Over 15 Pinterest marketing tips to help you grow your business

15 Pinterest marketing tips to help you grow your businessLast week I reached out to Launch Grow Joy readers and members of Help a Reporter (if you’re not already subscribed, you should sign up now by clicking here) and asked you to share your best Pinterest marketing tips. Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to reply and provided such great insight.

A lot of you are using Pinterest with great success and some of you have even reported that Pinterest drives more traffic to your site than Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn!

If you are not already on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? It’s sending more traffic to retailers and websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. If you need a pinterest invite, let me know and I’ll send you one right away.

Here are your best Pinterest marketing tips:

Pin Wisely

Be the pinner that people want to follow, by pinning wisely. Don’t over post items from your shop–but rather pin a wide variety of beautiful items, with yours in the mix. If you post only items from your shop–or post too many, people are not only unlikely to repin–they are likely to quit following your pins (thus you have defeated your purpose) Try to find original items to pin as well–items that are not “repins” from Pinterest. – Thanks to Andrea from sorrythankyou79 for this tip.

Mix It Up

Have some boards that are relevant to your target audience professionally – some will probably be specific to the type of products or services you offer, but not all should link back to your own site – but don’t be afraid to include boards about your personal interests, such as cooking, gardening, and fashion. This gives a peek into who you are as a person, but also will attract others to your profile, as many people share the same general interests. – Thanks to Janet from Organized Assistant for this tip.

Pin those clients! 

My most valuable business tip is to pin the logos of clients, along with a link to their website onto a board called “My awesome clients”. Then I send the direct URL for that pin to my client. I have had tons of positive feedback from my clients after doing this! Many of them don’t even know how to use Pinterest, so they really love that they are “on Pinterest” even without having to lift a finger. The goodwill I’ve received from this simple effort has returned on the time invested many fold. – Thanks to Marty from FawnKey and Associates for this tip.

Don’t Forget About SEO

You should always use your targeted keywords in the pin description. Most people never bother renaming their pins so your description may stay with an image as it gets repinned all over the Pinterest world. For pins relating to your business,  you should include your URL in the pin description. When you add a website address in the description, it shows up as a hyperlink. – Thanks to Steve from Bumblebee Linens for this tip.

Be Genuine

Pinterest is a great place to make new connections. If you want to see these new connections to grow, you need to be authentic, not spammy. Use pinterest to share your passions, dreams and interests. Once your new connections get to know you better, they will become long-term relationships.  – Thanks to Staci from Contempo Jewelry  for this tip.

Hash tags & Keywords For More Views

Aurorae Yoga is an e-retailer of yoga mats & accessories. We use Pinterest not only to showcase our products, but also share Wellness-Inspired Recipes, yoga poses, quotes, beautiful images, and other products we think our followers would enjoy. Using #hashtags and keywords in the pin’s description enables more Pinterest users to find you and your posts. For example, if you have a product description for an Organic Yoga Mat Wash, you can add a hashtag for #fitness, #cleaning, #organic. – Thanks to Eileen from Aurorae Yoga  for this tip.

Be Personal

Of course I use Pinterest for my business, but I also like to pin things that are more about me and my life so I don’t always self-promote.  It’s important for people to see you as a real person and not a pinning machine.  For example, among my boards, I have my wedding related boards that feature one or two of my products along with tons of others that fit in with the theme of the board, but I also have boards up relating to home decor and organization as well as ideas for my daughter’s first birthday party. – Thanks to Cherin from Customized Wedding Creations  for this tip.

Show and Tell

We love Pinterest because we are a visual company – we are an online crowdsourcing platform for logo design. Pinterest allows us to  showcase some of our designers’ noteworthy logos – the ones that are funny, or beautiful or unusual. It’s also a really nice way to connect with our followers by pinning up other people’s images that we admire. We also like to pin personal stuff about us – such as our favorite breakfast meals! – Thanks to Michelle  from MycroBurst  for this tip.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Arrange your boards so the most attractive and popular ones  are in the top two rows of the page, giving preference to boards for current seasons and holidays. Then, edit each board cover to feature the most colorful and striking image. (If you don’t do this, the most recent pin will appear as the cover for the board.) This technique will help you gain followers, because people will be dazzled by even a quick glance at the colorful display on your page. – Thanks to Carla  from Printable Party Kits for this tip.

Pinterest: A Wedding Planner’s Best Friend

Pinterest can be your new best friend when it comes to wedding planning. No matter how great or small your budget or what style, color or theme you have in mind, Pinterest is the place for you to help gather your thoughts. You can browse through tons of other weddings people have already done, or you can put your own ideas out there. The best part is, you can keep them all in one place so you can remember it all. If you are looking for DIY ideas, Pinterest is especially helpful, but really, just putting all your ideas in front of you helps you see how your wedding will look together. – Thanks to Holli  from Wiregrass Weddings for this tip.

Emotion is Compelling & Drives Pinning

Pinterest is emotive – understanding its culture is key to being successful.  Brands can capitalize on this by paying attention to what their customers love pinning.  Begin by listening to your customers, provide content that drives engagement via beautiful graphics, videos and photography. Follow and like influencers and make sure you are also repinning your fans’ pins!  Overall, brand managers should avoid “pinning” content that primarily focuses on sales collateral, and instead, pin captivating content that creates an emotional bond. – Thanks to Micah  from Jennings Social Media Marketing for this tip.

