Selling your products to stores? Check out Belly Bandit’s amazing story!

Selling to stores Belly bandit's amazing storySometimes, the best way to learn something is to talk to other people who’ve been there and done what you want to do. This week I invited Lori Caden, one of the founders of Belly Bandit®, to talk about her business and share some tips and strategies for selling your products to stores.

Lori, Jodi, and Kari Caden are three sisters (and best friends) who, together, started the Caden Companies, Inc, a thriving merchandising company that also serves as a parent company to Belly Bandit®, a brand created in 2008 devoted to creating top of the line post-partum compression garments.

A pioneer in the “body after baby” marketplace, the concept for the original Belly Bandit came from reinventing and modernizing the ancient method of post-partum compression binding and hence, revolutionizing today’s shape wear industry.

 As a family-owned and operated business, Belly Bandit® thrives on the collective strengths, creative energies and entrepreneurial spirits of its three vibrant, young founders.

Each sister has her own specific forte – Jodi spearheads product development and design, Lori manages ALL operations and Kari directs the creative and marketing. Yet they work synergistically on behalf of the millions of post-partum women worldwide anxiously trying to get back into their skinny jeans.

In just four short years, Belly Bandit® has already expanded to over 1,000 retailers in more than 75 countries. Countless celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kourtney Kardashian, (who collaborated with the sisters to design a limited edition Belly Bandit®) credit Belly Bandit® for helping them get back in shape so quickly after pregnancy.

To build on the success of the original Belly Bandit, the Caden sisters began expanding their product lines and soon the Mother Tucker™ Compression Tanks were on the market along with nursing tanks, pants and a variety of NEW Belly Bandit® styles. What the Cadens soon discovered was that they were not just selling belly wraps: they were selling confidence.

Check out my interview with Lori in the video below.

Check out Lori’s interview above to see what’s coming up next for Belly Bandit® and Lori’s tips for getting her products in so many retail stores!


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Great interview – though the problem I’ve had is whenever I approach a retailer, they want me to do consignment. Since I hand make everything, I can’t afford to have product that’s unpaid for sitting on someone else’s shelves (where I have no idea how hard they’re working to sell them), with them taking 50% of the price IF it sells.
How do you get around that? We get approached by retailers but they always disappear when we decline consignment.

May 29, 2013 8:39 pm

Victoria, I am not a huge fan of selling on consignment unless you really want to get into a particular store. To get around it, you can simply tell the retailer that your business does not do consignment and hopefully they will take a chance on your products if they think it’s a good fit for their store.


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