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Getting influencer videos for your Amazon product listings can be a game-changer. It's like having your product reviewed and demonstrated by a trusted friend. Influencers bring authenticity and real-life context to your products, helping shoppers make confident choices. If you want to boost trust, engage customers, and stand out in the Amazon jungle, influencer videos are the way to go!


Does video content actually make a difference?

Yes, yes and YES! Here's why:

  1. 89% of online shoppers prefer buying products from Amazon to any other website. This means that Amazon is the go-to destination for online shopping, and sellers who want to be successful need to have a presence on the platform.
  2. 75% of shoppers say that product videos help them make purchase decisions. This shows that video is a powerful tool for marketing products and increasing sales.
  3. Videos on product pages can increase conversion rates by up to 30%. This means that every dollar you spend on creating and optimizing product videos can potentially generate $3 in additional revenue.
  4. 90% of shoppers watch product videos on their mobile devices. This means that your videos need to be mobile-friendly in order to reach the most customers.
  5. The average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. This means that you need to make your videos short and engaging in order to capture people's attention.
  6. 80% of customers are more likely to trust a brand after watching a video about it. This shows that video can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  7. Videos can help you reach a wider audience. Videos can be shared on social media, embedded on websites, and even shown on TV. This means that your videos can reach people who would never have seen your products otherwise.
  8. Videos can help you generate leads and sales. Videos can be used to promote your products, generate leads, and drive sales.
  9. Videos can help you improve your customer service. Videos can be used to answer customer questions, provide product demonstrations, and offer support.
  10. Videos can help you make your brand more memorable. Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand story and connect with customers on an emotional level.

Overall, video is a powerful tool for selling on Amazon or ecommerce. By using video, you can increase your visibility, boost your sales, and build trust with your customers.

What do I get when I sign up for Video Collabs?

After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. The confirmation email contains a form that you fill out for each product video you'd like us to create. We familiarize ourselves with your product, use it, and record a 1-2 minute video review of your product. We then upload the video to our Amazon Influencer Storefront and tag your product(s).


How much does each video cost?

Each video is only $50 and you should order one (or more) video for each product you sell on Amazon. So, for example, if you sell 5 products on Amazon, you should order 5 videos.  If you'd like 2 videos per product, you should order 10 videos, etc.

Can I hire you to create videos if my brand is not registered on Amazon?

Yes, you can still hire us and we can still create videos for your brand. However, we do recommend registering your brand on Amazon since non-registered brands do not always have the top video carousel open. The Influencer videos will only show up on the bottom carousel in this case. 

How many videos should I sign up for?

We recommend starting with one video for each product you sell. So, if you sell 10 products, you should sign up for 10 videos. If some of your products already have Influencer videos, you can start with videos for the products that do not already have videos.

Will I need to ship any products or will the Influencer purchase them from Amazon?

Yes, you will have to ship your products directly to the Influencers. Amazon does not allow Influencers to purchase products, create shoppable videos, and get reimbursed. Amazon does, however, allow influencers to be "gifted" products in exchange for their opinion/review. Amazon also does not allow sellers to manipulate sales data by having Influencers purchase products for reimbursement. 

How soon will my video show up on my product pages on Amazon?

Once an influencer receives your products, they will upload the videos to their Amazon Influencer Storefront within 3 days. It takes Amazon up to 24 hours to approve the video and another 48-72 hours to place it on your product pages. 

Can you guarantee that the videos will show up on my Amazon product page?

Unfortunately, we can't, since that is entirely up to Amazon.

We can, however, guarantee that the videos will be uploaded to the Influencer Storefront and tagged with your product and appear on Amazon, but they may not appear on your product page. 

However, more than 90% of the videos we have posted show up on the product pages. If your brand still has spots open on the top or bottom carousel, there is almost 100% chance that our videos will be posted there by Amazon.

How long will the videos stay up on my product pages?

Our videos will stay up on your product pages until new videos kicks them off. This can happen if you upload more brand videos, which reduces the availability of Influencer video slots. It can also happen if other Influencers post videos - if all the video slots are taken, Amazon will give new videos a chance by rotating them in. 

Ultimately, Amazon will keep the highest converting Influencer videos on the product pages, so if an Influencer video gets kicked off, it may come back in the carousel rotation if it performs better than newer videos.

What types of videos will Influencers create for my brand?

Our Influencers create videos that are designed to come across as honest customer reviews. Videos are usually 60-120 seconds long and often times the focus is on the product itself rather than on the influencer. As a result, many influencers choose to do FACELESS videos.

If all the video slots are already filled by other influencers, should I still sign up?

Yes, definitely! Amazon rotates between all videos submitted and keeps the best converting ones, so one of our videos can replace an already existing video if it converts better.

What happens if I order multiple videos for the same product?

If you order multiple videos for the same product, we will assign different influencers to record each video and all videos will be uploaded to our Influencer Storefront.

Can you create videos for any products I sell on Amazon?

Yes! We love working with all types of brands and products and we look forward to working with you!


Can I use the videos on my social media or in my product listing under Brand Videos?

Not unless you purchase additional usage rights to the video, which you can do at checkout. The videos are owned by the Influencers that create them and they are to be uploaded only on their Influencer Storefront.

Is this any different than UGC (User Generated Content)?

Yes, working with us is slightly different, although there are some similarities. UGC creators create videos for YOUR use. They give you full rights to their videos to use any way you'd like. They create videos for you to use on YOUR social media/Amazon storefront. 

With our Video Collabs, you'll still be working with content creators, but our content creators are Amazon Influencers who create shoppable video reviews and post them on their Amazon Influencer Storefront with a tag to your products. Their videos will show up on your product pages, but under the Influencer Videos, not your Brand Videos. They retain full rights to their videos.

Influencer videos are also designed to be more like honest customer reviews in a natural setting, rather than highly produced videos for advertising purposes. 

Can I get my products mailed back to me after the videos are uploaded?

Usually, no. That is because Influencers will need to actually use your products in order to share their honest experience with your brand and products, especially if your products need to be installed, tasted, used, etc.

Does Amazon allow this?

Yes, this is 100% in line with Amazon's Terms of Service, as long as Influencers mention that they were gifted the products. Usually they will do so by starting the video with "Brand XYZ gifted me this in exchange for my honest opinion" or "Brand XYZ sent this to me in exchange for a review."  

Can I talk to someone before I sign up?

Yes, you can call us at 303.482.2988 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. However, if you are ready to sign up, just click the GET VIDEOS NOW button below to get started.

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