Simply Passive is a course designed to teach ordinary people how to make purpose-driven & sustainable passive income that matters.

  • 45+ videos included
  • Neutral branding & aesthetic
  • All modules/lessons taught faceless
  • Easy & straightforward on-ramp for beginners to learn how to go from A-Z with digital marketing
  • How to build a solid foundation & make sustainable passive income for years to come
  • Branding yourself
  • Finding your voice
  • Niches — how to figure out WHO to serve and HOW to serve them
  • How to create your own digital products based on what you’re passionate about (and templates to get started!)
  • Faceless Marketing Content modules
  • All the tech/setup to list your own digital product in a simple way
  • Storytelling email marketing (Flodesk) & email templates
  • Captions, hashtags & hooks
  • Selling in Instagram stories
  • How to sell in DM’s
  • Deep dive into content creation strategies
  • Deep dive into social media strategies
  • Creating & setting up StanStore
  • Lead magnets/freebies (with templates!)
  • Time management
  • Content batching
  • Automation Tools & How to use them


  • A brand new beginner with zero experience making passive income – a simple &straightforward guided course
  • A person that’s stuck & lost in digital marketing – course full of strategies to get unstuck
  • A person that wants to grow & scale their digital marketing business
  • THE BEST PART? Once you purchase Simply Passive, you get Master Resell Rights, meaning that you can re-sell this course for 100% profit!


  Here are some Simply Passive success stories

Wow I’m at a loss for words!! December 1st, I told myself I wasn't going to invest into “another course” by the 5th, I had this strong intuition to just get Simply Passive and I’m so glad I did.

I just my highest month EVER since starting digital marketing 13 weeks ago.  Never thought I’d go faceless but I’m loving it  For the person who feels stuck, keep learning & keep going! 


OMG, this course is a game-changer. I started a brand new Instagram account and followed the Instagram module and I'm at 153 followers in less than a week after starting the account AND I sold two courses!


I’m so excited and happy that I went Faceless!  I can’t believe I have reached 45,000+ accounts on this brand new IG  !!! This is just the beginning!!



 am so happy I took the chance on myself and purchased this course. The last week I have seen consistent $100 days with my own low ticket offers.

I love how Simply Passive teaches you that there is more to digital marketing than just buying a course and selling a course.

I have created an email campaign guide, reels guide, content creations guide + passive income playbook. They all come with PLR and have helped me to see the potential!


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