Click 5

Click & Carry, Inc.

Click & Carry is a simple, carrying device that allows shoppers to manage and carry multiple bags at once ~ comfortably, either in the hands or over the shoulder for a “hands-free” carry. Click & Carry allows the shopper to tote his or her groceries in just ONE QUICK trip!

Click & Carry is ideal for moms, urban dwellers, seniors with dexterity issues, construction workers and basically anyone who needs to carry bags, tools, etc. Use handle as a Hands-Free Grocery Bag Carrier, Plastic & Reusable Bag Holder, Sports Gear Carrier & More...

Key Features Include:

  • Hands-Free Conforming Gel Grip Rotating Top To Easily Load & Unload Bags
  • Carries up to 80 lbs. of Purchases
  • Even Distribution of Weight Carried in the Hands
  • Worn over Shoulder for a Hands-Free Carry

Common Applications Include: carrying dry cleaning, toting ski boots, transporting paint cans or construction pails, carrying unwieldy sports equipment and once you get Click & Carry home, it doubles as a stand for your iPhone or iPad.

Founder: Kim Meckwood


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