Why your product photography requires more than a good photograph

Why your product photography requires mores than a good photoThis isn’t your regular ‘product photography’ blog post. There are many, many tips online about how to take professional looking product photos and how to edit your photos so they look their best. We are not going to talk about that today.

Don’t get me wrong, good product photographs are very important: they send a message to your audience, they convey detail, and they are highly shareable! But because of the ways that images are getting shared online (pinned, shared using the share button on Facebook, being found using Google image search etc.) it is also becoming increasingly important to consider how your images themselves are branded.

One strategy that I often recommend is to brand your product photos by incorporating your logo, your brand colours, any designs/patterns/icons associated with your brand, your fonts, your overall style. This can be as simple as a consistent watermark that you use every time, to a more elaborate ‘branding bar’ or branded background that you use for every image.

You may be thinking: “Why bother? No one else seems to be doing this.” or “I was told to keep my images simple – nothing extra.” or “I don’t sell a physical product so don’t really have any images to worry about, this doesn’t apply to me”

Here’s why I think you should bother.

There was a time when people went to your shop (your website) to look at your products – having simple, unbranded images on display in your store is very much like having the products themselves on the shelves of your shop. And if you didn’t have product photos (because your product is not a physical thing that can be photographed) that was ok because you had all of the details on your website instead.

But now people are not always finding your product while IN your shop. They are on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube or blogs and they just may be seeing your product or service on display!

(We want them to see our stuff as they cruise around online, that is why we are marketing our businesses using these tools!)

So you want those images to be linked to your business, always. And if you brand those images just as you would any other marketing material (a promotional flyer or a business card for instance) they will be inextricably linked to your business, they will help you create brand recognition, and they will make your products stand out from all the other similar offerings out there.

Because in the end, there are likely a number of other businesses offering something similar to yours.

As an example, let’s say you have some great images that show off your awesome product – a 4 week eCourse to help you declutter your home and get control of your life. And these images are pinned, shared on Facebook, used in a few blog posts by bloggers who have reviewed your product, maybe even handed out at a networking event.

Consider this:

Option A – Your photos are fantastic, they clearly show the result of the course with a before and after: a crazy cluttered world vs. a zen-like peaceful one. Plus they are specifically branded with your brand look, your brand message, and your business info. People see the photo and think, yes I need that! And then they see it somewhere else and think, oh yes I remember that! I want that! And then they get annoyed with their cluttered life, remember your product, hop online and find it again and get your info to buy your thing. Because your brand has become linked to that product in their mind.


Option B – Same fantastic photos. Before and after. Very powerful. But they are not branded to your biz. People see the photo and think, yes I need that. And then they see it somewhere else and think oh, I remember seeing that, I wonder if that is the same product I saw before. Hmmm. and then they get annoyed with their cluttered life, hop online and search for ‘declutter your life eCourse’ and purchase the one that seems like the best deal. Because your product has not been linked to your brand, any similar product will do.


Which option would you prefer?

Branded product images are a great way to build brand recognition, to keep your products linked to your business, and to make it easy for your business to be shared by your fans online. Sounds good, right?

Would you love to learn how to create your own branded templates for your product images, along with other types of biz images such as infographics, testimonials, media kits, and more? Join the visual marketing DIY workshop… it’s time to get creative & have fun with your marketing! 

This is a guest post from Karen Gunton of Build A Little Biz. karen gunton is a blogger, teacher, and creative designer. her passions are helping women in biz get unstuck and brainstorming awesome ideas for little businesses. she developed the online workshop “visual marketing DIY” to teach people how to easily create their own images for marketing their business in a way that will stand out from the crowd.


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Excellent information. I will definitely go back and brand all my current product photos. Thanks so much!

March 19, 2013 2:51 pm

Sounds good, Desiree! Thanks so much for your comment :)


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