Ten things buyers are looking for on your product pages

10 things buyers are looking for on your product pagesUnlike shopping in a brick and mortar store, online customers can’t touch, try or experience your product, which can leave them feeling uncertain about completing the sale. To get more customers to click ADD TO CART or BUY NOW, you need to answer the most important questions they have about your product before they ask.

To help you make the most of your website, here’s my list of the 10 things buyers are looking for on your product pages:

  1. The product’s price should be visible. Don’t make your customers hunt for it on the page.
  2. Images: Resist the temptation to shoot your own photos, unless you’re a professional photographer. Offer several high quality photos of the product to let the customer view it from different angles and allow them to zoom in without losing quality.
  3. Benefits: You know all of the benefits of your product, but your customers probably don’t. A short paragraph can highlight how your product will make your customers’ lives easier, what makes it unique, and how it will make them look or feel. Use plenty of descriptive words to help your customers experience the product.
  4. Features: The features of your product differ from the benefits in that they are specific technical details like the sizing, dimensions or colors of the product, and the material it’s made with or ingredients it contains.
  5. Shipping details: Before they buy, your customers will want to know how soon they can expect to receive the product, how it will be shipped and any additional shipping costs they will incur.
  6. Return policy: A 100% satisfaction guarantee helps customers feel confident in purchasing your product. Whatever your policy, spell it out clearly on the product page to avoid disappointment or confusion.
  7. Security and privacy policy: Every year customers become more savvy about protecting their personal information. Explain how your customers’ information will be used and protected to assure them that the information they share will be safe.
  8. Similar products: Today most shopping cart systems will allow you to suggest similar and complementary products to your customers as they shop. This feature helps increase your average order size, so be sure to activate it.
  9. Social media sharing: 83% of customers say they are more likely to buy a product recommended by friends or family on social media. Make it easy for your customers to share and recommend their favorite products by including sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, StumpleUpon, or any other social site popular with your target market.
  10. A call to action: It may sound obvious, but asking your customers to click the ADD TO CART or BUY NOW button on your product page makes them more likely to buy. That extra little nudge could increase your sales more than you think.

Do you have all of these on your product pages? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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