Does your product make a great Valentine’s Day gift?

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If your products make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, then it’s time to get your PR materials together and pitch your products to print magazines! I know it seems a bit early, but now is the time when magazines are working on their February issue.

As I mentioned in a previous post, print magazines work on their stories 3 – 6 months in advance, so now is the time when they are working on stories for their February 2013 issue. Although not all magazines have a Valentine’s Day gift guide, most do.

But before you reach out to the press, make sure that you are prepared. You’ll need to have the following in order before you start pitching:

  • High Resolution Photos – most magazines will ask you to send them high resolution photos of your products (even when they request a sample of your products). They will most likely ask for your products to be shot on a white background.
  • Product Samples – Often editors like to try out the products they recommend, so they will most likely ask you for a sample of your products. Make sure to ship it via FedEx, mark on the outside of the envelope AS REQUESTED, and follow up via email a week after you send the sample to make sure they received it and to see if they need any additional info.
  • Mailing supplies – I recommend sending your products via FedEx, but you can also send them via Priority Mail if your budget is tighter.

Pitching Tips

When you pitch your products to magazine editors, include a short description of your product (highlighting the benefits and features of your products), as well as the price and where they can be purchased (list your website and any national retailers, or local retailers if you are pitching a local magazine). Include your contact information as well.

And make a special note to let the editor know why you think your products are especially great as a Valentine’s Day present.

Do not attach any photos or press releases or any other info to your initial pitch email. Most editors don’t open attachments and if they need photos or additional info they will request it from you via email.

Happy pitching and please share in the comments below why you think your products would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day!


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