Selling Wholesale? Let Buyers Find You!

Selling wholesale? Let buyers find youAre you selling wholesale and looking to get your products in more stores and boutiques? Whether you’re selling wholesale clothing, jewelry, baby products, accessories, bath & beauty products, home decor, or foods, read on to find out how to let buyers find you.

Where do boutique owners and buyers look for products?

If you’re looking to grow your wholesale business, you know how time consuming it can be to search for boutiques, find their contact info, reach out to them, attend trade shows, follow up & grow your wholesale accounts.
Today, I wanted to share a different strategy with you – let the buyers find YOU. How? By partnering with other companies who work directly with buyers and store owners to help them find products.

Here are a few of them:

  • Wholesale Crafts – another great site for crafters and handmade products. They offer a printed buyers’ guide, co-op advertising opportunities and a yearly trade show. They’ll connect you with thousands of buyers at gift shops, art galleries, boutiques, eco stores and more.
  • Sourcing Handmade – great for accessories, baby products, bath & body, mom-invented products, jewelry, paper & stationery and home goods that are handmade. You pay a yearly fee to be listed on their site and to be matched with buyers and boutiques.
  • Buyer’s Best Friend – mostly for gourmet, natural and artisan food manufacturers, but they also have apparel, jewelry, housewares, pet products and bath & beauty products. They work with thousands of buyers nationwide.
  • LA Showroom – for fashion-forward brands. They connect fashion designers (including kids fashion and accessories designers) with buyers. Their online virtual showroom is visited by thousands of buyers looking for new and exciting brands.
  • Etsy Wholesale – if you sell on Etsy and offer wholesale pricing, this is a great way to go!

If you decide to become a member of these sites, makes sure to check with a few vendors who are already on the site and ask them what type of results they’re getting from being listed. Remember, you always want to check references, no matter who you work with. Selling wholesale has never been easier!

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This great information. Does this work for Canadians too.



How about selling sporting goods wholesale? Any connections?


I like what i am reading…


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