Pinterest Marketing 101

Pinterest Marketing 101If you’re a regular Launch Grow Joy reader, you know that I’m a big advocate of using Pinterest marketing in to boost your business. But if you’re new, you may still be trying to learn the in’s and out’s. To help kickstart your efforts, here are 4 things you should know about Pinterest marketing:

Know why you’re there

For most entrepreneurs, the decision to create a Pinterest profile was partly driven by the assumption that you must be on the newest social site. While it’s true (your competition likely already are), you also need to keep your goals in mind.

Your ultimate goal should be to entice new customers and drive more traffic back to your website, but to do that you need to make your profile easy to find and ensure it logically directs visitors to your website.

To meet goal one, being easy to find, add keywords to you profile and board description and the tags you add to your pins. To direct visitors back to your site you need to…

Know how your Pinterest marketing relates to your brand

Pin with the idea in mind that each pin you share is an opportunity to encourage users to visit your site. Product images can be logically linked back to their webpage, but what other content can you link to your site?

Sharing your blog images is one way. Create your own unique blog images by taking the “nugget,” or the key takeaway, from your blog post and imposing it on a related image. For example, for this blog post I could use the text “4 things you should know to kickstart your Pinterest marketing.” Try a free image editor like Pixlr to get started.

Know your followers

The best part about Pinterest is the unbelievable connections you can make with your followers, but to do that you have to know who you’re pinning for. Look through the Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts of those who follow you to learn what types of content they share, re-post and like. Use your research to build a profile of your ideal customer. Keep her in the back of your mind every time you pin.

Know what you have to offer

To keep your followers coming back to check out your latest pins you need to offer news they can use. Create at least one board dedicated to sharing information followers can act on like DIY tips, recipes, style advice, home styling secrets or any other advice that compliments your brand. Your pins can link back to blogs posts, your podcast you record or videos you’ve made on YouTube.

How do you use Pinterest marketing to reach new customers? Share your tools and tips in the comment section. And if you are looking for more ways to get the most out of Pinterest, check out Pinterest Advantage.

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Thanks for this! It’s so wonderful that there’s such a tremendous amount of resources available to Pinterest marketers. With that, an excellent Pinterest Influencer Network I’ve come across that’s been really helpful to my biz is PinLeague. They’re basically a one-stop shop of Pinterest marketing resources definitely worth mentioning. Hope this helps and thanks.


Love how pinterest also lets you show personality through pinning. Our business ‘Feel the Hugs’ pins about hearts,
caring, love and gifts.

We are always trying ways to encourage shoppers to find our hug inspired gifts. Thanks for the tips.



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