Lion Latch

The Lion Latch was invented by teacher/coach Lerin Lockwood, after she broke her engagement ring while coaching softball. After a lesson learned the hard way, Lerin realized she needed a safe place to keep her small jewelry while she was on the go.

She hoped to find a solution to attach to her keys , but everything was a pill container that unscrewed or unzipped, and that scared her, so she created the Lion Latch- a small container that doesn’t unscrew, instead it locks shut with a carabiner ring.

The carabiner also allows you to attach the Lion Latch to something larger like your keys, waterbottle or inside your bag.

The Lion Latch can hold many tiny valuables like rings, earrings, small necklaces, pills, money, and even lost teeth.

Since appearing on season 13 of Shark Tank, Lerin has retired early from teaching and is a full time mom and entrepreneur.

Founder: Lerin Lockwood


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