Social media marketing 101

Social media marketingOnce a clunky buzzword, social media marketing is now a promotional approach that no small business owner can afford to ignore. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest help you expose your products to new customers around the world without huge marketing expenses. To help you get started, here’s a quick primer:

What’s social media marketing?

Social media marketing (often abbreviated to SMM) refers to gaining new web traffic through social media channels. While every social site is different, the common theme in SMM is getting your brand noticed and mentioned by social media users.

Facebook social media marketing

Studies have shown that simply clicking the like button to become a fan strengthens your customers’ emotional attachment to your brand.

Key to using Facebook to drive traffic to your site is offering opportunities. With each image, status updates and video you share, find a way to link customers back to your site. For example, if you’re introducing a new product, link your Facebook post to the page on which the product can be purchased, not your homepage.

Twitter social media marketing

Your social media marketing goal on Twitter is to get users talking about your brand. To make the most of this, don’t just put your brand on autopilot, but look for ways to engage authentically. Make an effort to get to know your most avid Twitter fans, follow their tweets and interact with them.

Other hubs for social media marketing

No matter where your business makes its social home, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or others, there are always opportunities to engage with your fans. That means being responsive to your fans comments on your page by replying quickly and above all, listening more than you post. Use analytics tools like HootSuite, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to monitor the effect your social media marketing efforts are having on your web traffic, and tailor your approach to those actions that encourage your customers to respond.

And remember, your social media marketing fans are special customers who’ve publicly aligned themselves with your brand. Celebrate their pride in your business by periodically offering fan discounts, contests and deals to thank them for their dedication.

How do you use social media marketing to engage with your customers? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.

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