providing the vehicle. Its it possible to speak to you about my product and some of my struggles?

Thanks Ladies wonder job!



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