Top 5 tools to make your time on Pinterest more enjoyable


Use Pinpuff to discover your Pinfluence.

It’s no surprise that as Pinterest grows in popularity developers create tools to help users to get more out of their Pinterest experiences. Apps are a dime a dozen, and just because you can download it, doesn’t mean it’s all that useful. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here are my top 5 picks for Pinterest tools.

PinReach: Just as Facebook has Insights to help you hone your marketing strategy, Pinterest users can now get that same level of analytics. This tool provides simple to understand graphs that help you measure your influence, see which pins your followers love, view your total pins and repins, and watch as your following grows.

Recent activity expander: This Google Chrome tools lets you see your recent followers and who’s re-pinning your photos in the sidebar it adds to your Pinterest experience. Use this information to find out which influencers follow you so you can reach out to them to grow your following.

Snapito: This is one of the handiest Pinterest tools yet. Snapito lets you take a screen grab of an entire website to pin to your boards. Use it to pin your own site to remind followers that you’ve got a big sale coming up or pin and share other sites that interest you.

Pinpuff: Think of Pinpuff as Klout for Pinterest. Simply enter your email and Pinterest user name to instantly calculate your Pinfluence. This is one of my favorites because it explains the value of each pin and estimates of how much referral traffic you’re earning. Use this information to post more of what your followers want to repin (and less of what they don’t).

Pinstamatic: This tool lets you post sticky notes, links and tweets to Pinterest. While Pinterest is photo driven, a little text can help you get share information quickly and direct users to your site. Watch for more content types to be added soon.

New Pinterest tools pop up everyday to make our user experiences even better. Tell us which ones you’re using in the comments section.

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June 22, 2012 12:34 pm

We are going to launch the first analytic tool for Pinterest soon. Don’t forget to join the pre-launch


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