The Importance of Video for Product Entrepreneurs: Why Beautiful Photos Aren’t Enough Anymore

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For years there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on the use of quality photos for marketing your products or business. Real estate websites claim that good photos increased the sale price of a home by as much as 47 percent. And lately it seems as if everyone takes amazing pictures for photography blogs and social sharing sites. All of this adds up to a realization that while beautiful photos used to set you apart in the market, static pictures aren’t enough anymore. When everyone has beautiful photography, the reality is that they’re barely keeping up with the competition.

Today all signs point toward a new essential for engagement with consumers: video.

Many top luxury brands and big retailers are incorporating video as an increasingly crucial piece of their overall marketing mix. Yet, more important is the recognition that small businesses have so much more to gain from it. Video has the potential to help your business in ways that static images never could. Here’s a rundown of five things that small businesses need to know about selling with video.

1.  Video leads to better connections with your customers.

Many small business owners think that video is only for big businesses with big budgets. That’s far from the truth. In fact, major brands and retailers benefit from consumer relationships built over years of marketing, interaction and reference. Small business owners, on the other hand, have had to work harder to rise above the noise. Video can serve as the best vehicle to build trust and relationships with your consumers.  According to a study [Link text], one in three consumers watches all or most video encountered online, far exceeding the average engagement of a static photo. This means that every day you aren’t using video as part of your strategy, you’re missing out on those opportunities to connect and build your brand.

2.  Any video is better than no video.

Many small business owners wrongly assume that incorporating video into their sales strategy has to be a big and expensive undertaking—requiring slickly produced videos.  It takes only a quick look at the top hits on YouTube to recognize videos obviously homemade on smartphones are garnering more views than those created with a full production crew. There are many available tools you can use to create your videos, simply and inexpensively—even for free.

3.  Video should work for you and your products.

Entrepreneurs often worry that they have to fit their product into a video when in reality they should be focused on making video work for them.  It’s up to you to determine what kind of video works for your products and business. Some products are completely unique, and as such, would benefit from a video demonstrating how they work, or how they came to be.  Some businesses have put in a lot of love and effort in making their products, in which case telling their story can often help build that emotional connection and trust. With video, you are only limited by your creativity.

4.  Maximize your video marketing reach.

Video offers the benefit of serving multiple functions in your marketing strategy. A video can be posted to social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+. Short videos can be created and shared on Vine and Instagram. Videos can be posted to YouTube or your own website. There are few marketing efforts out there that can give you more bang for your buck when it comes to the potential for exposure.

5.  Now you can sell products in video.

While all of the above-mentioned video marketing tactics can generate exposure, in the past they have also presented obstacles to sales conversion. The reason being, is that viewers typically have to leave the video venue and go elsewhere to make a purchase. We’ve removed that obstacle by empowering small businesses to create and share their videos in a truly shoppable format—effectively combining video viewing with actual online selling. Today, with little more than an app or a few keystrokes, a small business can create their own free “video shopping channel”, upload videos, add a few photos and product details, and sell their products through video in just a few minutes, while easily sharing that content across their social networks.

When fans and viewers can shop directly through your videos, you’ve eliminated obstacles and increased your potential for sales. At Tweli there are videos that were made with a smartphone like this one from our friends at JEM Collection, or other simple but effective ones like this video from our friends at Goose Grease.

In short, the message is clear: in today’s market, the need to differentiate your products and brand is increasingly difficult but necessary. Through the power of video, you have the potential to rise above the clutter of the marketplace like never before. And with the right tools at your disposal, harnessing the power of video for directly selling online is easy, inexpensive, and effective.

This is a guest post by, a platform that empowers entrepreneurs to easily create and share shoppable videos online. Tweli is a revolutionary way to sell online through video. Easily create and share shoppable videos in just seconds.

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This is awesome! I had never heard of Tweli…but it is at the top of my list to utilize like crazy in 2015.

Thank you!!!!


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