What is Pinterest and why does it matter?

Want to grow your business with Pinterest? If so, read on.

Today we’re kicking off our Pinterest month to celebrate the launch of our new online course, Profiting with Pinterest. Every day throughout May 2012 you’ll see a new article or video about Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the hottest, fastest growing social media network ever. Currently with over 12 million users, the site has gained in popularity since its launch in late 2009. And daily users on Pinterest have increased by more then 145% since the beginning of 2012.

Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard that lets you share and organize the things you find interesting on the web. While it’s great for organizing home decor ideas,¬†recipes, DIY projects, or wedding planning, it’s also great for entrepreneurs with both product businesses and service businesses, bloggers, coaches, marketers and brands.

Check out the infographic below to see who is using Pinterest.

Should you or your business be on Pinterest?

Absolutely! Over the next few weeks you’ll discover more about Pinterest, ideas on how to use it for your business, tools to help you manage your Pinterest account and a whole lot more.

But first, if you’re not already on Pinterest, sign up now by requesting an invite at www.pinterest.com (you’ll have to wait about 3-5 days before you get your invite) or by contacting us at and requesting an invitation (you’ll get your invite right away). What are you waiting for?

In the comments below, if you’re currently using Pinterest for your business, list your Pinterest URL below and Launch Grow Joy will follow you (and let’s all follow each other as well!)

P.S. Join our Profiting with Pinterest group on LinkedIn for more Pinterest tips and strategies for your business.


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Lisa Kleppinger
July 11, 2012 3:55 pm

You seem to have a well written and researched site. I’ve learned a lot and have only been on for a short time. I’m using Pinterest to promote my business and am not having much success. You can find me at pinterest.com/lmnjewelry/. Any comments or criticisms will be appreciated.



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