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More than 50 tips to market your Etsy store

If you're looking for Etsy Marketing Tips, you're in the right place!

Do you have an Etsy store but your sales are not where you want them to be? Or were your Etsy sales high and, for some reason, they have dropped off over the last few months?

If so, read on for over 50 things that you can do to market your Etsy store. These Etsy marketing tips are tips from successful Etsy sellers, most of who have over 1,000 sales in their Etsy shop!

Please keep in mind: You don't have to implement all of these Etsy Marketing Tips at once (that would be impossible!) Look through the list, make a note of any tips that you want to try and schedule them in your calendar. And if you have your own tips to add, make sure to leave a comment below.

Here are more than 50 Etsy Marketing Tips

1. Customer service is key

Respond promptly to your convos. People appreciate the attentiveness and it helps develop a relationship with your customers which is otherwise lacking online.

2. List as often as you can

Stay focused on what you are good at, and what sells the most. Although there are many things i can make, in my Etsy shop, I stick to sewing paper and making wallets is my big success. Focus on one to 3 products and use the same mediums.

3. Persist

If I had to give one word for succeeding a small business, it would have to be persistence! Do I feel successful? Yes, this year I do! If you know you have a quality product with competitive pricing, you can learn the semantics of selling online as you go – just persist. Don't give up! Be determined to succeed, and you will succeed! Now go, do, and good luck to you!

4. Two things are super important: (1) fantastic photos, and (2) short, pithy descriptions

Think of your customers as friends – you have a short amount of time to build trust and a strong relationship with your clientele. It's small things, like handwritten notes or individualized email responses, that make a huge difference.

5. Get featured outside of Etsy

The most effective promotion I've gotten has been from sources outside of Etsy. I've purchased tiny, affordable ads in the back of a few magazines, Bust and Found to name a few, and have been shameless about sending my work to interesting art blogs I've found. It doesn't hurt to just attach a photo, send a link and ask if they want to feature you. If your stuff fits their aesthetic, they're usually thrilled you did the work for them and they didn't have to search out something themselves. Getting featured in smaller blogs leads to bigger sources seeing you and featuring you there. Being featured on small, personal blogs led bigger features in the blog Apartment Therapy, and the now-defunct interior design magazine Domino. It's been years since those features, and I still get custom requests from clients who discovered me there to this day.

6. Creativity & Quality are Key

Although there are many factors to achieving success, I do believe that being fresh and unique in your creativity will definitely aid in setting you apart from your competition. Also, providing a quality product. I have definitely learned that a customer is willing to wait if they know that they have to wait because you want to offer them the most quality product that you can. Quality should never waver–should always be consistent.


I find that when I post items on a daily basis is when I make the most sales. You have to keep your items in the public eye and on the front page as much as possible so create posts as often as you can. If you have multiples of the same item, list each one individually rather than listing it once and setting your quantity at 10. Listing the item once each day for 10 days increases the chances of visibility over posting the 10 items lumped together in one listing. This also helps keep track of inventory.

8. I find that products will sell themselves if they do what they claim or are unique in some way

Most of our new customers come from word of mouth advertising. They learn about us in chat rooms and forums as well as blogs and friends. The products we sell are products that we use! I think that says so much about what we do and how we are able to keep doing it. If you make products that you yourself love and don't want to be without chances are others will love them too. Advertising can get you new customers but keeping customers requires a commitment to a great line of products that won't let them down.

9. Try to be as professional as possible in every aspect of your work

Your Etsy shop should look and feel like a respectable business. Trust is important to online buyers. This means good branding, good photos, fast shipping, quick and courteous responses to questions and a quality product. After being featured in Etsy finds a couple of times early on I have found that most of my sales are by word of mouth. Customer experience is everything if you want people to rave about your products. 2 friends tell 2 friends, tell 2 friends and pretty soon you have a good customer base. Oh, and be yourself, love what you do and make a product that people need! It's the minor details that matter most!

