Want to purchase individual lists for your PR needs?

Please take a look at the available lists below and if you have any questions, check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Media List

Beauty, cosmetics, haircare & fragrances Contains 1,300+ records
Includes print and online media

Fashion (Women's)
Media List

Accessories, jewelry, apparel, footwear Contains 1,850+ records
Includes print and online media

Beverage Industry
Media List

Beverages, beer, wine, coffee, tea Contains 850+ records
Includes print and online media

Food Industry
Media List

Food, baking, cooking, organic foods Contains 3,000+ records
Includes print and online media

Crafts & DIY
Media List

Crafts, hobbies, leisure, handmade Contains 740+ records
Includes print and online media

Media List

Travel, camping, RV, cruises, eco-tourism Contains 2,400+ records
Includes print and online media

Media List

Domestic lifestyle, features, regional
Contains 2,800+ records
Includes print and online media

Home & Garden
Media List

Home decor, gardening, furnishings
Contains 970+ records
Includes print and online media

Health & Fitness
Media List

Fitness, health, wellness, spas
Contains 1,570+ records
Includes print and online media

Parenting & Children
Media List

Kids’ apparel, parenting, toys
Contains 1,300+ records
Includes print and online media

Media List

All individual and team sports
Contains 2,000+ records
Includes print and online media

Media List

Tech, gaming, video, electronics
Contains 1,600+ records
Includes print and online media

Men's Interest
Media List

Men’s apparel, health, men’s interest
Contains 150 records
Includes print and online media

Organic & Eco-friendly
Media List

Green living, organic, holistic, yoga
Contains 450 records
Includes print and online media

Gifts & Consumer Goods
Media List

Gifts, new products
Contains 560+ records
Includes print and online media

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of media outlets does each list include?

Each list includes both print media and online media. This includes national, regional, local print magazines, as well as personal blogs, online media outlets.

How soon will I get the list after I purchase it?

You will get the list immediately after you purchase it. Check your email (and SPAM folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes).

How up to date is the list?

Each list is updated every two months. You also get a FREE list update within six months of your original purchase. Instructions will be sent when you order your list.

What info does each list include?

Each list includes Outlet Name, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Contact Title, Contact Email, Outlet Website, Outlet Type, Audience Reach (if available), Country (US or Canada).

It includes editors and writers who review and write about physical products only.

What format is the list available in?

Each list is available in CSV format and can be imported in Google Docs, Sheets or Excel.

Is the list 100% deliverable?

As with any list, it is expected that there will be a few bounced or invalid contacts. If you receive a bounceback message, simply reach out to another editors/writer at the same media outlet or request an updated list.

Does the list include freelance journalists?

No, the lists include only editors and bloggers/writers who write about PHYSICAL products.

Is my purchase refundable?

Because of the digital nature of this product and because you receive 100% of your purchase within seconds of placing your order, your purchase is not refundable.

What is the difference between these lists and Media Leads?

Media Leads is a MONTHLY, ONGOING membership site at an investment of $125 per month that gives you access to all of these lists and a lot more. Media Leads includes pitch samples, editorial calendars, daily leads, an e-commerce publicity pitch course and more. If you want access to all of this, Media Leads is your best bet and you can sign up here.

These lists are individual lists that you purchase for a one-time fee and they do not include training, editorial calendars or any other info that Media Leads contains.

Can I purchase more than one list at a time?

Currently, you can only purchase one list at a time (with the option to upgrade to an additional list for a discounted price) at checkout. If you’d like to purchase more than one list, please purchase each list individually or contact us and we will offer you a solution.

Do you offer support with pitch writing?

We don’t offer specific pitch writing support when you purchase these lists, but there are plenty of resources and guides on our website and blog that can assist you with pitching the media.

Does the list include more than one contact at each media outlet?

Some lists will have more than one contact listed. If that’s the case, choose one contact to pitch this month and next month you can pitch a different contact.

Is it ok to follow up after my initial pitch?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, your success depends on your follow-up efforts. It’s best to follow up about a week after your initial email.

Do you have lists other than what is available on this page?

Yes, we have more lists than what is available here. Contact us and let us know the type of list you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we have it available for purchase.

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