How to write a product description – the definitive guide

How to write a great product descriptionDon’t sabotage your sales with boring or incomplete product description that use the same old overused words!” – Ellen Beeler, The Language of Description

Recently I stumbled upon this must-have book: “The Language of Description: An Online Seller’s Word Reference Guide” by Ellen Beeler. I wanted to share with you this great resource, because I know that one big challenge, of owning an online store, is to come up with great descriptions for all your products.

We all know that the biggest disadvantage of owning an online shop is that your customers can’t see, feel, try, taste, smell your products. That is why an accurate description is essential in convincing your clients about the true qualities and benefits of your products. For a lot of online shoppers a good description can be a decisive factor when making a purchase.

This online seller’s quick-reference guide is a terrific compilation of word lists for writing compelling product descriptions for online shops and venues. It’s an invaluable resource that can be used again and again for inspiration. It’s perfect for small business, etsy & ebay stores owners, and artists & designers who want to sell their own work.

How to write a product description

The book includes:

  • words that describe size, dimension, quantity, weight, shape and form
  • words for colors and words that describe finish or appearance
  • words that describe pattern and texture
  • a long list of descriptive adjectives, including words for intangible qualities
  • action words that describe what the item will do
  • a list of phrases that describe benefits
  • words that describe your audience or market
  • words that describe your technique or craft
  • a list of art styles, design eras, style subcultures, and style definitions

Make your product descriptions POP and move your business to the next level with this handy guide.

You can get your copy and learn how to write a product description here. And in the comments below let me know if you’re struggling with writing product descriptions and I’ll try to help!


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Wow great tips! I really like the idea of telling a story and painting a picture. I think too many people just copy and paste descriptions from a manufacturer. Can’t wait to implement some of this!!


Very good information!


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