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How to get more ecommerce traffic with Pinterest in two simple steps

Do you want to get more e-commerce traffic and increase your sales? If so, Pinterest is a great, and FREE, way to get more traffic to your e-commerce website. Although Launch Grow Joy is not an e-commerce website, did you know that our #1 referrer of traffic, other than search engine traffic, is Pinterest?

Interestingly, this has always been the case since 2012 when I learned about how to use Pinterest to get more traffic and to grow my business. At that time, I knew what to do to make the blog you're reading right now Pinterest-friendly. This past month I decided that our Pinterest-friendly images needed an update, so I created new pinnable images, posted them to Pinterest, and saw THIS spike in traffic.

Ecommerce traffic Pinterest

Here are the two simple steps you can take to get more traffic with Pinterest



1. Create Pinterest-friendly images for ALL of your blog posts

Go back to every single blog post on your website and used Canva to create each Pin. Look through their Pinterest templates, find one that you like, customize it to reflect your branding and colors and use images provided by Canva to add a relevant image to each post. After you are done creating the image, upload it to the relevant post.

2. Pin each blog post image to Pinterest using Tailwind App

Go back to each post on your website and use the Tailwind App to schedule and pin every image. Don't forget to use their SmartLoop feature to schedule each pin to post on a loop in the future. This will save you SO MUCH time from having to re-pin everything again.

That's it! To watch a video of how to get more ecommerce traffic by implementing this process step-by-step, make sure to watch the video below and subscribe to the Launch Grow Joy YouTube channel. In the video, you'll also see examples of a few other e-commerce companies that are doing this right.


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