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How to find retail stores to sell your products to

Are you selling wholesale, but are not sure how to find relevant stores? In today's podcast, I'm going back to the ASK ANDREEA series where I answer a question from one of you. Here's today's question:

“I want to start selling wholesale. I currently have my product in one store and would like to have access to more. I am just not sure what stores to target. My products as I label them are gifts for tween girls and beauty products. How would you suggest choosing stores to pitch my product to? Thanks!” – Araina


Here are some links that you'll hear about in this episode:

Yelpwww.yelp.com – for finding stores in a specific location

Finding your target audienceLaunch Grow Joy podcast 006

– Finding sales reps – read this post and this


What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast when it comes to selling wholesale? Did you enjoy it? Is there anything you'd like to ask me about finding retail stores for your products? If so, leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips Andreea. I’ve only just started using Yelp to help with researching retailers and it’s a great resource.

  2. Andrea,

    Thank you sooo much for answering my question.This is information is worth a million bucks to me! Having someone break down in steps how to help grow my business is more than I could ever hope for! I have written a page full of notes to start the process. It feels great to get professional advice for your business,it’s priceless!! And thanks for pronouncing my name correctly!:)


  3. Hi Andrea, Thanks for this great information. I am finding it hard to get a response from retailers 🙁 I have emailed them a professional, short yet effective email introducing myself and my product and then I follow up a week later with another email and they don’t reply 🙁 Any advice would help. Kristie

  4. Thank you Andreea,

    My head was spinning in order to get more stores and contacts and with your knowledge and practical podcast guidance
    I was able to recharge and focus on a plan to reach out and get more stores to carry my product. You presented the information in an organized way that helped clear my mind. Thank you for your wise counsel! It is useful!
    I appreciate your experience and I am grateful that you share it.
    Kind regards,

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