What to pitch in March

March might seem like an unlikely time to think about summer travel and outdoor entertaining, but did you know that magazine editors start looking for products for their August issues in March? It's a good idea to start thinking now about what products to pitch in March.

By now, you probably have heard me say that your success with publicity depends on this ONE thing: SENDING THE RIGHT PITCH TO THE RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?

I know this can seem daunting, so I decided to launch a new blog series called “What magazine editors are looking for this month.”

At the beginning of each month, I'll post a guide to what types of products magazine editors are looking for that month.

My goal is to make getting your products featured in magazines as easy for you as possible! As you know, magazines start looking for products 3 – 6 months in advance, so you have to plan accordingly.

What products should you pitch in March?

There are two types of magazines that you may want to consider pitching – NATIONAL magazines and REGIONAL/LOCAL magazines.

In March, NATIONAL magazines are working on their August issue. Here are the types of products they typically cover during this month:

  • Summer weddings – anything wedding related, including food, apparel, accessories, vacations, gifts, jewelry, etc.
  • Summer travel – anything related to travel, including gear, accessories, clothing, tools, tech, etc.
  • Outdoor entertaining – this can include home decor, food, stationery, party supplies, furniture, gifts for the hostess, and any products that help to beat the heat
  • Summer-to-fall fashion – now that beach season is almost over, they are looking for fashion that transitions from summer to fall

In March, REGIONAL/LOCAL magazines are working on their May issue. Here are the types of products they typically cover this month:

  • Mother's Day gifts – products that make a great gift for Mother's Day, including fashion, lifestyle, accessories, home, fitness, tech, beauty, etc.
  • Graduation gifts – products that me a great graduation gift, including tech, accessories, watches, home products, business-related, etc.
  • Gardening products – gardening tools, gadgets, apparel, plants, birdhouses, seeds, etc.

Your pitch plan for March might look something like this:

  • Week 1 – pitch national magazines for August
  • Week 2 – pitch regional/local magazines for May
  • Week 3 – follow up with national magazines
  • Week 4 – follow up with regional/local magazines

If you are not yet a member of Media Leads, make sure to sign up so you can see all of these opportunities directly. With Media Leads, you'll know exactly who to pitch, what to pitch and when to pitch it for maximum results! And if you haven't yet attended my free training, “Five steps to rapidly increase your eCommerce sales with publicity,” you can reserve your spot here.


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