Should you blog for your business?

Should you blog for your businessAre you wondering if you should blog for your business? Blogging, after all, takes time, effort, planning and some writing skills and the results from it might not be immediate in terms of sales. If you don’t have a blog yet, you probably have many reasons for it:

  • you don’t like to write
  • you don’t know what to write about
  • you don’t know how to set up a blog
  • you don’t have the time to write
  • and many other reasons…

But blogging can be a super effective tool to get more customers and increase your sales for many reasons. Here are five of the most important reasons you should start a blog right now for your business:

  1. It’s a great way for your customers (current and future) to get to know you, your story and your why and it gives you a voice. When people shop online from independent stores and retailers, they buy because they like YOU and they know and trust YOU. Having a blog is a great way to gain trust and give your customers an insight into why you do what you do. This, in turn, can lead to MORE SALES!
  2. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your website. When you write a blog post, you are putting content out there for the search engines to find and the more relevant content you have, the more likely the search engines are to find your site. Also, search engines like sites that are updated regularly and frequently, so if you host your blog on your own domain name this is a great way to stay fresh in the eyes of the search engines.
  3. Blogging is also about teaching and educating your customers and your goal should be to not only have the best products for your customers, but also to become the best teacher (read: EXPERT) in the eyes of your customers. You’ve probably heard about “becoming an expert in your niche” and have thought that this applies more to entrepreneurs who sell a service rather than a product, but it applies to everyone! If you sell jewelry, blog about – and become an expert in – fashion trends or recycling jewelry or organizing jewelry. If you sell organic baby clothes, become an expert in eco-fashion for kids or green living. And if you sell yoga clothes, become an expert in yoga fashion or yoga poses or yoga retreats.
  4. Your blog can help you create a community of loyal and active fans (which can translate into customers), especially if you solicit your readers’ feedback and ask them to leave a comment and interact with you. At the end of each blog post, ask for specific feedback by saying things like “I’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below” or “Do you have any tips you’d like to share? If so, just leave a comment below.” When your readers leave a comment, make sure to respond and thank them for taking the time to leave a comment.
  5. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available today. You don’t often have to pay extra hosting fees to have a blog and you don’t have to hire marketing experts to tell you what to blog about. Just be yourself, share your story and provide content relevant to your audience and your blog will do the rest!

If you don’t have a blog yet, I hope I’ve convinced you that you need to set one up right away. You’ll learn how to do that in an upcoming blog post, but in the meantime, check out ProBlogger’s guide to Blogging for Your Business. It’s a great ebook that shows you all the steps you need to follow to set up your own blog. And, in the comments below, I’d love to know how your blog has helped you (if you are currently blogging). Just leave a comment below and let me know.

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i love having a blog and being able to communicate with my visitors. I’m working on a schedule to share more tips and techniques directly through my blog. :)


YES! I’m a little bias seeing as I represent a blog writing service but I strongly believe in blogging as a marketing strategy and that’s exactly why I started this service. There may be some cases where blogging might not be right for a company but 99% of the time it’s a great recommendation.


I totally agree, Blog Hands! I love your service. As a matter of fact, I’ve recommended it a few times on my Facebook page at


A great post. So informative.. one of the reasons why I decided to blog.


Hello – yes, I totally agree that blogging is a useful tool. And I’m relatively new to it all… but with so many social media channels to choose from, and most businesses using multiple channels, it is vital to be clear on a “voice” for each channel. Or the message will be confusing to the reader/consumer.

In my business, the blog is for tracking the business ups, downs and adventures. Our Facebook page is for product news, interior design snippets and generally engaging, “coffee-break” material. The News page on the main website is for media coverage and in-house news. Our so-far unborn newsletter will be a mixture of the above content, pointing readers to our many channels.

It’s fine to share content between channels, but it’s important to remember the “voice” you use.

(I just joined your newsletter, so looking forward to reading it!)


Emma, I totally agree! And great to hear that you are using different channels for different purposes! Welcome and I hope you enjoy the weekly newsletter…


While everyone debates whether to blog or not, I’ve posted several times on mine! I love it. I write about all kinds of things. My business, my art, my garden and travels. I have a location tracker installed and love seeing all of the countries my readers come from. While people don’t always comment, I’m definitely recognizing some of the locations as repeats. I’m ready to installed Google Analytics for more stats and will take a couple of your suggestions more seriously! Enough chatting…I’m off to blog about a recent trip;) keep blogging, Andrea;) Laura


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