10. A few well-respected beauty bloggers wrote reviews on my products, and that really helped my business pick up

So I'd say make yourself known to the best bloggers in your field (without being pushy). Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, make thoughtful comments on their posts and hopefully, they will take an interest in your work. Many also offer affordable ad space where you can reach your best potential customers 🙂

The traditional advice of taking good product photos, optimizing keywords for the search function, writing interesting concise descriptions, and promoting outside of Etsy is crucial, but it's also important that the products themselves are desirable, creative and well-made. Of course one still has to make a good profit. Therefore careful design and materials sourcing help keep costs down so one can have a realistically priced, yet amazing product. I find that every time I compromise the quality of an item I regret it, and making things the very best that I can (within my carefully constructed parameters) guarantees delighted customers and continued success for me.

12. Pictures are what sells your product

There's a lot that goes into successful selling on Etsy: staying relevant, joining teams, creating unique products, pricing, embracing the changes, fast shipping, great customer service, the list seems endless! But all of those efforts are in vain if the traffic your driving to your shop arrives, and finds pictures that do not captivate the buyer. Pictures that sell your products by making each item interesting and with a personality all it's own. Pictures ARE what sells your product. Natural lighting whenever possible and great close-ups go a long way towards making an inanimate object into something that a buyer is curious about and wants to know more about. Using all the spaces available (5) is really important too!

13. Finding a niche is incredibly important

What do you wish was out there that you just can't seem to find? What could be done better, or differently? I started making Moonpads because I wanted prettier, more affordable menstrual pads. I started my other Etsy business (www.cowgirlsnaps.etsy.com ) because I couldn't find pearl snaps to use on Moonpads, and figured other people might like them too. And then. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Good photos are a must. The month I got Photoshop, my sales went up immediately and significantly.

14. Be Unique

My biggest piece of advice is to be unique. Let your creativity blossom and your work will stand out. Try something new that is uniquely yours. I feel that buyers enjoy the variety.

15. Uniqueness

Creating something that is unique brings sales. We love to be different and want something that can represent that difference at the same time. The uniqueness doesn't only make your shop stands out from the others, but it also makes your shop interesting. Everyone has his own taste, and unique items may be the answer for them. So be unique!

16. To have excellent customer service

It may seem as though this is a cliche tip, but I have turned unhappy customers into regular buyers by keeping this in mind. If a customer doesn't like something or it doesn't work for them, I stick to my ‘Love it' guarantee (if they don't love it, they get their money back). I do whatever I can to rectify any issues with orders promptly and kindly. I had an international buyer lose a package in the mail 2 times in a row. I refunded her money after the second time and sent out a third, which made it to her. She was so grateful for the service and left feedback saying it was the best customer service she's ever received. She buys from my shop regularly. Customers appreciate it so much when a seller treats them well. They share these experiences and almost always return. This not only builds a great reputation for your company, but it also keeps customers coming back again & again.

17. Quantity: You can not expect someone to stay in your shop unless you have something to sell

Having a few items in your shop or even 20 items does not give the buyer a variety of options. We didn't start selling steadily until we had 50 items in our shop and we know we have to keep a minimum of 100 items in the shop in order to do well on Etsy. The goal for end-of-year holiday prep is 200+ items which we start making in June.

Quality: Really work hard to put out an amazing handmade product. Quality counts and it brings back return customers. Etsy allows for a few ways to show off quality: great photos in detail of your work, descriptions and the new About page for the shop. However, we found one of the best ways to share more about our books is on our blog (BadgerandChirp.com) in which we not only showcase our custom orders but we also share the bookbinding process with how-to videos and a bookbinding 101 series. This helps other people not only learn how to make their own but come to appreciate our books a little bit more and brings in customers for us.

18. Provide stellar customer service

From the first point of contact to the last, it is essential to provide your customers with the best service possible. After six years in business, the majority of my customers are repeat customers and/or referrals from past customers. Beyond producing an exceptional product, I deliver exceptional service. Communication is a key factor in my service policy. I make sure to personally acknowledge every order, upon receipt, and send out regular updates on the status of the order, including tracking info at shipment. My customers let me know that they appreciate my stellar customer service and I believe this has played a key role in my success.

