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Shower "To-Go" because... Showers Are Not Always Where You NEED Them To Be ...

Shower To-Go: Our portable shower attachment is the coolest, durable and most convenient way for you, the kids, the pets, and your gear to get a great shower "On the Go".

Great for Emergency Body Cleaning, Gardening, Pet Cleaning, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Marathon Races and so much more

Outdoor Adventure Solutions (home of the Shower Toga) is proud to introduce our newest product, Shower To-Go. Shower To-Go is a specially designed portable shower that attaches easily to just about any one or two liter bottle (not included as we want you to recycle a bottle) to convert them into a nice, long shower that allows you to get completely clean while you are still "On the Go". Shower To-Go also fits most collapsible bottles and bladders. One of the most exciting things about the new patented design of the Shower To-Go is it is the only self holding shower attachment on the market that allows you to store water without worry of spilling.  When in the "water off" position the Shower To-go has a super easy and comfortable handle for carrying. You can toss on the ground, on the beach, in the boat or in your car without worry of spillage.

As creators of the Shark Tank phenomenon Shower Toga, we know a thing or 2 about showering in public and away from your home or hotel. And while there are several options for portable showering , none of them met our needs or standards.

Our design needed to:

Be lightweight, durable, one piece design, extremely portable and most important allow you to transport water with handle and no chance of spillage.

Because we could not find something that met all our criteria, we created it ourselves and so the Shower To-Go was born.

Simply toss into your bag or keep in your car for those "away from home" showering needs.

Great for pets and kids because of the soothing gentle stream of water instead of a high pressure blast from a hose.

Bundle with our Shower Toga for the perfect outdoor shower experience or great alone for 100's of uses.

Founder: Kressa Peterson

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