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Marie Forleo Bschool Bonuses

If you’re thinking of joining the Marie Forleo Bschool program, but are wondering if it’s the right fit for you because you have a business that is product-based, read on! Whether you make jewelry, design apparel or home decor, invented a cool baby product, concocted beauty products in your kitchen or designed the coolest eco products around, these bonuses are perfect for you!

As a student since 2011 and a contributor to Marie Forleo B-school, here’s my review to help you decide of B-school is right for you.

To say that B-school has completely changed my business (and my life), would be an understatement!

How Marie Forleo Bschool’s will set you up for success

Here are seven ways that B-school will help you to grow your business year after year:

1. It will give you clarity and permission to dream big. One thing that Marie said in one of the video modules was that we (especially women) often don’t give ourselves permission to dream big and that we tend to play small. Wow, was that true for me! That one statement totally transformed how I approached my business moving forward and I started giving myself permission instead of waiting for others to give it to me.

1. It will allow you to see the bigger picture. You might feel like running an online business is a bit of a puzzle and you’re not quite sure how to put all the pieces together. After going through B-school, fitting together all of the pieces of running an online business will make so much more sense to you.

3. It will provide you with an amazing community of entrepreneurs who not only can become customers for your products and services, but also answer your questions, provided a shoulder to lean (or cry) on when you need and will help you to establish partnerships and relationships that you wouldn’t have otherwise made. I can personally directly contribute at least $200,000 in revenues since 2011 to the connections I made through B-school. THAT’S POWERFUL! The B-school community is AMAZING. So many of my super successful “online friends” came directly from my membership in B-school.

4. It will give you a road map of how to create a successful online business. After going through Marie Forleo’s B-school, you will know ALL of the pieces that contribute to a successful online business. You will finally feel like you have a plan, instead of “winging it” online and you’ll feel amazing and empowered.

5. It will help you to grow your list and income. If you’ve heard the saying “The money is in the list,” but didn’t believe it to be true, it is! Before B-school, I didn’t realize the importance of having or nurturing a list. B-school taught me, step-by-step, not only WHY it is important to have a list, but also HOW to actually grow AND form relationships with my list. You’ll learn how to start, build, grow and nurture your list, which will lead to increase sales in your business.

6. It will open LOTS OF DOORS for you – being an entrepreneur, especially online, can be a lonely place. B-school will help you open doors to mentors, partners, friends, greater impact and a much higher income than you could ever reach on your own.

7. It will re-invigorate you and get you excited about your business year after year – because, as a B-schooler, you have lifetime access to B-school, you might want to participate in B-school every year (I have since 2011). Each year Marie adds new experts, new content, new strategies and shares what’s working now and each time you participate, you will learn something new, get excited about your business even more and feel inspired to take action.

I have to admit, though, when I first signed up for B-school I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me with a product-based business. I had just sold my t-shirt company and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. Would Marie Forleo Bschool apply to me if I wanted to launch another product-based business?

The answer is a resounding YES. And here’s why:

Almost everything that Marie teaches in Bschool applies to a product-based business as well. And, along with the bonuses that I offer each year to entrepreneurs who sign up through my affiliate link, I can help you connect the dots between the content in B-school and how it specifically applies to your product-based business.

I’ve been an affiliate of Marie Forleo B-school since 2011 and each year I’ve offered some amazing bonuses to entrepreneurs who sign up for B-school using my affiliate link.

If you’re interested in B-school and sign up through my affiliate link, here are the bonuses that you’ll have access to…

Marie Forleo Bschool Bonuses

1. Three custom media lists to help you connect with the right media outlets ($347 value)– No more having to search the internet for editors' email address! I’ll custom-build three separate media lists for you to help you save both time and money and connect you with the right media outlets.

2. A comprehensive website review ($297 value)– I’ll spend at least two hours looking through your website and making suggestions for improvement. This website review is designed to help you increase conversions (turn more of your visitors into buyers) and to get your website in the best possible shape. Don’t worry – if you don’t have a website yet, you can take your time and let me know when your website is ready and I’ll review it then!

3. An ONE HOUR coaching call with me ($450 value)– I’ve never offered this bonus before, but since I’ve discontinued my private coaching, many of you are constantly emailing me asking if I still offer one-on-one coaching. I don’t, but I am making an exception for anyone who signs up for B-school through my affiliate link. You’ll get a ONE HOUR coaching call with me (via Skype or phone), where I’ll answer any questions you have about your business.

4. Free Access to the brand new MEDIA LEADS program for 3 months ($350 Value) – If you dream of getting your products featured in holiday gift guides in blogs AND in print magazines, look no further. To date, my MEDIA LEADS program has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to get media coverage and if you sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-school through my affiliate link, you’ll get free access to Media Leads for 3 months.

If you are thinking about joining Marie Forleo Bschool and have a product-based businesses, these bonuses are definitely for you!

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  1. Will it help someone who only has an Etsy shop? I sell digital downloads for crafters there. Not sure if Marie’s program would work for my situation. I haven’t even gotten a website done because so much of my time is needed to design and upload new products.

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