19. Offer samples

If possible, always give a chance to the customer to try your products before he/she decides to invest in a full-size item. If you make products that are not possible to offer as samples – have something affordable in your shop that will not cost much but will be a chance to feel, touch and give the idea of what you are doing. It can be a small key chain, handkerchief, anything that will show your craftsmanship and quality you offer. Also, if you can – include something for free with every purchase. Even the smallest thing can be a big pleasant surprise and will make the customer feel happy and want to come back again 🙂

20. It takes money to make money

When I opened my shop, I decided that I would spend a fairly good amount of money on advertising. I took a bit of a gamble and spent 400.00 dollars advertising on a really well-known home decor blog. Fortunately, the gamble paid off and I made that back! Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. When looking for blogs to advertise your products with, I always have the best luck with blogs I personally enjoy reading. I think that goes along with making sure you know your target audience. Knowing exactly who the type of person is that would buy your products. Would that person likely read that same blog? In the first 6 months, I reinvested my profit back into advertising. It wasn't always easy to let go of the money, but it definitely paid off and helped me get a good start! 🙂

21. Promote, Create, Promote

In the age of the internet, it's easy to advertise just about anything…including your latest handcrafted item. Facebook and Twitter are great mainstream tools, but to really market your product to your niche, find blogs that cater to your customers. There's a lot of other “social” networks that are constantly sprouting up. Etsy forums are a great way to find encouragement and suggestions from more successful sellers to really make you the best you can be. Still, the most important form of advertising is word-of-mouth. So, include business cards with every order, or ask the local coffee shop, restaurant, etc. if you can display your cards for others to circulate and share. And when you're not promoting, create! Get crafting on that next big idea to stay fresh and ahead of the curve!

22. Excellent Customer Service: Go above and beyond with customer service

People shop where they feel appreciated. Excellent products paired with fabulous customer service bring loyal customers who tell their friends about your shop.

23. There are No New Customers

I read somewhere once to conduct business as if you could never get another new customer — your only chance of prospering was to turn existing customers into repeat customers. It's a little tongue-in-cheek, obviously, but I think of it often. What does it look like to cherish my existing customers? How could I fill an order and communicate with someone (either online or in-person) in a way that makes them remember us fondly and wants to come back? It makes me slow down at shows and when filling orders, even during busy times — double-checking the contents, the packaging, and thank-you note. I try to never fill an order with an imperfect product, even one whose label is slightly off-center, and try to really listen to people when they approach us at shows or send us a conversation, taking a moment for a thoughtful exchange.

24. Get connected & make friends

Offer specials, sales, & coupon codes. It's a great way to get new customers in and reward your regular customers as well.

25. Virtual Tangibility

Create a description of your product online that is the next best thing to the tangible. This includes a descriptive portrayal of your product in the listing and simple, uncluttered photographs of your item from different angles and views. Atmospheric photos are good too! Potential customers can’t actually pick up your items to scrutinize it, so offer them the next best thing… I like to call it “virtual tangibility”. 🙂

26. Integrity is important

My success on Etsy is contingent not only on what I have to offer but the variety of cosmetics as well. I offer products that as a consumer, I couldn't find in the marketplace, so I made them myself. I listen to what my customers are looking for and then offer those products. I want all my cosmetics to exceed expectations without overwhelming my customers with too much information. Pictures and descriptions should be accurate and being available to answer questions is very important when selling cosmetics online.

27. Branding and Repeat Customers

Before I even stitched my first seam, I gave a lot of thought to creating a brand. I wanted to incorporate my mission into a label that was recognizable and meaningful. Next, I had the label trademarked and A Helping Hand Bag was born. I have worked hard to make my store have a cohesive look but it's my label that is my best advertisement and creates name recognition and consequently repeat customers. With Etsy growing and greater competition, I feel it's important to have a quality product, awesome customer service, and a brand that my customers will remember.

