Your Pinterest board – quick tip for board ideas

April 26, 2012


Pinterest board - how to decide what boards to create

By now, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest and how it’s the fastest growing social media network (over 12 million users currently). For some people, it’s driving more traffic to their sites than LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube COMBINED. That’s huge! But how do you decide what Pinterest board to create?

What that means is that there’s a great opportunity for you, your brand and your products to start using Pinterest now to grow your business. But once you set up your account, how do you go about creating your Pinterest boards?

Here’s a quick tip. Make a list of all of the things your target customers are interested in and create a board around each topic. Here are some ideas:

- If you sell baby and kids clothing, create boards for healthy snacks for kids, gift ideas for kids, eco-friendly kids toys, modern nursery decor, or back to school supplies
- If you are a wedding photographer, create boards for wedding dress inspirations, wedding shoes, invites and paper ideas, honeymoom ideas or fashionable groom ideas
- If you sell jewelry, create boards for new styles for spring, best tops for summer, purses, birthstones, inspirational quotes or shoes
- If you sell home decor, create boards for decorating on a tight budget, paint ideas, best cities to live in, inspiring home offices or kids bedroom ideas

As long as you keep your target customer and their interests in mind, you’ll create an engaging Pinterest board worth following.

I’d love to see some of your boards. Link to your Pinterest account in the Comments section below and I’ll follow you!

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Great tips! Thanks!

I just started a Pinterest profile for my business, StorkThreads, this week. Still working on filling out my boards. Plan to add a few more boards in the coming weeks.


Nora, I just followed your boards on Pinterest!


Such great, easy-to-follow tips! I love how cutting-edge and on top of the trends you are, Andreea. Keep inspiring!


Thanks, Nika! Glad to see you here :)


Hey Andreea! I just listened to your webinar on Pinterest this morning and you gave me so much useful information so I just wanted to say thanks! Here is the link to my Pinterest… I own my own business Little Munchkin Keepsakes, I’m a sales rep for Strappys Decorative Bra Straps and I also live in Thornton, CO so not too far from you :-) You’re my “go to” for all the great information that I need!


Amy, thanks for listening to the webinar and for your great comments. I’ve followed you on Pinterest and your products are so cute (perfect for Pinterest, actually!) Thornton is right next door :)


thanks for your great tips !


Thanks for the information! I’ve been wondering if Pinterest is something I should be using to help promote business, A Lady and Her…this answered my question!
I started a profile for my business as soon as I was done reading! Still working on pinning my boards and I’m sure more ideas will come as the weeks go on! Thanks again!


Always gets me thinking!


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