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Top 10 Best Shopify Themes for Your E-commerce Store

Looking for the Top 10 Best Shopify Themes?

Shopify gives its merchants an amazing e-commerce experience with its sheer number of customizable themes for webpages. People who have a lot of experience using Shopify tend to swear by a theme (or two, or three) because of the boost it gave them when creating their online store. 

But with so many options for themes, it can be a little intimidating if you’re new to Shopify. You’re almost certainly wondering “which theme is best to use?” This guide will name 10 of the Best Shopify Themes:

Debutify: Pump Up Your Conversion Rate with One of the Best Shopify Themes

Debutify advertises itself as “the #1 free Shopify theme”, and there’s certainly some justification for that claim. Debutify includes:

  • a visual editor to modify your store as much as you’d like
  • the ability to choose from 20 different languages 
  • a lauded 24/7 customer support feature

Probably the most impressive feature, however, is its plethora of methods designed to increase a client store’s conversion rate, such as highly customizable Product Tabs and a “Trust Badge”. This guarantees the customer’s check-out will be safe. The Trust Badge alone touts that it can boost conversion rate by 137%!

Developer: Debutify Inc.
Cost: Free

Debutify Theme Review

Empire: Choose This Theme and Build Your Own 

As its name suggests, Empire is a theme for the ambitious. An Amazon.com-inspired layout which was specially designed for stores with a large catalog of products, Empire also contains a very handy search feature, the ability to quickly filter products by type, cost and seller, and a map which explains to local buyer where they can pick up their purchases. 

Developer: Pixel Union
Cost: $180 USD

Empire Theme Review

Sunrise: Shopping at The Speed Of Light 

This theme allows customers to zoom in on a displayed product, and plays a slideshow of products in rotation on the store’s main page. Looking at sites created using Sunrise, it’s clear that its ability to handle bright, childlike, optimistic colors is strong. But what truly catapults it to the “best of the best” category: its unbelievable speed!  

In a test of Shopify theme speed performed by EcomExperts.io that considered load time, page size and requests, Sunrise ranked as one of the top three quickest themes.

Developer: Rawsterne Web Design And Illustration
Price: $160 USD

Simple Theme Review

Motion: Give Yourself an Inspiring Aesthetic 

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s also a: 

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Animator

Motion is hands down, the best theme for you. It’ll allow you to liberally make use of all three of these art forms, with multiple YouTube or Vimeo videos per page. It’s perfect when what you’re offering isn’t merely a product to be sold, but also a story to be told. 

Developer: Archetype Themes
Price: $180 USD

Motion Theme Review

Simple: For When You Don’t Want to Bogged Down 

“Keep it simple, stupid” may be a cliché, but there’s a good reason it became a cliché if the quality of this theme is an indicator. Simple’s minimalist design gets straight to the point for a fast, easy shopping experience. There’s nothing to confuse either the vendor or the customer. Just a robust side menu of options and a large number of products per screen. 

Its simplicity also looks great on mobile devices. No wonder it ranks in the Top 5 most popular themes on all of Spotify.

Developer: Shopify
Price: Free

Simple Theme Review

Foodly: Creating A Food-Based Business

I love to eat, you love to eat, everybody loves to eat! And now there’s a theme for all this delicious food too. Foodly was developed to fill the unique needs of 

  • Farmers
  • Gardeners
  • Chefs 
  • Nutritionists 
  • Restauranteurs 
  • Grocers 

Its special features will allow you to successfully display a menu for an Italian bistro, the recipe for curry and rice, the nutritional facts for a jar of bone broth, or a glowing review of the house special lobster.

Developer: Olia-Roma
Price: $59  

Foodly Theme Review

Cascade: Lightning Speed and Universal Appeal

Cascade is another Shopify theme that has garnered praise for its quick speed. EcomExperts says that Cascade is tied for first place for themes with the quickest-loading product pages. Additionally, it has received 100% positive consumer-feedback on Shopify’s website, as of writing this. Literally not a single bad review! 