28. Your Photo Says it All

Do your photos attract customers or are you being overlooked? When I first started on Etsy, I did a lot of browsing. I figured that if someone was already successful, I wanted to see how they got there. I watched the front page and carefully scrutinized the photos to see where or how I could improve my own. To do this, you need to think like a customer, pick any category and browse and click. What makes you click? Many customers have told me that my photos are what drew them into my shop and hopefully my descriptions and customer service are what kept them there.

29. Write About Your Work

Tell the story or inspiration behind your work. I know I'm more intrigued by a product that includes a paragraph with information about the creative process. This is a struggle for me because I sometimes find it hard to articulate exactly what was intended by each drawing or painting but I try to explain myself as genuinely as possible. I usually express myself with humor because that's what comes naturally to me in both my drawing and writing. Sharing your thoughts and processes will hopefully allow your audience to relate and feel more connected to you and your work.

30. Do Custom work, quick shipping, & communication

For me….sales really went up when I started doing customized work for people. People like to be creative & have something that is unique & their alone. Also, everyone keeps saying they like how I get my packages out to them quickly & they don't have to wait long like they do with other sellers. When someone orders something they are already thinking of using it & eager to try it out! 🙂 Also, they really appreciate my communication with them on thanking them, when the order will be filled, & when it is sent out with confirmation.

31. Branding

A strong brand helps keep your shop fresh in the minds of potential customers. When we first started, this was as easy as creating a simple theme to tie in our Etsy banner with our avatar. Later, we also incorporated the theme over to our business cards, Facebook, Twitter, etc… One of the many awesome things about Etsy is that they give you plenty of opportunities to tell the story of your unique handmade items! Spend time thinking about what best represents the items you sell and create something cohesive and memorable to buyers.

32. Be consistent

Never give up. All things are possible. It's definitely true that when one door closes another one opens but only if you think positive and make it happen. If something is not working, figure out how to change things so it does work. You really have to live and breathe whatever your passion is.

33. Find What Works For You

I think the thing that's lead to my most success in my Etsy shop is experimenting with products until I found the ones that were right for me and my shop. I used to make a variety of purses and accessories, adding new designs and fabrics while dropping the ones that didn't sell as well. In time I learned to anticipate what was going to be a good seller and how to maximize sales of that item with a wide variety of fabrics. (bonus tip: grey wool never goes out of style!)

34. Keep things in your shop fresh

Add a new product, retake photos on older items, add new product lines, update packaging. When your shop is slow this is the perfect time to update it so it always looks new and exciting for your customers.

35. Find a niche market and make products not readily available in stores

Our business began because my mom needed a microwave heating pad that covered her neck and shoulders and we couldn't find a satisfactory product in stores – so I designed one. From there, we built our business around making unique hot and cold pack therapy products. Some of our best sellers originally began with a customer asking ‘can you make this?'

36. Love Your Products

I love creating handmade products. Because I love using handmade products! When I'm in a creative slump I'll retreat into my innermost selfish being and think… What can I create for myself as a treat? 😉 If I'm lucky it will usually bring about a spark that drives me to mad experimentation, which will result in new scents and soaps. If my ideas sell, wonderful! If not, I've got a new bar of soap, perfume or candle that I will enjoy while I mull over new ventures. I encourage everyone to be true to themselves, create what they love, live their passions and be led from the heart.

37. Love Your Shop

If you love what you make and do your very best to make your items and shop the best it can be, your potential customers will pick up on that and want to be apart of the beautiful thing you've created. Be open to feedback, and don't be afraid to experiment.

38. Perfection is Impossible

I see so many beginning entrepreneurs assume that once they get their photos just right, or get their SEO in place, that everything will be perfect and the sales will just start rolling in. This is an absolute myth. Why? Because you'll never be done improving & your shop will never be perfect. There is ALWAYS something you can do to improve your business.

39. Make it Personal

As an Etsy shop, I try to give each and every buyer a unique handmade experience. This means that every order that goes out is wrapped and packaged like a birthday present: gift wrap, tissues, ribbon, a personalized note, and even a unique decorated envelope. Each item needs to feel personal, not something that came off a production line order.

