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How to leverage your press mentions into sales

Seeing your products featured on the pages of a top magazine can be exhilarating! But, along with that exhilaration can come a bit of worry – what if you don't have enough product in stock to meet the demand in sales? Or, worse, what if no one visits your website or buys your products as a result of that mention?

Believe it or not, both cases can be true. I've had my products featured in a top media outlet and saw over $10,000 of sales in ONE DAY. And I've also had my products mentioned and saw ZERO sales from that particular mention. While instant sales from a press mention can be an amazing thing to experience, the reality is that, as an entrepreneur, you sometimes have to do a bit of extra work to leverage your press mentions into sales.

In today's episode of The Launch Grow Joy Show, I share six things to show you how to leverage press mentions into sales. Click the LISTEN button above to get these six tips and then I'd love to know your thoughts/feelings on this topic. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



I'd love to know what your biggest takeaway is from this podcast. Have you seen a spike in sales or no sales at all from recent press mentions? Leave a comment below and let's continue the conversation about how to leverage press mentions.

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe what perfect timing! My product was just featured in Vanity Fair’s Holiday Gift Guide and released on the news stands yesterday! I love your suggestions and I plan on going and taking advantage of several of them right now. Thanks so much for all of your wisdom and generosity in sharing it along the way!

  2. It truly is great timing! We are going to be in Take Ten (a prominent crafting magazine) coming up in Nov.! So thanks for the tips!

  3. As always, great episode Andreea! Any advice and/or recommendations on how and where exactly to apply press mentions within an Etsy shop?

    1. Candace, you can mention your press in your shop intro page and also in the description on your individual product pages!

  4. Hi Andreea, great podcast as always! I’ve only recently started seeking out press opportunities, and so far have only landed mentions in a few (smaller) blogs for their holiday gift guides. I’m curious whether you think I should use the same strategies? And without the prestige of a well-known blog/magazine mention, should I still have a press page, or wait til I’ve been mentioned somewhere recognizable?

    1. Kerry, yes, you can use the same exact strategies – any press is good press and the fact that you have a press page (no matter how big or small), will only result in more press!

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