Twitter for business? What should I do on Twitter?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

twitter for business what should i do on twitterAre you using Twitter for business and wondering “What should I do on Twitter?” If so, you’re definitely not alone! When I first started using Twitter I was so confused, so I ended up tweeting every few weeks about sales or specials that I had going on. I followed anyone who followed me and had no real strategy for using this social media network.

After a few months when I saw that I wasn’t getting a return on my investment on Twitter, I gave up. I stopped tweeting and completely ignored Twitter for YEARS! Yes, YEARS!

So when I received this question from Adriana, I knew I had to answer it because it’s something that I wish I had the answers to when I first started using Twitter.

My favorite way to use Twitter is to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and to share their content – relevant content that I think my audience – THAT’S YOU – would find useful. I also use Twitter to reach out to the press – I recently connected with Entrepreneur Magazine’s Editor on Twitter by tweeting something about an article they wrote on Pinterest. She tweeted back right away and followed me, so now any time I tweet something, it shows up in her Twitter feed as well. This is a great way to get noticed!

To get a basic idea of how to market your business using Twitter, check out this Twitter Marketing 101 article I wrote not too long ago. And after you get the basics of Twitter Marketing down, check out the video below where I answer Adriana’s question: “Should I be on Twitter for my business and, if so, what should I do on Twitter?”

If you know other entrepreneurs who are struggling with trying to figure out how to use Twitter for their business, please take a second and share the message below on Twitter:

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And when you’re done, please leave a comment below and share with me how you are using Twitter for YOUR business. Are you finding it successful and effective?

  1. Sarah Jane Nelson

    I’m really enjoying the content you post so thanks :) Sarah Jane

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Thanks so much, Sarah Jane. Glad you liked it!

  2. Maria Orticelli

    Thanks so much for the video, Andreea – this is a question I’ve had for a long time. Now I don’t feel so “in the dark” about it – thought I was missing something but turns out I’m not the only one!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

    I feel the same way about blogging – just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the social media tasks and also make my product. . .


  3. Chaz

    This was a very interesting video. I signed up for Twitter several years ago but never really knew what to do with it. Now after watching the video and know that it is more about connecting than promoting I am going to give it another try. THANKS for your knowlege and time. PEACE CHAZ

  4. Andrea Wagner


    Thanks for the answer and tips, they will help me!

    Regards, Andrea W.

  5. Angela Todd

    Andrea — THANK YOU for this video. And for doing videos in general. I really like your advice and your project with LGJ.

    This one hurt my brain! I will have to sleep on this and watch it again tomorrow to think about teammates, celebrities, and publishers… oh my!
    thanks again, keep it coming! xx angela

  6. Sharon K

    Thanks so much for this video. I was at a total loss when it came to what to write and , who should I follow? I now have a much clearer vision.

  7. Kim

    Thank you for bringing clarity to how to use Twitter. I signed up but never really understood what to do with it.

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      You’re not alone, Kim! Twitter is a bit of a mystery at first.

  8. Dee Johnson

    Was referred to your site by a fellow Etsy shop owner.
    Great info! Thanks.

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Glad you like it, Dee

  9. Rita Sunderland

    Thank you for the great video! Got it to my “Help in Business” pinterest board )

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Thanks for Pinning, Rita! A video on Pinterest is in the works…

  10. Kristy, Life-n-Reflection


    This is beautiful presented and well said. I started applying your twitter methods a few months ago after reading one of your articles. – It worked! I have received requested for a published article in a magazine and a guest blogger for a BIG CO. blog!

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Kristy, that’s amazing! Big congrats to you :) So excited for you…

  11. Clare

    I just found your site and I picked up on this Twitter question, great tips. I felt my eyes and outlook open up with your ideas. Thanks!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      That’s great to hear, Clare! Glad you came across my site today :)

  12. Moxie Lisa

    What an awesome video and right on with how you should use twitter for your business!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Thanks so much, Lisa!

  13. Judith

    ! Hi Andreea! Thank you for this video! I’ve got another Twitter related question: how many Twitter accounts should you have? I’ve used my personal account for quite some time. As a recently started a new blog, I also set up a new biz twitter account. I’m wondering if that was a wise decision, because now I have to start from scratch again …

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Judith, that depends. If you are the face of your brand, you only need one Twitter account for you and your business. But you can change your username, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

  14. Leigh Ann

    Awesome video! I’ve been using Twitter for about 8 months and still wasn’t sure how it might help my business. Your video helped me rethink who to connect with. I had read before that it really is just for connecting-so I do it for that reason. However, I really hope that it helps my business eventually. I think it takes a long time. I plan to follow you and learn as much as I can. Thanks!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      That sounds like a great plan, Leigh Ann!

  15. Tasha Hussey

    Thanks much this was very helpful!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Glad to hear it. Thanks!

  16. brandi

    I’ve watched this video 3 times. I understand twitter so much better now thank you!!!

    1. launchgrowjoy Post author

      Thanks so much, Brandi! glad you found it helpful.

  17. Ilene

    Makes much more sense now that you have put things into perspective. I felt like I was wasting my time

  18. Jen

    Thanks so much for this great video. I was unsure what the real purpose of Twitter was. But now I understand it. I just opened my very first Twitter account. Thanks so much for all of your insight. :)

  19. Lanni Sidoti

    Thanks for posting. Now I get it!

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