40. Put in the time

Put in the time….to make the best quality product. I have many repeat customers who leave feedback about how well-made my bags are.
Put in the time….to take and edit the best photos you can manage.
Put in the time….to list items regularly (use all the tags!)
Put in the time….to promote. I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Ravelry for promotion. Research promotion/advertising/blogs that will reach your target market.
Put in the time….to respond promptly to Conversations or custom requests. Customers love good service!

41. Take Great Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Without being able to pick up and feel the items, product pictures need the best they can be. So product photography is high up on my list right next to product quality when it comes to my Etsy business. I almost always use a white background, so there are no distractions from the products. I use natural lighting, I get the best lighting in the mornings, even and not too strong. When it comes to photo editing, I just brighten up the background, play with contrast to show off fabric detail, crop the picture so the product is in the center and it's done.

42. Perseverance

Since I have been selling on Etsy since 2007, one thing I can say for certain is that many shops will come and go but what has made mine successful in my opinion is perseverance. One of my favorite business quotes which actually is stated in my shop profile: “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go”. You cannot possibly have any sort of success in the online handmade industry unless you are willing to stick with it and keep up with the current trends. So for me, it was always easy to keep going since I love what I do. Love of your craft whatever it is and just persevere.


Develop as frequently as possible new and accessible products for my customers. New products revitalize sales. I have had that experience most times when I introduce new items, whether it is jewelry, prints on fabric, prints on wood, etc. They allow you to increase sales to existing customers but also to attract others, and in the end, to sell more of all of your products, not only the one you are introducing.

44. Re-inventing your shop: Over the last 6 years of being on Etsy, I have had to re-invent my product line a few times

Whether starting from scratch or starting over, the key is to actively watch what is happening on Etsy. I ask what colors are in? What is Etsy promoting? What is happening seasonally? What animals, shapes, natural elements are popping up on the front page? When I see what is trending I apply that to what I can do. I sew. What you can do and your style will influence what you make. Make things you love and likely others will too (if not try a different angle).

46. Trial and Error

Etsy is a great place to share and do the “trial and error” method to see what will be appealing to others. I decided to create a shop where I could share nature and art by using purses as my canvas. I soon realized that the shape of the purse and materials used was as important as the design placed upon the purse. Through constantly working on my designs and watching the number of “views” they received, it helped me to know what needed to change as well as what was working.

47. Look Professional Act Professional

What I practice in my shop and what I look for in the shops that I buy from is a polished look. This means fill out everything Etsy offers like Shop Announcement/Profile, About Page and Policy Page, a Shop Banner and a full row of Featured Items. Shops missing these tell me no one is minding the store. Make sure your description includes details like size and function. Simply saying here is a pretty candle I made without giving size and burn time with pictures of the actual item sends me running for the hills. Saying things in your policy like I'm not responsible once an item ship also makes me run the other way. You, as a seller are always responsible until the customer gets their item and is happy with it. My shop runs on the Golden Rule – treat every customer as you would want to be treated. It is how I've built a loyal customer base who come back year after year no matter what changes Etsy makes.

49. Have amazing customer service!

Be known for having amazing customer service and going above and beyond for your customers! I find that to be a HUGE part of my success. Make that name for yourself, have a product that people want and respond to inquiries/emails as quickly as you can. Whether your customer has a simple question, wants something completely custom or is looking for information, they will appreciate you being prompt and courteous in your response and much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

50. Packaging brings everything full circle

I have realized that you have got to love, like, or at least tolerate all aspects of what you do, or it is really hard to motivate yourself to work. I do enjoy the more tedious sweatshop parts of what I do – packaging, sewing in labels on the clothes and bags, casting, shipping, answering e-mails, forwarding shipping information, etc. These things take more time then you would think but I believe it shows in the final product the customer can tell the time and effort you put into making everything just so. It is very important to package things well and thoughtfully. Also, including an unexpected goodie in the package is always great as it makes opening mail even more fun and can lead to repeat sales.


I get asked all the time how I run a successful shop on Etsy. My best answer is a lot of hard work and dedication to something you love doing. Work is fun for me and a lot has been learned along the way. I started with two things I loved doing, sewing and designing and it took off from there. I have put in a lot of hard work improving my store in many ways. Customer service, the best photos I can manage, using Facebook to chat with customers and give them a glimpse of my life and striving for an excellent product.

