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The ultimate list of wholesale marketplaces to sell your products on

These wholesale marketplaces will help you get your products in front of thousands of retail buyers! Whether you're selling wholesale clothing, jewelry, baby products, accessories, bath & beauty products, home decor, handmade products or food products, read on to find out how to let buyers find you. If you're looking to grow your wholesale business, you know how time-consuming it can be to search for boutiques, find their contact info, reach out to them, attend trade shows, follow up & grow your wholesale accounts. Today, I wanted to share a different strategy with you – let the buyers find YOU. How? By partnering with other companies who work directly with buyers and store owners to help them find products via wholesale marketplaces.

Here is a list of wholesale marketplaces where you can connect with retail buyers


sell wholesale - faire.com If you sell handmade products, including gifts, bath & beauty, home decor, jewelry, kitchen, baby products and more, then listing your products with this wholesale marketplace is definitely a must.


hell abound Abound is an always-on wholesale marketplace where verified independent retailers discover and stock incredible products made by the very best small brands. Their retail experts hand-pick the brands on Abound, removing the guesswork for independent retailers.


bulletin wholesale marketplace Bulletin is a premium commerce community where retailers discover, meet, and shop the best brands on the planet. They cover everything from accessories and lifestyle products to beauty, wellness and kids & baby products.


Indie Me Selling Wholesale IndieMe (formerly WholesaleCrafts.com) is a great way to connect with buyers if you have handmade, jewelry, gifts, artisan, home decor and similar types of products. They also have a yearly trade show, as well as a catalog that they send to buyers throughout the year.


RangeMe allows you to put your products in front of thousands of retailers, including Target, Whole Foods, Petco, Sprouts and more. Retailers can place orders for your products directly through their platform.


wholesale marketplace - tundra If you sell handmade products, including gifts, bath & beauty, home decor, jewelry, kitchen, baby products and more, then listing your products with this wholesale marketplace is definitely a must.


Handshake is a wholesale marketplace for independent store that run on the Shopify platform. Handshake does this all from within the Shopify ecosystem. So if you’re already using Shopify, your inventory, billing, and orders will all be in the same places you're used to.


While the Mable marketplace is mostly for food brands, including beverages, pantry items, snacks and more, they also have a lifestyle category. Most of their buyers are independent retail grocery stores in the United States.

LA Showroom

LA Showroom is a “virtual showroom” for fashion-forward brands. They connect fashion designers (including kids fashion and accessories designers) with buyers. Their online showroom is visited by thousands of buyers looking for new and exciting brands.


FashionGo is the #1 B2B fashion wholesale e-commerce marketplace connecting the fashion industry to buy and sell the latest trends in fashion on a one-stop platform. Established in 2002, FashionGo has been the leading global platform for buyers and sellers to discover new opportunities.


Stockabl is geared specifically towards artisans and entrepreneur who have handmade products. They are maker-owned, maker-supported, and maker-focused.


Trada is an online wholesale marketplace that connects unique brands to independent retailers. They curate the retailers they work with and they will upload your catalog and get you started for free.

Indie & Main

Indie & Main is a wholesale marketing services and marketplace company representing vendors and brands in the gift and home space to independent retailers. Their curated online marketplace was born from the spirit of Main Street and the independent retailers who run it.


Discover and buy unique wholesale products online at Creoate. Shop wholesale homeware, home decor products, jewelery, fashion accessories, stationery, gifts, food, drinks, kids and baby products etc. from thousands of independent wholesale vendors in the US, UK and many other countries.

Volcanic Retail

Volcanic is a one-stop-shop for retail stores and brands to discover each other and connect. With your own brand profile, you can generate thousands of leads from buyers searching for your products and highlight key brand information and tell your brand's story.

Juniper Market

Juniper Market JuniperMarket launched in early 2022 with a breadth and depth of gift, home and lifestyle product from many of the most trusted brands in the marketplace. Beyond the core, specialty categories including seasonal, housewares/gourmet, fashion accessories, beauty and food have a strong and rapidly expanding presence on the platform. If you decide to become a member of these wholesale marketplaces, make sure to check with a few vendors who are already on the site and ask them what type of results they're getting from being listed. Remember, you always want to check references, no matter who you work with. Selling wholesale has never been easier! Do you know of any other wholesale selling platforms that should be on this list? If so, please leave a comment below.

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    1. Have you tried some tradeshows for that? You can meet sales reps there who focus on selling sporting goods.

  1. While searching for information on where to wholesale my handmade gifts I ran across your post. This is so helpful. Thanks

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing this info – it is JUST in time for the next phase of what I am hoping to do with my business. Sincerest Thanks!!!