Cascade organizes your store with a multi-column menu and lets you create color schemes and patterns to highlight particular content. It can arrange both similar content and contrasting content together. Lastly, it makes large images look great. What’s not to love? 

Developer: Switch
Price: $180 

Cascade Theme Review

Editorial: Perfect for Text-Heavy Pages

There are Shopify themes for every type of merchant and every type of business, and that includes businesses who love to use the written word to sell their products. Editorial was created with the verbally proficient in mind. It will allow you to create up to 5 different blogs for your store and specializes in pairing products with informative articles, and vice versa. 

It gives you the option of viewing collections in either a grid format or a list format. Surprisingly, it’s also no slouch when it comes to supporting larger images and videos.

Developer: Switch
Price: $160 

Editorial Theme Review

Porto: Improve Your Site by DIYing It  

What if your Spotify theme was more than just a theme? What if it included tools allowing you to construct, not just the design, but the nuts and bolts of your entire site? Then you would have Porto.

Porto was released back in December of 2016, and has stood the test of time with continual upgrades, allowing it to keep up with – and surpass – its competitors. 

Porto permits you to edit and modify its source code, opening up many new uses for those who have the skills to handle it. Some of its niftier features are: 

  • compatibility with numerous currencies and browsers
  • more than 300 font choices 
  • unlimited color and header options 
  • and a very fast overall speed. 

Overall, it’s best to use Porto if you’re a serious website developer.

Developer: obest
Price: $99  

Porto Theme review 

Wokiee: Lets You Customize Everything and Anything  

Wokiee was declared the #3 overall theme for Shopify according to Tutsplus in 2021. Its acclaim is seemingly universal; after nearly 350 user reviews, it has nearly a five-star average, making it the highest-rated item on ThemePlus. 

This is one of those themes that can “do it all”: over 99 different “content blocks” to construct your website. Over 86 homepage layouts and a continually updated (one per week) library of skins to choose from. 5 types of blog layout. Highly customizable 

  • headers
  • footers 
  • and menus

It can handle everything from a single product to a vast arsenal. Wokiee seems daunting at first, but thankfully their service team has created many video tutorials to help you manage this incredible theme.

Developer: p-themes
Price: $99

Wookie Theme Review

Knowing How Your Theme Will Work for You

If you’re looking for a fitting Shopify theme for your store, it’s important to know some of the qualities that make a theme truly great. You’re going to want a theme that meets standards like:

    • Design capability. Does a theme have all the options you need to create the shop of your dreams? 
    • Benefits you financially. Many Shopify themes are free, but it’ll be well worth the cost to shell out the money for a theme that will greatly increase your traffic and sales.
    • Matches the content you sell. If your store sells herbal medicines, you might consider using a theme that looks organic, green and earthy. If your store sells strength training equipment, a theme that’s bold, energetic and powerful will fit it perfectly. 
  • Looks attractive. This factor is somewhat subjective, since people have all sorts of different tastes, likes and dislikes. Choose something that pleases your eye. 
  • Practical. Does the theme you’ve chosen make your store easier to navigate? Does it make the store more organized and efficient? Or does it contribute to disorder and confusion? Always choose as practical a theme as possible. 
  • Fast-loading. Some people are just plain impatient, especially since this is an era that’s full of instant gratification, so a fast-loading theme is important. 

These top 10 Shopify themes that were chosen for this list were ones that excelled in these categories. Additionally, themes that simply achieved high ratings and praise by users and web development professionals were also chosen. 

Conclusion – Best Shopify Themes?

Shopify has a very large number of themes to choose from, but that doesn’t need to make your decision more difficult. Once you know what to look for in a theme and how that theme will affect your store, you’re well on your way to making that store as good as it can get. Choose a theme that you think will work best for you, and happy selling!


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