The 18 Differentiators That Set Exceptional JEWELRY Designers Apart From All Others

The 18 Differentiators That Set Exceptional JEWELRY Designers Apart From All OthersWith so many tastemakers and designers showcasing their creativity out into the world, do you ever wonder how to stand out and get noticed?

Everywhere you look, there’s a new designer popping up! The question is: how can you stand out and be noticed amongst so many products and so much talent?

Here are some of the qualities that separate exceptional designers from the crowd:

1. They understand who their DREAM client is
2. They have a unique brand story
3. They BELIEVE that they have talent
4. They understand how to “brand”
5. They have clearly defined what makes them different from their competitors
6. They design cohesive collections
7. They don’t compete on price, but communicate value or exclusivity
8. They stay true to their signature style
9. They continually evolve as designers without alienating themselves
10. They aren’t afraid to take risks
11. They are ALWAYS marketing
12. They have stand alone websites
13. They are persistent and consistent
14. They accept that they can’t do everything
15. They focus on building their brand and growing sales
16. They listen to feedback and adjust to becoming better
17. They spend most of their time on revenue-generating activities
18. They are NOT discouraged by NO’s

Setting yourself apart from the crowd does take some strategy. You must be willing to leverage your talent, make an effort, be resilient and keep growing as a designer. Successful designers aren’t born overnight!

Now it’s your turn! In the comments below we want to hear the following:

1. How are you standing out from the crowd?
2. Which of these tips are you going to implement today?

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This is a guest post from Flourish & Thrive Academy – Tracy Matthews, a successful bespoke jewelry designer, and Robin Kramer, a rock star independent sales and marketing consultant, co-foundedFlourish & Thrive Academy, in order to create an active community of dynamic jewelry designers who share design tips, sales successes and marketing secrets. Their Laying the Foundation course is the premier online course teaching jewelry designers everything they need to know about getting your jewelry into the hands of the Raving fans who love your work!


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Thanks for this insightful and helpful post!


I’ve been intuitively doing several of these things all along. For me, the toughest things on this list are 1, 5, and 8. Obviously, those are the things I should focus on! 8 is ever-evolving – I find that over the years, I’ve developed a bit of a recognizable style, but I still like taking chances with techniques and perhaps that makes my work have less of a cohesive look. It’s tough to balance being creative and coming up with new designs with having an overall “look.”

Great article, you’ve given me a lot to think about!


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