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October 9, 2012

As your business grows so will your daily to-do list. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, let me introduce you to inventory management software.

Inventory management software tracks your out-going sales against your in-house stock to keep you up to date on the state of your inventory. One of the reasons I recommend this inventory management software is because it does so much more by monitoring your shipping statistics and your costs.

As orders come in Bizelo, springs into action by syncing with your shopping cart software. This inventory management software syncs with today’s most popular payment solutions, as well as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, 3D Cart, Magento and CartKeeper. It will even sync with multiple store fronts to help you keep all of your sales on track.

Bizelo makes shipping simple by generating packing slips directly from your shopping cart software. These optimized packing lists will help you make sure every shipment is packed right the first time to avoid waste and upset customers.

It also tracks your packing and shipping statistics. Bizelo tracks how much you’re spending on packaging, from supplies to postage to know if your making or losing money on shipping. See which platforms bring you the best shipping rates, and which one you’ll need to review.

And don’t worry about those last minute runs to the post office for packing supplies. This inventory management software monitors the quantity of packing material you have on hand and reminds you when it’s time to order more.  You can even generate a shopping list to make sure you grab everything you need in one trip.

Want to try Bizelo Inventory management software?

If you looking for a way to simplify the shipping end of your business try Bizelo inventory management software. Sign up today and get your risk free 30-day trial. Signing up takes  only 30 seconds and who knows how much money you’ll save by using it.



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