  3. Another great wholesale platform is The Grommet.
    Their online platform markets direct to consumer and wholesale. And they have an added bonus. They also attend trade shows across the country to introduce their makers products to retailers

  4. I can’t wait to explore all these options… this was one of the most useful articles I’ve read in ages. Thank you! Sharon

  5. Question – I am helping women in Malawi, Africa develop entrepreneurial skills so they can take control of their future. They create various handmade products that I am trying to help them get an international market for. Could these vehicles help?

  6. Does this work for Digital items? I sell PDF knitting patterns.
    Also, I sell the actual patterns in my local yarn shop and would like to get into more yarn shops as well.

  7. We are lbsded in Australia and ooking at reselling our party ware range within Aust and off shore . We make paper plates , cups and napkins . Can you recommend the appropriate platform ?

  8. Happy Holidays Everyone,

    Thanks Launch Grow Joy for putting our name in your list. For all your wholesale needs look no further. We are offering more than 22000 products now. We offer customization for all the available products. We can also source any other handmade product as per your requirement.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!


    1. Sam, I just tried to list my candles on your website. Yet it appears I can’t select my location in the United States. All Cities that come up are only for India? I am based in the USA. Can I be a vendor with you? If so, how? Thanks so much!

  9. I closed a retail pro shop and have all new first quality activewear, hangers etc. and looking to partner with someone who sells online because I do not have time to work it. I have around 4000 pieces of all variety that I can email you. I have a complete price list and description with pictures and I would just like to get what I can for and have someone else also make very good money. Email if interested. Located in Arizona. I can do all the shipping if you can sell it…

  10. Hello,
    I have a studio production for arts crafts and home decor. I am a ceramist implementing my unique glazed ceramics into home decor and interior design field. Mirrors with ceramic tiles border, ceramic cabinet knobs, wall plaques, furniture with ceramic insertion and so on. I am based in Canada now but soon moving back relocating to Europe. As the websites named here are mostly active in North America, anyone knowing of something similar in Europe?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Great information, thank You so much for researching opportunities for people trying to get their foot in the door.

  12. Thank you for this post it was very helpful. I so have one question though,
    before you approach these places what are the most important things to have ready for them besides product? Looking for… white background pictures, order sheets, contracts, that kind of thing. Which ones are a must have?
    Thank you again

  13. thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely proceed with doing more research to find the right fit for our children’s line of products.

  14. Thank you for your research. I do wish there was more transparency for pricing. Some wholesale marketplaces charge a percentage of your wholesale and some charge a monthly fee. There is quite a range, but that information could be very helpful to add so we can plan a growth budget that fits. Thank you.

  15. Great tutorial on youtube.. At the moment I am selling my designs on print and demand platform. like society6 and redbubble. I am a bit confused here… I want to search for someone to buy my products like t-shirt designs and for home decor(pillows, wall murals etc) Where do I search? should I look for distributors, wholesales retailers?

    1. People like me who use Faire and other wholesalers are asking them to partner with print on demand services like print for red bubble, threadless and others. I know that threadless has a whole sale option but they’re not integrated with these wholesale sites . I think this is the next step that’s going to happen because many fashion and T-shirt brands are asking for this because they don’t want to have to stock T-shirts.

      When it comes to prints , the problem is that a print needs to be bagged and boarded for retail sales, a retailer doesn’t want just a stack of prints that don’t have a backing board. So I print my prints at a local print shop, and then I bag and board them myself or pay somebody to do it. Plus, I sign them and add a certificate of authenticity, as well as a postcard with some other information where people can find me. I think it’s an added touch. Plus none of these print on demand places like red bubble, threadless our society six will bag and board your print so that it’s ready for retail.

  16. Is there a downside to being listed on too many of these platforms? My jewelry is currently listed on Faire & Abound, but I’ve been approached by a newer platform (JuniperMarket) to list with them as well. Does it look bad to buyers? Or is it good to be on multiple platforms so you have more visibility and opportunities?

    1. I personally feel like it’s best to be on as many platforms as possible. Most brands will use as many distributors as they can as the rich more retailers. Not all retailers are on every platform nor do all retailers. Use all the platforms. Plus different platforms are going to share you out differently to different retailers so no more wholesalers you use the better chance of your discovery.

    1. By far I sell the most products on Faire. I just got my first order from Trada. Also, Juniper really helped me with the upload of my catalog. All I had to do was download an excel doc from faire and give it to Juniper and they grabbed all of the images and all the information and kind of did it for me which was cool because now I have over 100 products on Faire. I got rejected from Abound twice, but maybe it was because my Shopify store wasn’t up to par. I am currently updating my Shopify store because it integrates well with NTWRK which is a live selling platform kind of like What Not.

  17. This information was very helpful. Several of these wholesalers I have worked with , some with good response and others not so good. I am glad to know someone is willing to share information about other companies in the market..

  18. I’m a 76 year old potter who loved in person art shows. Just can’t do it anymore. Would love to sell all my products wholesale in a deliverable area. Shipping large amounts of pottery isn’t reasonable. Any ideas?
    Cindy in Gainesville FL

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