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PeelAways is a clean bed – all the time - A Fitted Sheet with 5 Soft, 100% waterproof Peel Away Layers.

No one likes changing sheets and bedspreads. They can be heavy and unruly, especially if your loved one is still in the bed. Having to lift them out of the way puts strain on both you and your loved one. Changing sheets becomes a dreaded chore instead of a loving act to keep them clean and comfortable.

PeelAways could change that. By simply peeling off a soiled layer, you can quickly change the bedding while they remain in the bed. This allows you to provide better care for your loved ones without having to fuss with lifting them or wrestling with cumbersome linens.

Your loved ones give so much care to you throughout their lives, it’s time we show that same love and respect as caregivers for our aging parents, grandparents, spouses, partners, children or friends who require daily assistance. At PeelAways, our mission is to help keep those we love at home longer by helping make caregiving easier and more dignified for everyone involved.


Take the frustration out of caregiving. Give them back the dignity and respect they deserve and keep your loved one at home longer!

Caregivers love it! Thousands of 5 Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can sleep comfortably all night long, our layers are soft and comfortable. Each Layer is 100 % Waterproof, preventing it from soaking through to your bedding or mattress.

It’s so easy to use – just put PeelAways on your mattress like a normal sheet. When you need to change sheets, simply peel off the top sheet and toss it in the garbage – no more lifting or doing laundry!

Finally, you can rest easy knowing that PeelAways has been approved by nurses and other caregivers around the world.

PeelAways are used for incontinence, bed wetting, and managing other nighttime leaks. They are used in hospital beds, guest rooms, and dorm rooms. They are perfect for home use or traveling. PeelAways will keep your mattress from accumulating odors and stains.

Founder: Maxwell

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