Use Pinterest to Grab Interest

As a public relations executive, it’s my job to promote a variety of clients. While it’s easy to promote a business that has a lot of visuals, i.e. a clothing designer or a furniture company, it’s a little harder to create a board when your business isn’t visual; but it’s not impossible.  Why not take some photos of people at work and be creative with the descriptions. Add art and graphics to your blogs and then pin them and link to the blog. Get your customers to send photos and add them to your board. Who better than a happy customer to market your company? Remember, the goal is to create brand awareness and drive traffic from Pinterest to your website. – Thanks to Susan  from Boardroom Communications for this tip.

Pinning is great tool for collaboration

Pinterest is the perfect place to build relationships with colleagues. Create a board with broad appeal. Go to Edit, select Who can pin. Invite clients and business partners to contribute pins. This capitalizes upon the social aspect of Pinterest: you are promoting your customers. Pins are seen more times, which helps grow everyone’s followers – yours too.It’s also important to evaluate your website from a pinner’s perspective. Use colorful images sized to be pin-friendly. Include a Pin widget. Make it easy for pinners to promote products they love. That’s free advertising!  – Thanks to Leslie  from Catalogs.com for this tip.

Pin your passion, that’s enough

We us Pinterest to share our love of cats – cat lovers are our customers, so the connection is perfect and obvious. We do have a Boxiecat brand board, but we focus mostly on other boards and don’t include any marketing. On our boards, we’re just like our customers – we get sucked into looking at them, laughing, and enjoying the cat pic phenomenon on the web. We also share art by cats, cats in art, and products from other companies. If someone shares our interests, they’ll ask – who is Boxiecat? – Thanks to Josh  from Boxiecat for this tip.

Your Personality Sells your Business

Pinterest is a fantastic way to showcase your personality. As a small business owner, your business is all about you. Try to set up boards, not only about your products and services, but also about things that you enjoy personally. When people get to know you, they also want to know more about your business. This is especially important if you have a service based business, as there will not always be enough images of your services to warrant their own board.- Thanks to Karen  from Aurora’s Message for this tip.

Show ‘Em How it’s Done: Drive Traffic with Real-Life Examples

Our software company sells a QR Code Management system. We are having a lot of success with Pinterest by posting images of “QR Codes in the Wild”. Those pins certainly come with a curiosity factor! And best of all, they are driving traffic to our blog posts. We are pinning images of the QR Code usage that link back to a blog post that discusses the QR Code effort in more detail. From there, they are being pointed to learn more and sign up for our software solution. – Thanks to Jason  from interlinkONE for this tip.

Do you have any Pinterest marketing tips that you’d like to share? If so, leave a comment below with a link to your Pinterest page and I’ll follow you!

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Andrea, thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. It sounds like Cherin and I think a lot alike! Lots of great ideas here for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Hi Andrea,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for including my tip in this list!

Thanks for all of the inspiration that you provide to people through this blog… Have a great day!


Very helpful, thanks! It’s so wonderful that there’s such a tremendous amount of resources available to Pinterest marketers. An excellent Pinterest Influencer Network I’ve come across that’s been really helpful to my biz is PinLeague. They’re basically a one-stop shop of Pinterest marketing resources definitely worth mentioning. Hope this helps.


Hi Andrea, I am just getting a start at developing a web site for my new business of marketing homemade food mixes, seasonings, and spices. (site mentioned above) I am also signed up at Pinterest, but know nothing about how to pin, what is meant by boards, etc. To be directed to the elementary level as to how I can use Pinterest for my business, to pin, etc. would be very helpful. Can you steer me in a direction that I can learn the basic operations of Pinterest? Thank you so much as I am very interested also in what others are posting on Pinterest. I read with interest your article ‘Beat Pinterest Marketing Tips” which sound very helpful. I am looking forward to learning more on how to contribute success to my business!!! Jeri


Jeri I would recommend Melanie Duncan, she has a website and offers webinars on the power of pinning- helpful stuff. One key that I don’t know was mentioned is to be sure you have a business account set up and verified. We also use tools for scheduling pins as not to overwhelm. Good Luck- it’s lots of fun!


Thanks Andrea! As a product based business (we create collegiate and Greek licensed totes, etc..) pinterest has been vital for our growth! One thing we love is that unlike facebook and Twitter and other platforms, your images don’t get buried after a day or two..for instance our #1 most pinned item, our Texas Flag Fanny Pack (yes, it’s true!) was originally pinned over 2 years ago and it still being found and “re pinned” every week! I have also added boards for our favorite retailers as we sell direct and wholesale as well. We carry several colleges and sororities so we have a board for each one, I think of them as mini websites..and we can easily attribute a large portion of direct sales back to pinterest. Having products other than just your own is def a must.

May 27, 2015 8:56 pm

That’s so great to hear, Carol! Actually, the same is true for me – an infographic that I pinned 2.5 years ago still gets repinned constantly and drives more traffic to my website than so many other sources!


Do you use your personal account on Pinterest or do you use the business account? I was told by someone else to use my personal account for Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram so people get to know the personal side of me. I would love to know what you recommend.
Thanks so much!!


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