52. Acknowledge their order and Get it to them FAST

Everyone wants instant gratification, even when making an online purchase. Invest in a postal scale if you don't already have one, bubble wrap, poly mailers, packing peanuts and boxes….whatever you use to ship. Buy in bulk when possible and don't forget to sign up with your local freecycle.com organization to hunt down free shipping supplies too. You can also buy mailing labels (again eBay, super cheap) or you can print labels on plain paper and tape to package.

53. Be Personal

I think most of my sales are generated by my item descriptions (something that's been a difficulty for me transitioning to wholesale) which usually includes a snippet about my inspiration for each perfume. I get a lot of responses about my writing, and those conversations have fostered some great friendships that have also turned into my best repeat customers (who give great referrals). I would say it's important to do something you really love and let your personal involvement show through. On Etsy, especially, everyone is excited to be participating in the handmade economy, they want great shops to root for and will do so much of your marketing for you if they feel invested. Etsy is all about community, being friendly and engaging with customers goes a very long way. Oh, and use Facebook!

Phew, that is a huge list of tips! What are some of the ways that you market your Etsy store? Please list them below!



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    1. Nadia, thanks for your comment! That’s actually publicity, not social media… Social media would be things like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…

  24. I have just died and gone to “helpful tips heaven”. Thank you so much for all this useful information.

  25. Hey thank you so much for this very informative article. Just wanted to add a small thing to this, if I am allowed to 🙂 We recently launched our Etsy app called MySocialPig. It basically helps you schedule and automate your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts for your products. I am sure many of the Etsy sellers will find it useful as it can save them so many hours and efforts that goes into Social meida promotions. Looking forward to welcome your readers on our app (psst..free 50 posts for first 500 users)

  26. My shop lay dormant for years. I tried different things from listing my art to decorative painting on furniture. Finally I decided on a niche in wedding and party invitation design. I’m a long time graphic designer and I love creating beautiful invitations. So why not. I jumped in with both feet. Researched a lot and came across these tips from Etsy vendors. I started using them and watched visitors to my site jump as well as, “faves” and sales. I’m not there yet, but now I believe I can do it with great customer service, stunning images, and putting my shop in front of more viewers. Thanks so much for this blog post. Sincerely, Victoria

  27. this article was worth reading just for the first tip alone. I am goddamned sick to death of facebook, social media, blog, and the whole nauseating splendor of it all – in fact I just disconnected my blog today for the first time today in 7 years – facebook may be soon to follow – never ever even bothered with twitter in the first place.

    thanks much!

  28. I gotta say I love tip #1, I hate facebook and I refuse to use it for my business. I think Pinterest can be good if you have amazing pictures but that’s it.
    The rest was good as well, good pictures and short listings are key.

  29. Wow there are a Lot of great ideas here. I think the one that I keep trying to do is adding new items. I try to add a Least one new item Every day. It’s lots of work, but certainly worth it.

  30. Thanks for the informative article. I already own an Etsy shop and have done most of the points you have mentioned in your article, I totally agree with all of it and I am sure these ways will boost sales. I have further expanded my Etsy shop and created an Ecommerce shop for it and now I need to start getting the traffic.

  31. Great tips. Keyword research is also one of the most effective strategy to find suitable and most searched keywords about your products and then including them in etsy pitch and titles.

  32. Spend more time in building your audience and engaging your customers. Automate sharing your products to social media using tools like outfy or buffer.

    1. You can also automate your shop listings too — this has helped me bunches with my SEO & shop views! It’s really the best kept secret amongst my Etsy friends!

  33. You actually make it seem so easy together with
    your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually one thing which I believe I might
    never understand. It seems too complex and extremely extensive for me.

    I’m looking ahead to your next post, I’ll attempt to get the cling of

  34. Awesome article. Learned a lot about marketing. It is definitely very helpful for my shop. Looking forward to your next article.

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